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John and Candice Cody Interview

Rob Has a Codycast: John and Candice Cody Recap Survivor Cagayan Episode 2

Rob Has a Codycast

Rob welcomes Mr. and Mrs. Cody: John Cody and Candice Woodcock Cody for their first full-length #CodyCast. Candice says she is enjoying being the first-runnerup of Miss Survivor, because it is like being the Vice President– you still get some glory but none of the responsibility. Rob asks if there have been any more pranks going on in the Cody household.

They talk about the breakdown of the tribes, how it doesn’t seem like there are clear distinctions in the three groups. Candice says it seems like something they thought of after the fact, and Rob confirms that Lynne Spillman came up with the idea after the show was cast. Both John and Candice like the Brawn tribe, and John is a fan of Cliff Robinson. Candice says John also has a special place in his heart for Brad Culpepper.
Rob compares the vote-split scenario of this week’s episode of a situation in Heroes vs. Villains with Candice, when JT switched the vote. Candice thinks Heroes vs. Villains was a unique scenario of savvy players, whereas a vote split this early on wasn’t necessary in Cagayan because players aren’t likely to play the idol. John thinks Jeremiah navigated the vote split well, as now Morgan will be beholden to him without her ally Brice.
John then breaks down the best and worst Immunity Idol scenarios. The worst is when you receive a clue publicly (or you are assumed to have received a clue) and then not finding the idol. The best is when you find the clue and the idol, and nobody has any idea. So Morgan is in a tough spot, similar to how John was in “Survivor: Blood vs. Water.”
Candice doesn’t think the girls in the Beauty Tribe will work together because they get catty. John thinks Jeremiah has more “outs” in his hand. Rob agrees– thinking that LJ may be a better player but Jeremiah is in a better spot, with connections to everybody. Candice also thinks Jeremiah’s country accent and having a slighter build than LJ will also benefit him.
Rob asks the Codys about the weather shown on this week’s episode, and Candice says she told John he was lucky he didn’t have to experience those conditions. John suggests that some people on his tribe would have quit if they faced horrible rain during Blood vs. Water. Candice suggests that when the weather is shown on “Survivor” it’s because there’s no drama going on.
Next they talk about the Brains tribe, and Rob gets John and Candice’s thoughts on them sending Garrett home instead of J’Tia. Candice thought #ricegate was unforgivable, but they both felt Garrett’s actions were dumb. Candice compares him to Brad Culpepper. John thinks J’Tia will be out next. Candice and John were both happy to see the Brains tribe win this episode, and Rob was pumped up as well. John says he is starting to like Spencer and hopes he can find his footing with the women.
Rob asks Candice if she sees some comparisons between Russell Hantz and Tony Vlachos. They then settle on perhaps Tony is the lovechild of Russell and Phillip Sheppard. John thinks Tony is an intelligent guy, but he didn’t agree with his lie about being a cop. Candice was disappointed that Sarah believed his lie, but John understands why she would buy his lie about Cliff and Lindsey. Rob then asks Candice what her biggest lie on Survivor was. They talk about how it is really hard to make a story up out of the blue, and Candice finds it creepy and a bit sociopathic. John mentions how often you believe the first person you hear, and Rob feels Tony chose the wrong person to lie to. The Codys also say they would like to see more of Woo, and they like the duo of Cliff and Woo.

Listener Questions for John and Candice Cody

The Codys give their thoughts on forming a “Doctors R Us” alliance and the Tyler Perry idol (they feel it’s too powerful). Candice then answers a question about John’s sex appeal. She is not surprised he has been popular, since he is a “sexy little piece of meat,” but she warns women to not grab John’s ass in front of her because she will “choke a bitch.” Candice does not like “close-talkers.” They also talk about what might have happened if they had not been alternates on Blood vs. Water, whether or not Spencer is overrated, and then Candice is given a tough choice of who she would award a million dollars to between: Russell, Rupert, and Brad. She also says the most strategic person she played with was Yul Kwon. John and Candice share some more pranks they played on each other. John put a passcode on Candice’s phone, and Rob thinks he and Nicole would murder each other if either of them tried that move. John sums up marriage as “finding someone who would just about murder you for anything you do, but they don’t.”
Candice also talks about how she thinks she and Parvati were switched last minute on Heroes vs. Villains, because they both had to change their clothes to be different colors. She thinks she would have had fun on the Villains tribe, and wanted to work with Boston Rob and Sandra. Rob thinks that would have changed everything, since Parvati wouldn’t have been working with Russell early on. John Cody also talks about how he liked Brice as a player, but thought he should have spread his social game beyond Jeremiah and Morgan. The Codys also give a birthday shoutout to RHAP producer Jessica Frey.
They also talk about how Parvati was still a caterpillar in Cook Islands. John also reveals the status of his relationship with Malcolm Freberg and his hopes for the future. John also talks about his relationship with Brad Culpepper, and Candice is still steaming over the fact that Brad and John threw the football around at Redemption Island once she left. They also reveal that Brad Culpepper did not stay on the pre-merge vacation, and Candice says she thinks Monica Culpepper was the perfect goat to take to the end. John says both of them were ideal to take to the end because they wouldn’t get votes, but they are nice people. Rob would like to see a Culpepper vs. Cody season. Rob also asks about the clue incident from Blood vs. Water that became the “talk of the town” after Linda Holmes’ sexism article. Candice said “Let’s give it to Monica,” and Jeff Probst asked John “Does she always tell you what to do?”. Candice agreed with the article– she didn’t know why Jeff didn’t call Brad out for telling Monica “Put it in the fire, put it in the fire.” Candice was upset she didn’t get to say anything to Jeff about it, because he asked the jury members about the situation when she was backstage. John mentions that Candice is the only Blood vs. Water contestant that Jeff will respond to on Twitter.
The Codys also have a habit of picking a Survivor crush each season, but Candice thinks John always picks a crush to annoy her. She also says John was annoyed by her crush on Grant Mattos during Survivor: Redemption Island. Both of the Codys haven’t yet picked their crushes, so they will tweet them out. Candice predicts that John will pick Jefra, but he was also considering Sarah, Lindsey, and Alexis. John predicts that Candice’s crush (#CandyCrush) will be LJ. John also talks about a future “Johns R Us” alliance in Survivor: Robs vs. Johns. They RHAP things up by talking about “Game of Thrones,” since Candice is a huge fan, and the Codys say they would also be up for a DC-area Survivor viewing party.

Voicemail Segment with Rob and Nicole

In keeping with the Power Couple theme of this podcast, Rob welcomes the First Lady of Podcasting, Nicole Cesternino to the podcast studio to discuss Survivors on Twitter and answer voicemails. They start out talking about a “Survivor” first, that 3 men were voted out in a row: David Samson, Garrett Adelstein, and Brice Johnston.
Nicole then shares her thoughts about the women on the Beauty Tribe being dodos. She says she’s not afraid to judge a book by its boobs. They talk about their thoughts on what was shown on “Next Time on: “Survivor.”
The Cesterninos then take a question about the unusual treemail that gave information away about what the challenge would be. Rob plays a clip of Tasha reading the treemail. Rob says he thinks Tasha is the most underrated player in the game right now. Nicole wonders if they gave the tribes the instructions rather than the treemail. Next caller Mitchell has a bone to pick with Rob for comparing Brice Johnston to Colton Cumbie.
Just as Aras played the LJ-inspired “Cute or Hot” game for the girls last week, Nicole lends her expertise to categorize the male contestants of the season. The results are:Cute = Cliff Robinson, Tony Vlachos, David Samson, Woo Hwang, Spencer Bledsoe* (*He’s getting hotter by the second); Hot = Garrett Adelstein, Jeremiah Wood; Perfect = LJ McKanas.

Inappropriate Out of Context Comments

Robert Francis sent an audio montage of last week’s clips that Rob played. Then Rob plays two clips from #Woo!, followed by the winner: “I like the hand technique,” said by Tasha Fox.

Social Media

Rob reports on the tweets from the Survivors including: Sarah Lacina, Philipp Sheppard, RC Saint-Amour, Francesca Hogi, Denise Stapley, Spencer Bledsoe, J’Tia Taylor, Kass McQuillen, Gervase Peterson, Billy Garcia, Michael Snow, Rupert Boneham, Jenna Morasca.

Special Thanks to @RHAPrecapper for recapping the Codycast!

Talking with the Third Player Voted out from Survivor Cagayan: Brice Izyah

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