Abi-Maria Gomes on Survivor Blood vs Water’s Wildest Tribal Yet

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Rob Cesternino brings back Abi-Maria Gomes from Survivor Philippines to discuss Survivor Blood vs Water Episode 4 on Rob Has a Podcast

In this interview, Rob and Abi-Maria discuss the bold move made by Caleb Bankston on this weeks episode of Survivor Blood vs Water. Rob wonders if there was anything that Brad Culpepper could have done in order to prevent himself from being voted out of the tribe. Rob thinks there might have been a better chance to turn the tide against Caleb in that moment rather than try to keep the votes on Ciera.

Rob ask’s Abi about her injury on Survivor Philippines and compares hers to Tyson’s shoulder injury on Survivor Blood vs Water. Rob also believes that Survivor wasted Abi-Maria on a season that didn’t have redemption island because Abi could have had many more memorable moments.

Discussing Brad Culpepper, Abi feels like he reminds her of Mike Skupin in how badly he wanted to be the leader of the tribe. Rob wonders if Jeff Kent was anything like Brad Culpepper since he too was a former professional athlete, but Abi says that Jeff was very sweet.

Abi-Maria answers a number of questions as well from the RHAP listeners including identifying this season’s biggest morons and idiots, telling us if Aras could be in any danger and how she would have done if cast on Survivor Tocantins.

Plus, Rob talks with a special mystery Survivor guest about this week’s voicemails and the crazy things the former Survivor players are saying on twitter.

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