Why ______ Lost Survivor with David Bloomberg | Ep #10, Season 33

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Each week this season on our Survivor Podcast, Rob will talk with David Bloomberg (@DavidBloomberg and creator of Reality News Online) about why each voted out player “lost the game”. For more on David’s rules of what David’s Survivor rules are, listen to our “What Worlds Apart Survivors Should Have Learned” podcast.

Each Thursday after Survivor, Rob Cesternino talks with the latest player who got voted off Survivor. Today Rob speaks with the latest player voted out of Season 33. Then Jordan Kalish returns to play another round of the “This Week in Survivor History Quiz Show “.

David Bloomberg on Why Chris Hammons & Jessica Lewis Lost Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X

To review the short version of David’s Rules, here is the quick version:

Rule 1: Scheme and Plot

Rule 2: Don’t Scheme and Plot Too Much / Keep Your Scheming Secret

Rule 3: Be Flexible

Rule 4: Don’t Let Your Emotions Control You

Rule 5: Pretend to be Nice / Play the Social Game

Rule 6: Don’t Be Too Much of a Threat

Rule 7: Vote out the weak, Then the Strong, Then Weak, Then Strong

Appendix A: Do what it takes to get idols

Appendix B: The Jury Phase


Survivor 33, Episode 10 & 11 Recap with Tyson Apostol

Survivor 2016: Tyson Apostol on the Episode 10 & 11 Millennials vs. Gen X Recap

Rob Cesternino welcomes, Tyson Apostol, back to the podcast to recap the Survivor 33 Episode 10 & 11.

Exit Interview with the Latest Players Voted out of Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X, Chris Hammons & Jessica Lewis

Survivor 2016: Exit Interview with the Latest Player Voted Off of Surviovr

Survivor 2016: Exit Interview with the Latest Player Voted Off of Survivor

Join us again next week when we discuss the next player voted out of the game.

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