Wiggle Room Week 10 + Survivor: Game of Thrones 2

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Rob Cesternino talks to Josh Wigler (@RoundHoward) for the latest installment of, “The Wiggle Room”.  Each week, Josh will discuss the story of the new Survivor season.  This week, Rob and Josh take a closer look at the stories from Kaoh Rong Episode 10

Then at 45:00, Rob and Josh bring back Survivor Riverlands and simulate another Survivor season based on the characters from “Game of Thrones”.

The Original Survivor Riverlands

Josh Interviews Scot

Josh Interviews Debbie

Josh Interviews Nick

Josh Interviews Neal

Josh Interviews Peter

Josh Interviews Anna

Josh Interviews Alecia

Josh Interviews Caleb

Josh Interviews Liz

Josh Interviews Jennifer

Josh Interviews Darnell

Josh’s Interview with Jeff Probst

Josh Previews the first Immunity Challenge

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