Survivor 2015: Exit Interview with the Latest Player Voted Off Worlds Apart – 4/30/15

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Rob Cesternino talks with the latest player voted out of Survivor Worlds Apart. This week, Shirin Oskoii joins Rob on the Survivor exit interview podcast.

Exit Interview with Shirin Oskoii from Survivor Worlds Apart

Survivor 2015: Talking with the Latest Player Voted out of Survivor Worlds Apart

Survivor Worlds Apart Exit Interview with Shirin Oskoii, voted out of Episode 11 of Season 30 of Survivor

Rob asks Shirin the following questions and more:

  • How is Shirin feeling after reliving the emotional experience that she had in the game as it plays out on TV, especially after hearing the comments in confessional blaming you for what happened?
  • Did Shirin know what Mike was planning at Tribal Council this week?
  • Did Shirin know that Mike was bluffing?
  • After Mike made his pitch about what he was doing, did the alliance of 6 give each other any instructions on how to play the vote?
  • Are Dan and Sierra a pair or are they two people from the same former tribe that are moving independently?
  • Was the scene where Shirin was verbally assaulted by Will depicted fairly or was it worse than what was shown on TV?
  • Was the decision to stop Will from getting his letter based on strategy or was it just to pay back Will for what he did?
  • When Shirin voted for Tyler, why did she say “Just sit there and look pretty”?

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