Survivor 2015: Vytas and Brice Izyah Recap the Survivor Worlds Apart Merge

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Rob Cesternino recaps this week’s huge merge episode of Survivor by talking to two great Survivor guests.  First, Vytas Baskauskas joins Rob in the studio followed by Brice Izyah calling in to answer the RHAP Voicemails.

Vytas Baskauskas Talks Survivor Worlds Apart Episode 7

Vytas becomes the first Survivor to do an interview in Rob’s new studio and talk about the episode.  Vytas tells us about the players which have really caught his attention this season including Mike.  Vytas has praise for a number of the other players this season including Rodney who has become one of Vytas’ favorite characters.

Later, Vytas answers a number of questions from the listeners of RHAP including which of this season’s players need to come to Yoga, whether Blood vs. Water caused this season’s players to target the pairs, if it’s a good idea to drag Rodney to the end, what collar is Vytas and much more.

Brice Izyah Answers the RHAP Voicemails

Brice Izyah returns to RHAP to listen to the talk of the town and answer your questions about this week’s episode.  Brice recently attended the wedding of J’Tia with several of the Survivor Cagayan cast members and tells us a little bit about the “breathtaking” night.

Brice answers the voicemails of the RHAP audience including telling us his thoughts on the tribe named Merica, who is this season’s freakiest freak, whether Rodney has a chance, what Shirin’s next move should be and much more.

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Click to Hear Rob’s Latest Exit Interviews with Kelly

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