Survivor 2015: Exit Interview with the Latest Player Voted off Worlds Apart – 4/02/15

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After this week’s Survivor Worlds Apart, Rob Cesternino talks with the latest player who got voted out of the tribe.

Survivor Worlds Apart Exit Interview with Kelly Remington who got voted out in Episode 7 of Season 30 on April 1, 2015

Rob asks Kelly the following questions and more:

  • How bad was the injury that Kelly sustained to her head during the reward challenge in episode 4?
  • Did Kelly have any lingering effects from that incident?
  • Did Kelly have any inkling that she was going to be the target from the No-collar group?
  • What was Kelly’s relationship like with Jenn, Hali and Shirin that they decided to target her first after the merge?
  • Did anything come up at that tribal council that gave Jenn a clue to play the hidden immunity idol?
  • How did the alliance of Rodney, Carolyn, Will and Kelly come about?
  • Did Kelly tell Mike about Rodney’s plan?
  • How much was Kelly’s relationship with Carolyn a factor in the white collar people swinging with Blue Collar?

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