Survivor 2015: Exit Interview with the Latest Player Who Got Voted Off – 3/05/15

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Rob Cesternino talks with the latest player who got voted out of Survivor Worlds Apart in the RHAP exit interview podcast.  This time Rob speaks with Vince Sly who became the second player voted out and the first player out of the No Collar tribe.  Then, Rob talks with Jordan Kalish about what happened in THIS WEEK in Survivor History.

Exit Interview with Vince Sly, second player who got voted out of Survivor Worlds Apart on March 4, 2015

Rob asks Vince the following questions and more:

  • Was Vince aware at all of the conversation that Nina had with Will about Vince’s concerns about Will’s health?  Did Will confront Vince about any of his concerns?
  • How surprised was Vince that Will would turn on him?
  • Does Vince think he could have been able to repair the rift with Joe had his plan worked and Jenn was voted out?
  • Were the other women on the No Collar tribe too impatient with Nina?
  • Was Vince upset with the way he was described by Jenn as being jealous of Joe?
  • How put off was Vince by Joe’s young man bravado?
  • Was Vince upset that he was not invited to participate in the skinny dipping?
  • What’s the ideal time for an embrace?
  • How is the coconut vending business these days?
  • What life coach advice does Vince have for the members of his tribe?

This Week in Survivor History

Jordan Kalish joins Rob once again to discuss the Survivor events that took place during the end of February and first week of March in the past.  This week, Jordan highlights what happen on this week in 2012 when the Survivor One World men decided that they should go to tribal council even though they won the immunity challenge.

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Be sure to join us on our next episode of RHAP when Rob talks with Chaos Kass McQuillen and answers your Survivor voicemails with Jessica Liese.

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