Survivor 2015: Know-It-Alls Recap Episode 2 of Worlds Apart


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Rob and Stephen brace themselves for the players’ exposure as they discuss the second episode of Survivor 30: Worlds Apart. Both Rob and Stephen felt this was a very strong and surprising episode with a conclusion that didn’t leave them head scratching. Rob also was pleased to get a better understanding of who the players are this early in the season.

Vince Sly becomes the 2nd player who got voted out of Survivor Worlds Apart LIVE in Episode 2 on CBS on March 4, 2015

Stephen felt every single person on the No Collar tribe made a bad decision and this made for a killer episode.  Rob posed the question of whether or not splitting the vote in the tribal council made any sense. Stephen felt that Joe didn’t use the best thinking for it. Rob felt that Will that his conversation with Nina was the main turning point of the final decision.

Rob thought taking out Jenn would have been the best of both worlds for Will and his priority should be to get to the first swap. The guys spoke about how gossip and communication and timing can all come together in a fatal combination. Rob was strong in his thoughts about how poorly Nina dealt with events this episode, comparing his experiences in Survivor: The Amazon.

The talk of how nudity was done in this episode led to some harsh comments about Max and his approach this round. Rob enjoyed the large amount of time spent on each tribe along with not having a reward challenge with the 3 tribe format.
They both also tried to make sense of Dan losing his “manties” and Mike’s demeanor with his tribe mates.
Not to forget about Vince, they spoke about the fun Vince brought to the show and how perhaps he made the least amount of mistakes from those on his tribe.
Stephen shockingly declined to give any Fishy to anyone and gave the anti-Fishy to Nina.

  • The guys then got the chance to answer from fans that included:
  • Is Nina all to blame?
  • What are we in store for during the switch?
  • Who is a “charmball”?
  • What does Stephen have in store Rob at live KIA?
  • Why don’t players have a better sense for what clothes to bring?
  • When does it make sense to take out an enemy?
  • What question can’t Rob answer?
  • How surprising was one player’s effort at the immunity challenge?

Tune in for Rob’s exit interview with Vince along with his recap podcast with special guest Chaos Kass and voicemails with Jessica Liese.
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Special Thanks to Nick Fishman for tonight’s episode recap!

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