Survivor 2014: Vytas & Michael Snow Recap San Juan Del Sur Episode 6

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Rob Cesternino recaps Episode 6 of Survivor San Juan Del Sur with a jam packed podcast featuring Vytas Baskauskas from the original Survivor: Blood vs Water and Michael Snow from Survivor Caramoan.

Vytas Baskauskas Recaps “Make Some Magic Happen”, Episode 6 of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur

For the second time on the recap podcast, Vytas Baskauskas joins Rob to talk about the game heading in to the merge.  Rob and Vytas discuss the possibility of the couples getting together now that the merge is happening with 12 players left.

Vytas says that in Blood vs. Water, he and Aras weren’t able to see that the people who lost their loved ones were the people who were the biggest threats.  It’s possible that the opposite could happen and the people with pairs still in the game could form a dominant alliance after the merge.  Vytas also thinks it’s possible that Jeremy could be positioned to make a run to the finals like Tyson.  Rob compares Jeremy’s position to Tyson and thinks it’s similar but Jeremy hasn’t yet found a Hayden, Ciera and Caleb who will join up with him.

Vytas doesn’t like the Hunaphu tribe got more rice and he thinks Survivor should be harder.  Vytas believes that the original Blood vs Water was one of the easiest seasons that has ever been played.  If Vytas plays Survivor again he will not hesitate to eat as much rice as his fellow tribemates want to eat.

Rob asks Vytas questions submitted for Vytas from the RHAP Facebook fan page which include whether or not a pair can actually make it to the end of a Blood vs Water season, whether or not somebody should get to cast a vote for second place, if Vytas prefers his islands to be Redemption or Exile, which cast member needs a Vytas Yoga class and how has Vytas and Aras’ relationship changed because of Blood vs. Water.

Michael Snow Answers Your Voicemails and Talks Survivor Social Media

Michael Snow returns to shed he expertise learned from Survivor Caramoan.  Rob brings up the first correspondence that he had with Michael Snow from before Michael was cast on Survivor.  Turning to this season, Rob wants to know if the Coyopa tribe is reminding him of the tribe of fans from Survivor Caramoan.

Rob and Michael answer the questions from the listeners in the voicemail segment including:

  • How were the circumstances different between the rice trade in Australia and the rice trade this season?
  • How far did Jeff carry the stuff that he took from the Hunahpu tribe?
  • Where will Wes and Keith ultimately land after the merge?
  • Who from this season is most likely to return in another season?
  • Should players demand to see the hidden immunity idol instructions when they ares shown an idol?
  • Is Coyopa the worst tribe in Survivor history?
  • Which player is in the most sticky situation?
  • Why was Jon Misch wearing a different color buff at one point in the episode

Finally, Rob and Michael discuss all of the happenings in the world of Survivor news, the Survivor birthdays this week and what’s being said by the Survivors on social media.


Rob’s Exit Interview with Dale

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Survivor Know-It-Alls from 10/29

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