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The Taran Show

Taran Show 57 | Derrick Levasseur

Taran puts on his detective hat to find Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur and conduct the first in-person Taran Show interview! Derrick talks about his time as an undercover detective, the impact of living a life that puts you in danger, and how it all led him to Big Brother.
The Taran Show

Taran Show 54 | Reality TV Fandom

With the new year in reality TV, Taran & Matt Liguori discuss the responsibility of fans to remember that the contestants are just people and that maybe we should all take a second to stop & think about how we interact with them after their shows. They also talk with special guest, Survivor: Ghost Island finalist Laurel Johnson about her experience with the show and the fans.
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The Taran Show

Taran Show 48 | April Lewis

Taran catches up with Big Brother 6 Friendship alliance-member, April Lewis! She talks about the reaction to her season, her relationship with the cast, her desire to go back on the show, and her other TV experiences, including her time on the show "7 Days of Sex".