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Purple Pants Podcast

Purple Pants Podcast | Where is My Love?

This week Brice dives right into the Chick-fil-a vs Popeyes debate, tries to figure out is there really "Love After Lock Up", take us deep in the love world of penguins, He's still talking about "Euphoria" and drops some meal prepping tips. The Purple Pants Podcast inst complete with out some important church announcements, Purple Pants Picks, Advice with Brice and whatever else seems to pop into his mind.
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Survivor SA: Island of Secrets, Reality TV RHAPups

Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets | Episode 14 RHAPup | Liana Boraas

Survivor South Africa RHAPup co-hosts Mike Bloom and Shannon Gaitz have a group therapy session with Liana Boraas as they vent their frustrations at the behaviour of the recent episode, bemoan the lesser moves but also marvel at some of the brilliance. Plus, the history of Bio-Strath and a new Steers dish, which is bound to cheer you up!