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Shark Tank | Season 7 Episode 24 Recap

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The Shark Tank podcast is back! Thanks to audience response, Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and Jasmeet Sidhu (@JasmeetSidhu) have returned to begin a recurring podcast on the ABC reality show. Make sure to subscribe as Jasmeet and Mike talk about Ashton Kutcher’s guest spot on this week’s show, phone accessories, and whether Kylie Jenner can boost sales of any product.

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S7 E24 Episode 24 Description

A man from Los Angeles has an innovative way to check your pet’s health instantly with your phone, but an old-fashioned way to capture the specimen; an engaged couple from Monarch Beach, California have a lot riding on making a deal for their hand-held surfing boards; two men from Encinitas, California provide female consumers a stylish way to listen to music on fashionable headphones; and an entrepreneur from Mountain View, California has an idea that makes the most of the unused space on the backside of your cell phone. Also, Barbara Corcoran invites several entrepreneurs from businesses she’s invested in to Cabo San Lucas to discuss topics ranging from opening up an online business to dealing with the “overnight” success of being on the show.


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