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The Challenge is back! Brian and Ali are here to preview the season by discussing the format, the cast and how they see everything play out.

Brian and Ali discussed how each Real Worlder/AYTO will fare and how they will be impacted by their bloodline. Plus they discussed which bloodlines will be a hindrance and which will be a force this season.

They also drafted teams using a scoring system that Ali had her own take on. You can see the scoring system and the results of the draft below.

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1st place 75
2nd place 50
3rd place 25
Win a challenge 10
Win an elimination 15
DQ in a challenge -10
Make TJ say “you killed it” 20
Make out kissing 10
Coitus 20
Leave bathroom/subtitle moaning 10
Same sex kissing 10
Same sex coitus 40
Get kicked out of the house 100
Quit/leave for any reason other than extreme personal matter -25
Have a producer/security discuss your behavior with you 20
Make TJ disgusted in your performance -20
Called out for laziness -10
Verbal fighting 5
Physical fighting; hitting or using inanimate object 10
Physical fighting; to another person 15
Unintentional nudity 5
Intentional nudity 10
Crying 5
Survive the episode 5
Vomiting induced from alcohol 10
Attempted/threatening cannibalism 100
Pregnant (for each party involved) 100
Claiming to be in the best shape of your life 10
Threesome (for each party involved) 50



Draft Results

Cara Maria Vince
Leroy Nicole
Tony Kelly Anne
Brianna Jamie
Camila Bananas
Cory Nany
Shane Cohutta
Aneesa Dario
Anthony Jenna
Mitch Larissa
Thomas Stephen
Jill Christina
Candice Raphy
Emily Rianna


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