Edna Ma on Christina Cha on Survivor One World

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Playing competitive sports for 21 years or so, 99.99% of the games end the same way, with both teams lining up to give their opponents handshakes, and saying, “Good game.” I of course, am a bit different. I have respect for my opponents, so when my team blows out another team, I don’t tell them good game, because they didn’t play one, and I know I wouldn’t want to be patronized.

But there was one instance where I had such scorn for my opponents because of their lack of effort and desire that I showed actual disrespect on the field. Though we blew out the team in the first game, and were killing them in the second, I was pissed because I kept on popping up to the pitcher. In my next at bat, I hit another freaking pop-up and was angry. But like I said, my opponents sucked and I could see they were not going to catch it. To alleviate my frustrations, I decided they were going to have to make a play and get me out, I wasn’t going to stop. So instead of stopping at first, I raced toward second. Both teams were shocked since the pitcher had the ball and I should have been out by 30 feet. But he threw the ball and it hit my foot.  The second basemen picked it up and to his surprise, I was on my way to third. At this point I was
laughing because what I was doing was utterly ridiculous. Instead of lobbing the ball to third for the easy out, he hurried his throw and it bounced five feet in front of the third basemen, skipped away and I scored easily. All of this was extremely disrespectful. But I wasn’t done.

I jumped up to the backstop and started yelling, “TOUCHDOWN! TOUCHDOWN!!!!”

My teammates were cracking up. And just like I suspected, so was the other team. The other team had no competitiveness, and were helpless witnesses to their destruction.

Sound familiar?

I hope next week Kim goes to Troyzan and says, “Touchdown, touchdown,” and then spikes a coconut in his face.

In Survivor, I like to see dominance rewarded, but what I like to see more, is arrogance punished.  Kim was arrogant last week. Getting rid of Mike was just such a dumb play, because it gave the men a chance to see what was going on. Finally….finally Troyzan put the puzzle together, and tried a last minute coup d’etat of Kim. But by then it was too late. Somehow Kim got Tarzan and Leif to become loyal to her, even though Tarzan admitted in Tribal Council that the girls had this game won.

Since I’m too befuddled to go on, I need help. So I got Edna Ma, from Survivor South Pacific, to help me out. Edna says she sees a lot of herself in Christina, and knows exactly how she feels.

“I understand what its like to be the underdog. There’s a lot of things that are harder to do in person (than from your TV). It’s a harsh situation she’s in. She’s in a comfortable spot right now, but she maybe the first girl voted out. Or she can make a big move with the guys, but there’s a risk. She would have to try and convince Alicia to join them, but that’s gonna be hard. I don’t think they like each other.”

Bingo. And that’s why I think this season is game, set and match. Look, I know I’ve been a Christina supporter the past couple of weeks. And I stand by that support. I’ve been telling the girls to get rid of her from week two and much like Edna did, Christina keeps hanging around. I feel that’s a mistake the power alliance made because the secret scene where Christina told Jonas that she will join an all-men alliance but revert back to the women if he couldn’t pull it off impressed me. But much like a Jack Bauer sidekick on 24, her time will run out.

There are two reasons why I feel Christina is toast. In order for Christina to switch sides, she needs Alicia. But Kim has tricked Alicia into thinking she’s a main part of her alliance. I’m not saying Kim won’t bring Alicia to the final three, but Alicia is being told what’s going on, not telling.  Alicia seems perfectly content where she is, so if Christina brings up blindsiding Kim, Christina knows she’s next to go.

Secondly, Tarzan said at Tribal Council, “The girls are a lot smarter than the guys.” No shit Tarzan. With the exception of Colton, these men are the dumbest Survivor players in the history of the game.

It’s so frustrating. One week Jay realizes the men are being played but Troyzan doesn’t, and then the next week its reversed. You can stop hoping for a mega blindside of one of the power girls. It ain’t happening.

Richie’s Hero:

What I want for next week is for Kim to call a meeting, with Olympic-style platforms. I want her to get up on the highest one in the middle, and then call up Sabrina to her left, and then either Kat or Chelsea. And I want her to say, “Guys, this is the final three. You are all going to vote for me.  We’re gonna knock out Troyzan next, then the old weird afoot dude, and then the little guy who makes weird noises around food. I have no idea his name but I think Chelsea does. Christina you’re next, and then of course you, Alicia. Kat, you’re probably fourth, but I may call an audible and move you past Chelsea but I’ll let you know later. K?”

I want her to say that verbatim because if she does, I would think in unison they all would say, “Got it,” and then do exactly what she said.

I still feel she went for the power move too early. Had Jay not been so blind, Kim would have been sent packing. She may not rely on the kindness of others, but she sure did rely on their stupidity.

Richie’s Heel:

While many will think it should be Troyzan, since he’s clearly the next to go and played his idol too soon, he never really had a realistic chance to win anyway. If you recall, I didn’t give him the hero award when he found the idol and said, “Its my Island!”

But Sabrina did have a chance to win. And now I’m not so sure. What impressed me most by Kim was this: “My hope all along has been that everyone thinks I’m calm and soft-spoken and maybe a little forgettable and not calling the shots. But I do think at the end of the game if I can sit there with the three…I do think the people in the jury will know that I’ve been making most of these decisions.”

In other words, Kim has the perfect Final Tribal game-plan, embrace your dirty work. There are going to be many angry people on the jury, and a disingenuous apology doesn’t normally gain favor from the jury (See Wade, Benjamin). They want honesty, and Kim seems like she plans on delivering it. And that’s bad news for Sabrina. A blindside of Kim wins this Sab. Do it. Do it!! (She wont do it)

Richie’s Thoughts:

I’m very curious to see if the girls will turn on each other. I could see Kim wanting to keep Tarzan to the end. But with the way the girls have played, I wouldn’t. Kim has made this season girls vs. guys, so we leave a guy there for the emasculated men to vote for?

I wasn’t able to get as many of Edna’s quotes in as I would have liked. I normally have to get my article in by Saturday but this week Rob said I could get it to him on Friday, which is more preferable. But she gave tremendous insight.

My brother thinks Kim has a great chance of winning because Jay, Mike, and Jonas don’t seem like the bitter jury type. But Edna cautions not to put too much stock into exit interviews.

“When I got to Ponderosa, it was undecided who everyone was going to vote for,” she said. “And when Brandon came you can really see the dynamic change against Coach. Brandon felt betrayed by Coach. Even though we’re not supposed to be talking about the game to each other, we’re not segregated. We talked.” (Mr. Probst, that is the flaw in the game that Russell was talking about)

So though the jurors aren’t bitter now, when Kim invariably screws two or three of the girls in her alliance, the mood could change, drastically. But still, I don’t think they will vote bitterly. Kim wins.

A little I told you so. I stuck up for Kat a few weeks ago when others were calling her a dumb ditzy blonde. Yes, her poker face sure needs work, as it was hilarious her telling Jay, “What am I gonna say, no?” But that’s not a lack of intelligence, that just means she doesn’t have ice water running through her vanes like Kim does. She was spot on with her strategy talk, and even made sure to correct herself when she said Final 3, realizing there are four in her alliance. She’s not a mastermind, but she sure as hell is smarter than any of the guys. (Besides Colton)

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