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BB18 Live Feed Update | Alex Kidwell on Night 1 of the Feeds


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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates from Night 1 with Alex Kidwell

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Alex Kidwell (@alexKidwell) recap the first night of the Big Brother Live Feeds and discuss the fallout from the game’s new Twist on Facebook Live.


Exit Interview with Glenn

RHAP: Who would Glenn have voted for to be the HoH from The Freakazoids if he stuck around and why?

Glenn: Anybody other than Nicole because there was a semi game plan already in place to get the vets out and with a newbie the probability would have been that we would have put a veteran up.

RHAP: Did Glenn believe that a battle between the newbies and the vets was brewing?

Glenn: Yeah because of the intermingling in the house. The vets would be together talking at times and not intermingling with the newbies.

RHAP: What insight can you give us into some of the earliest developments in the house? Did anyone make a particularly good or bad first impression?

Glenn: Not really, when you first enter the house, there is so much joy and excitement so you are note really seeing anyone’s real personalities. You can’t really pin point the good and the bad.

RHAP: How disappointing was it for Glenn to go out of the game first and to not even have been voted out of the house?

Glenn: Very disappointing. It was crushing. There are no words to describe it. I feel like I got cheated out of the game. I didn’t get to see Julie, I didn’t get to have people vote for me.

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