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Bachelor Season 23 Cast Preview and Draft with Kirsten MacInnis

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Amy and Haley are delighted to welcome Kirsten MacInnis from Big Brother Canada to join the fantasy draft this season, previewing the women competing on The Bachelor for Season 23.
The Bachelor this season is charity founder and former football player Colton Underwood, whose found short-lived love with Becca Kufrin on the Bachelorette and Tia Booth on Bachelor in Paradise.
Follow George (@GeorgeCTV) for all the specifics on the draft scoring and updates throughout the season.
Amy, Haley, and Kirsten jump into their spoiler-free Draft selections, from the info gathered from the women’s photos and bios on and Chris Harrison’s cast reveal video. Kirsten goes first, Haley goes second, and Amy makes the 3rd and 4th picks, and the draft proceeds as a snake draft.
Kirsten’s Team 
1. Caelynn (Miss North Carolina 2018, 23)
2. Courtney (caterer, 23)
3. Catherine (DJ, 26)
4. Annie (financial associate, 23)
5. Katie M (medical sales representative, 26)
6. Kirpa (dental hygienist, 26)
7. Laura (accountant, 26)
8. Revian (esthetician/nurse, 24)
9. Erika (recruiter, 25)
10. Tracy (wardrobe stylist, 31)
Haley’s Team 
1. Cassie (speech pathologist, 23)
2. Caitlyn (realtor, 25)
3. Onyeka (IT risk consultant, 24)
4. Alex D. (sloth, 23)
5. Heather (never been kissed, 22)
6. Nina (sales account manager, 30)
7. Jane aka Adrianne (social worker, 26)
8. Elyse (makeup artist, 31)
9. Tahzjuan (business development associate, 25)
10. Angelique (marketing salesperson, 28)
Amy’s Team 
1. Hannah B. (Miss Alabama 2018, 23)
2. Tayshia (phlebotomist, 28)
3. Demi (interior designer, 23)
4. Bri (model, 24)
5. Hannah G. (content creator, 23)
6. Nicole (social media coordinator, 25)
7. Erin (Cinderella, 28)
8. Alex B. (dog rescuer, 29)
9. Sydney (NBA dancer, 27)
10. Devin (broadcast journalist, 23)
Amy and Haley will be back after Monday night’s premiere episode when we learn which of the 30 women Colton eliminates night 1.
Draft printables from listener mentioned on show:

E online cast photos:
Let us know whose draft you’re liking (as long as you’re spoiler-free like us!)- otherwise, follow along with our scores throughout the season to see who comes out on top.

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