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Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 Week 4: Trouble and Love Triangles in Paradise

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Jordan Parhar (Big Brother Canada) joins Amy and Haley to talk about the triangles and trouble in week 4 of Bachelor in Paradise.
In this podcast, they talk about:
  • the arrivals of Conor, Olivia, Cassandra, and Kamil
  • the quick elimination of Jubilee without explanation and strange flashback scene with John
  • Leo’s anger issues and storming out of Paradise after threatening Grocery Store Joe
  • Kendall and Grocery Store Joe admitting they are falling in love
  • the love triangle of Benoit, Jordan, and Jenna
  • Kenny leaving Paradise to see his daughter’s recital
  • Eric and Angela’s one-on-one date
  • Annaliese moving on to Kamil
  • Krystal going on a date with Conor but ultimately sticking with Chris
  • Kevin and Astrid’s fight and make up
  • Kevin planning a mini date for Astrid
  • the limited airtime of Colton and Tia
  • Chelsea and Venmo John being the two singles of Paradise
  • Eric changing his tune after Cassandra arrives
  • Olivia and John’s quinceanera date
  • listener questions and more!
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