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Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 | Week 2: Josh vs. Nick

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Amy and Haley talk about all the drama on week 2 of Bachelor in Paradise, as Josh Murray swoops in with a date card much to Nick Viall’s chagrin.
In this podcast, they talk about:
  • the arrivals of Leah, Josh Murray, Christian, and Brandon
  • Nick’s double-date day: one with Leah and one with Amanda
  • the results of the first rose ceremony and the eliminations of Jubilee and Leah
  • Leah’s new look and strategy of wanting Chad
  • Josh picking Amanda for a one-on-one
  • Josh stealing Amanda from Nick
  • Sarah trying to work Vinny for a rose
  • Grant and Lace’s Paradise hookup
  • Evan and Carly’s habanero pepper Guiness World Record kiss date
  • Carly breaking it off with Evan
  • the appeal of Jared or lack thereof
  • Sarah and Christian’s ziplining date
  • Brandon and Haley’s switch-a-roo date with her twin Emily
  • Evan’s plan to get Amanda with his homemade date card, interrupting her makeout session with Josh
  • Haley’s tweet getting on “After Paradise” (now hosted by Michelle Collins and Sean Lowe)
  • listener questions and more!
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