Australian Survivor

Australian Survivor: A Hanged Jury

Logan Saunders recaps the twenty-fourth episode of Week 11 of Australian Survivor featuring an amazing Spiderman challenge.

Australian Survivor: A Hanged Jury


Previously on Aussie Survivor: With the entire tribe plotting to vote him out, Locky was fighting for survival. He won three straight immunity challenges, but knew he couldn’t count on a fourth. The immunity challenge came with a big reward. What Locky really needed was another win but he lost out by the fall of a single domino. At Tribal, Locky’s fake idol was no protection. The game’s biggest physical threat voted out by Peter, Jericho, and his closest ally, Tara. Just four remain in the hunt for half a million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor.

Who will be voted out tonight?



A crab scurries across the sand. Music straight out of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time plays.

Everyone congratulates each other on making it to Final Four without Locky. Tara is happy that Locky has been voted out after a four-day vendetta which resulted in him “finally being bloody gone”. They bask in their accomplishment of taking out Big Papa. They put their hands in the air ’cause they think they are a player.

Intro time.





       Michelle       Peter         


  Jericho           Tara


NOTE: As I was falling asleep a couple nights ago, I was thinking that the next logical thing to have happen is for Jericho to win a reward challenge where we could vote out a jury member. I mean, it just makes sense, and he gets to interrogate jury members in the process. I know my prediction is a bit out there, but let’s see how this round plays out.


DAY 50

Oh, my word. We are now in the 50’s. Will any of the four mention this fact?

We get an extended series of shots of the beautiful Samoan scenery. Michelle asks Tara if her friends thought she would make top four.

TARA: No. They were like “see you in a week!”

We get a flashback to Tara on the day one barge with the other twenty-three players. Since when has this happened?

TARA: Coming into this I was in a bit of a rut. Now I’m walking around in my bikini. I’m not saying I am going to be in the middle pages of a dirty magazine, but I feel like I can just be myself.

Could you imagine if that’s what actually happens when this season is over? Stay-at-home mom is in the middle pages of a dirty magazine? And Locky is the photographer? That’d be a great twist.

Tara talks about not having a great education and being a social butterfly is what has got her this far.

Now it’s time for Jericho’s flashback. This retrospective is more of an introspective. Jericho says he has made it to day 50 without a single vote cast against him.

JERICHO: I am grateful that this experience has stretched me.

I don’t think so because Jericho is still the shortest person left in the game.

JERICHO: I thrive off of using a machete.

We know. Trust me, we have learned that very much.

JERICHO: I have found a new Jericho. Jericho 2.0.

The Walls of Jericho 1.0 is gone. Jericho proceeds to talk about living a life of luxury in hotels and planes.

Now it’s Michelle’s turn. She thought it would be a holiday worth half a mil. Michelle takes back it being a holiday. Much like Jericho, this is so far removed from her life.

MICHELLE: Let alone having filthy hands and eating off a Leif.

Well, that’s an interesting twist to the Manono tribe in One World.

MICHELLE: When will I get another twenty-five percent chance at winning half a million dollars? I am so close I am spending it.

Petey talks about his personal achievement and we get a flashback to him on day one. He starts crying about his family. Then he cries in a confessional. Then he cries under a shelter. Everyone comforts him. This is a low for him. He is annoyed Locky called him a goat in front of the jury.

Hey, at least he didn’t call you a sheep. The one-dimensional casual fans who just want macho challenge threats to win are saying things much worse.

All four are in the shelter. Jericho says the ultimate challenge is convincing the jury that you are the worthy winner.



Michelle is surprised she is still here. Are we still going to have these scenes? We have covered this extensively.

Jericho and Michelle make fire together. They reflect on being the two Asagans left together. Jericho says their bond is unique and they have looked after each other since day one. Michelle wants to make stronger bonds with everyone.

Jericho takes Michelle’s back and starts hugging her. He wants Petey gone because Tara can be defeated in a Final Immunity Challenge easily.

I agree. Tara is pretty much doomed to finish this game in third place.

JERICHO: Where is Petey?

MICHELLE: Doing the pot.

No, Michelle isn’t Millie from Freaks and Geeks. Petey is actually cleaning the pot in the water.

Tara joins Jericho and Michelle. She tells us this is her ideal Final Three and that Jericho has a special bond with her.

TARA: Michelle needs a bit of a sweetening up. . . Right now I don’t have much time to form a really close bond, but we’ve got a lot of tricks, us stay-at-home moms.

Tara tells Michelle about her moral dilemma on day 45. Michelle has the most exaggerated cartoonish expression on her face. Her eyes are ready to pop out.

Tara informs Michelle about the lollies. There is still a HUGE amount left.

TARA: At home, if my boys do their room they get a treat.

Michelle couldn’t be more excited when she sees the lollies.

MICHELLE: Oh my god, I frickin’ love lollies. This is the best. Thank you!

TARA: Take another handful. I mean it, man!

MICHELLE: This is the best ever.

Michelle values this more than the half mil up for grabs.

MICHELLE: This could make us Final Two.

TARA: I think we’re already besties.

They return to camp. Jericho wants to put up the tarp in case it rains. Tara doesn’t think it will rain. Petey is miserable in the shelter as he sees himself on the outside of the Final Four. What happened to his bond with Michelle? Petey is the new Locky as he wants to fight for his life in the challenge.



JLP asks Petey about last night’s TC. Petey has picked himself up. No more questions. Straight to business. JLP takes back the snakeskin talisman.

JLP: Today immunity is not back up for grabs.

JERICHO (quietly): oh

It is an advantage. Whoever wins the challenge votes out a member of the jury. That person will be eliminated from the jury instantaneously.

TARA: Sheeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiit.

Since when is Tara Senator Clay Davis from The Wire?

In today’s challenge, they will hang on a wall by hanging onto numbered pegs. At regular intervals, they will remove a specific peg from the wall. The fewer pegs there are, the harder it is to hold on until, eventually, they fall. The last person holding onto the wall wins reward.

Everybody looks like the Electro Specter from the seventh sanctuary in EarthBound. Hilarious.

There are currently eighteen pegs on the wall. Everyone is focusing.

First peg to be removed is on the top left. Not like anybody was going to use it anyway. I think it is just a way for them to expend energy.

Tara can’t even take out the first peg. Cursing on the way down.


The next peg is on the bottom right. Only Jericho was using it. They use both of their feet to release the peg while holding themselves up with their arms.


The next peg is on the far left about two-thirds of the way down. Petey was about an inch from falling. Jericho uses both of his feet once again.


Everyone’s position is getting slightly more awkward. The next peg is on the bottom right. Jericho continues with his feet strategy. Petey copies it. So does Michelle.


I wish they told us how much time elapses between each peg. The next one is in the centre near the bottom. It is very frequently used. Michelle uses both feet. Petey has a tendency to use his hands no matter where the peg is.

Petey nearly releases an additional peg by accident. He wants a real challenge.


The next peg is on the left. Everyone’s foot has been using it a lot. Petey uses his hands again while the other two attempt to use their feet. Michelle -barely- gets it. She is stretched very far out. JLP comments on Michelle’s discomfort.

Michelle is out.


JLP asks Jericho which peg he doesn’t want to lose.

JERICHO: The one I am standing one.

The next peg to release? The one he is standing on.

Petey quickly releases it with his feet. Jericho is trying really hard to find a comfortable position to release it. Jericho uses pure upper body strength as his feet take out the peg.


When did five remain?

Jericho releases the peg. There’s only four left. Yikes.

Petey is very very very stretched it. He tries to pull it out with his feet and swing back onto a peg with his momentum. Petey can’t get the peg out. He falls off.

Jericho wins advantage!



The four players return to camp. Jericho is congratulated on his win.

JERICHO: Everyone did really well.

MICHELLE: Except Tara.


Jericho says this is better than winning immunity. Michelle quizzes him on who he intends to vote out.

For the record, I like this twist much more when it is a Final Two format at the end. When this twist first appeared in Survivor: Kaoh Rong, it was an insult because we had four players left heading into day 36. We got a reward challenge on day 36, an immunity challenge on day 37, and everything appeared to be going for a Final Two–then the special challenge came out on day 38 which took a valuable Final Two ending away from us.

Australian Survivor does it in a way that doesn’t slap us in the face.

Jericho puts the jurors into mental piles. The imagery is blatant on-screen as we see hermit crab piles on the beach.


JERICHO: I don’t know pile.

MICHELLE: Anneliese?

JERICHO: I don’t know pile.


JERICHO: I don’t know pile.


JERICHO: He forgives.


JERICHO: She’s fine.

MICHELLE: Luke will vote for you. Tessa?

JERICHO: Tessa. . . is a girl who doesn’t fit into either of these piles.

JERICHO: If I was sitting next to Peter she would vote for Peter.

MICHELLE: But isn’t the game plan not to take Peter to the end?

Way to not raise suspicion with your alliance, Jericho.

Jericho asks everyone to sit down. He wants their opinion. This is all a ploy for more information, obviously.

Jericho says it is a massive Samatau jury. Petey tells him it could be a good thing because they’re basing their entire vote on his game and the Final Tribal Council.

Secretly, Petey fears that Tessa or Jarrad will be voted off.

Petey wants Locky eliminated as a juror. Michelle disagrees and wants Tessa to be ousted from the jury. Jericho is annoyed because he thinks Petey believes Jericho is dumb. Tara is saying nothing.

Michelle is scared about who Jericho will eliminate from the jury. She doesn’t say anyone specifically. Tara wants to push Jericho in a specific direction.





The jury comes in. Locky’s beard has been significantly trimmed.

JLP catches up the jury on the twist for today. Luke’s reaction is hilarious. Jarrad and Tessa have no reaction. Henry bites his lip.

Luke is wearing his California hat once again.

While Jericho talks we see the jury exchange a lot of looks.

JLP points out five are original Samatau and three are original Asaga. Michelle says that imbalance is noteworthy such as Jarrad spending only three days with Jericho.

Jericho says a specific juror could be persuasive enough to influence the remainder of the jury. Petey does everything he can to nudge Jericho in a veiled direction.

JLP reveals Jericho can interrogate three of the jurors. One question each. It’s the equivalent of a Genie with three wishes.

JERICHO to JARRAD: Is there someone I am sitting next to that I should worry about sitting next to in the finale?

Jarrad said his vote will be based entirely on gameplay and has spoken with the jury to get a good idea about everyone’s game. He says there are clear strong gameplayers left. His vote will be based on strong gameplay.

JARRAD: That’s all I can say.

So a non-answer? Fantastic.

Jericho’s second question is for Tessa.

JERICHO to TESSA: If you could be a flavour of ice cream, which flavour would you be?

Just kidding. That’s the dating game from Whose Line Is It Anyway?

JERICHO to TESSA: If we were in a Survivor fantasy world, and the Survivor gods were raging in anger because there was one person who was least deserving, and they said ‘Tessa, I want to grant you a wish–you can swap with the least deserving person and you can take their position and put them in the jury. Who do you think is that least deserving person and why?

TESSA: Ohhhhh, Jericho.

Tessa says her vote is based on awareness in the game. She says Tara has had the least game awareness.

TESSA: She often comes back to camp (does great Tara impression) “I don’t know what’s going on!”

So yeah, she’d take Tara’s place.

JERICHO: I’m going to ask the person with the biggest poker face–Anneliese.

JARRAD to ANNELIESE: If you were looking at the finale, what will put you off writing down their name?

Anneliese clarifies the question. Essentially, it’s what would change her mind at Final Tribal Council to vote for someone else.

ANNELIESE: If they said, “Like I voted that way ’cause I was told to. Like if they took a backseat that would dissuade me.”

Dissuade? Dissuade? No wonder Anneliese had the biggest brain in the game.

Jericho is ready to vote. He knows who he wants out. Jarrad’s new Bob Marley hair is quivering in fear.

The jury starts whispering as Jericho walks to the pen and parchment.

Jericho actually isn’t ready. He has the pen cap open but rests his head on the parchment for a few seconds before writing a name down.

JLP: I’ll go collect the vote.

He doesn’t even count it.

Jericho wipes his face.



Nah, just kidding. It’s Tessa. She’s out.

Tessa gets a hug from everybody on the jury. Luke tries to hug her but she leans towards Anneliese and Jarrad first.

As Tessa walks out, she apologizes to Tara for the harsh words.

TESSA: You’re actually playing a great game.

Tessa exits from Tribal Council in one of the cutest dresses I have ever seen.

JLP: Only two of you will make it to day 55.

JERICHO: Ohohohoho.

This is huge; they needed this.


Next Time on Aussie Survivor: With the finish line in sight, a reward to nourish the soul. But with half a million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor up for grabs, the game just gets harder.

No final words from Tessa, sadly.


I have seen the peg challenge in another international version of Survivor. I am glad to see it play out for myself.

This was a really quick episode as it clocked in at a measly 46 minutes.I guess a single day with just one reward and a brief Tribal Council is a prime recipe for it. Hell, we had freakin’ flashbacks to the day one barge for each of the four contestants. The scenery shots were longer than usual.


As I have said before, I don’t mind the Vote Out a Juror twist as long as it preserves a Final Two scenario. Everyone was thinking this might be a possibility considering they would have had an even number of jurors. It was either that or everyone wouldn’t stop bitching about the game possibly heading towards a Final Three.


There is a family visit in the next round. I wouldn’t mind it just like the family visit in last season, but we’ve had three episodes already where we have had extended Harrison Ford-esque “I miss my family” scenes. It’s too excessive even with the 25 episode schedule.


My friend Michelle is upset that the Aussie Survivor reunion show is a closed set. None of the superfans or members of the public can try to attend. As somebody who attended the reunion show of Kaoh Rong (you  can see me seated next to Dr. Joe when he is interviewed), I know this is a huge disappointment for superfans everywhere in the country.

My heart goes out to them and I will write to producers for them to change this next year.


Petey needs to win immunity next round. So much for him being the goat, Locky. He just doesn’t have enough Asaga blood in him on a jury that is half composed of Samatau. Everyone must assume he will be getting 100% of the Samatau vote, but by that logic doesn’t it mean the other person will receive 100% of the Asaga vote?


I am now convinced that the jury vote should be very close regardless of who is in the Final Two except Tara. She’ll get Locky and Henry’s votes, but I don’t see her getting much traction beyond that.


Jericho was able to vote out Tessa without drawing much attention to himself. He voted out somebody who Tara and Michelle also wanted out. Petey was the only one to take a hit. In fact, Petey took a massive hit–I always say you need a champion who everyone respects on the jury, and Petey just lost that champion.


Will Tara really be dragged to the Final Two for the “easy win” or will a “beat the best” mentality come into play at the very end as we get a massive showdown at FTC?


I think Petey and Tara need to team up because I can’t see either of them defeating Michelle or Jericho in a jury vote.

There are so many layers to this Final Four and I can’t wait to see it play out.

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