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Gary & Will from TAR 21 Recap Amazing Race All-Stars Episode 5


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Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and chief Amazing Race Correspondent Jessica Liese (@HaymakerHattie) are joined tonight by Gary and Will of the Amazing Race 21 to discuss episode 5 of the Amazing Race 24 “Can’t Make Fish Bite” which took teams from Malaysia to Sri Lanka.

Two Times is Enough

Will doesn’t like Luke because he feels he is way too whiney. Gary understands the stress of the race, but feels a 28 year old guy should not be relying on his mother as much as Luke relies on Margie. He felt the whole exchange at the SkyBar was immature and inappropriate considering he was an ambassador to the United States.  Rob filled in that from his conversation with Margie, a lot of that frustration in the SkyBar came from the fact that other teams could switch detours if they so choose, but they could not since the other detour involved hearing. Will felt that he knew about his handicap going into the show, so it shouldn’t have bothered them.

Gary feels you shouldn’t have three chances to do a once in a lifetime thing and feels that this season is kind of a mixture between All-Stars and Unfinished Business. He also doesn’t feel like the Globetrotters should be back because they get so much exposure already from their daily job. Will also points out that the three time teams have an extra year of experience over the teams that have only been on the Race once before.

Do We Like Brenchel?

Jessica feels that the difference between the gamble that Brenchel took last night and what lead to the NFL Players demise last season was the fact that there was multiple connections on the NFL player’s journey and Brenchel only had to make one tight connection.

Gary and Will were not nervous for Brenchel. Gary was impressed on how Rachel hasn’t been whiney this season. He also thinks the whole Reilly family should get off of TV because he heard about Elissa on Big Brother and he feels they have had their chance. Both Gary and Will like them more this season then they did in their previous season. Their all-time favorite team though is Charla and Mirna because they like mash-up teams. In fact, they think there should be a whole season of mash-up teams like Mark and Mallory because it would lead to chaos.

Hijacking the Web

Gary and Will got on the Amazing Race by looking up World Race Productions online and seeing if there was a magic button on the website. There wasn’t and there wasn’t even a website, so they bought the rights to it for $10. They dressed up in Groucho and Marx costumes for their casting video and they were sitting on a couch with the in the background and said that if casting doesn’t put them on the show, they were turning it into a porn site. They were called by casting a week later.

Flipping’ Tasks and Flights

Will feels that there shouldn’t be any task switching, because they have no idea how hard the other side of the detour will end up being. Gary feels this task was an exception because you could see both sides of the task from the same location. However, he felt that the plate task looked tougher then the fishing task.

Gary and Will feel that an hour is a comfortable time to catch a connecting flight. They explain that some customs are tougher than others, and the cameras do draw attention, but an hour is generally good.

Everyone feels the U-Turn will be making an appearance sooner or later because it adds drama. Gary feels that the move that was made by the Chippendales to use the U-Turn to get rid of Ryan and Abbie was brilliant and there is no way the U-Turn is going away. Gary also feels that the U-Turn makes the show more Survivor-esk. Rob comments that all the teams seem to be getting along, so would the U-Turn even be used. Both Gary and Will unanimously agree that the U-Turn will be used and Will goes as far as to say that he would U-turn himself and his mother if it would help him get ahead.

Normal People Only

Will like the Afganimals because he feels they aren’t normal, and he likes teams that aren’t normal. Gary doesn’t like how they don’t follow the local customs, but likes the fact that they are backhanded and try to get ahead. Will also likes the fact that they are themselves on the race, and wishes he and Gary weren’t so uptight during their race and were themselves more.

Gary and Will feel that Luke and Margie should not get a fourth shot at the race despite Luke’s positivity this leg and the fault that even if it was out of their control, it was in their control. Rob commented that Margie and Luke would have been on that first flight with Brendon and Rachel, but they were not allowed to book it at the airport because the connection times were too short. Gary and Luke commented that some clues specifically say that you need to go to the travel agency, but often times it is in your best interest even if the clue does not specifically say it because Travel Agencies are generally faster and closer to the pit stop. They feel that Margie and Luke should have known.

Gary feels that no one should go back for four times, and Will feels Charla and Mirna should go back again. Gary feels that the race should be exclusively for normal people and feels that John and Jessica, Dave and Connor and the Afganimals are all normal.

Charming their Way Ahead

Gary doesn’t like Jenn and Caroline by the fact that they are using their feminine charms to their advantage, although it was smart to charm the cowboys out of their express pass. Jenn and Caroline’s feminine charms would work on Will, but not so much on Gary. Will wouldn’t give them an Express Pass if he felt they were a strong team, but he doesn’t. Will and Gary are rooting for Dave and Connor to win the race, while Will wouldn’t mind seeing the Afganimals win.

Naming Gary and Will

While there was no official nickname for Gary and Will, they were often referred to as Team Michigan, David and Goliath and Jack and the Bean Stalk. Gary and Will then make a plea that if anyone from the Amazing Race production is listening, any money or prizes that are won from the race if they get to go back on a second time will all go to Make-A-Wish.

Gary believes that they are using a short introduction this season because a lot of people are not fans of the teams that they have brought back and a short intro leads to more commercial time. Jessica believes the negative feelings depend on where you look and Facebook is a harbor for negative comments. Some of the other sites love the teams however.

When asked if they would be villains if they came back a second time, Will says they would. Gary said it’s a competition and they would not be helping other teams along the race course.

Ripping Shirts and Flaming Out

Both Gary and Will feel that in order to be asked back, you had to have been eliminated in a colossal way, and feels that John and Jessica went out in a perfect way the last time when John was just too proud to use his express pass because people are going to remember that.

If Gary and Will ran the Garment factory, they would hire Leo over Flight Time, because Leo was working and Flight Time was dribbling a basketball. No one has any idea how the Globetrotters fit a basketball into their bags, and Jessica feels the ball must have been deflated and they must have brought a pump with them. Will feels that if you goof around during the task, they will be less likely to give you the clue sooner because you aren’t taking the task seriously. Gary disagrees and says they would be appreciative of you trying to lighten the mood.

No Survivors Allowed!

Gary and Will feel that they should not recycle people from Survivor, and feels they should just cast normal people. They feel that the Race is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it should be given to a team that has never had the opportunity before. However, if asked, Gary and Will would go back in a second. They would also like to see the Bowling Moms as well as Colin and Christie back again.

Although the Globetrotters have a height difference, Will doesn’t like them because they practically have their own TV show. Will like the Cowboys, but Gary thinks they can’t be a good team because they are too calm and feel the race is too easy for them.

Ditching the Bag and the Teammate

Gary and Will feel that Big Easy looked better in the shirt then Connor did. When asked if Mark should have left his bag because he would have gotten a free shirt, both Gary and Will agree that Mark should have left his bag behind because people would have donated clothes and feels as if Mark gave up on the race. Both Gary and Will would have run the race with anybody and Will would have run by himself if he had to. Gary wouldn’t root against you, but he would want part of the money.

Gary loved the train ride scene from the episode, because it showed the teams hanging out and hanging fun. Will enjoyed the scene with the tuck-tucks because it’s something they have never done before.

Rob did confirm that Margie and Luke did not do the tasks in Sri Lanka because they were already that far out of it. Gary feels that it robbed them of the experience a little bit as well as part of the culture.

You can connect with Gary and Will on Twitter. If you have a suggestion for a team name for Gary and Will, you can send it in to

Rob’s interview with Margie is posted as well as Rob’s Sunday night discussion with Jessica about the Amazing Race. Tomorrow, Rob will be posting the 12 Archetypes of Survivor: Cagayan with AJ Mass as well as the Big Brother Canada podcast.

Special Thanks to Michael Shaheen for recapping tonight’s Amazing Race podcast


Amazing Race All-Stars Episode 5 Recap with Gary & Will from The Amazing Race 21

Amazing Race All-Stars Episode 5 Recap with Gary & Will from The Amazing Race 21

Amazing Race All-Stars Episode 5 Recap: Can’t Make Fish Bite – Listen to last night’s Amazing Race RHAP-up show with Rob and Jessica Liese to hear them discuss Brenchel’s gambit and the problems with flying standby on The Amazing Race.

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