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Amazing Race 30 | FINAL 4 Exit Interviews

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Amazing Race 30 Final 4 Exit Interviews Podcast

Rob Cesternino catches up with the final 4 teams from The Amazing Race 30, including the winners Cody & Jessica (Team Big Brother), Henry & Evan (Team Yale), Kristi & Jen (Team Extreme) and Alex & Conor (Team IndyCar)!

Exit Interview with WINNERS Cody Nickson & Jessica Graf

  • No wedding date yet
  • Cody had his doubts that they won the Race
  • Twisted his ankle pretty bad twice
  • Toughest part of the Race was staying hydrated and getting enough sleep
  • Did not realize that it was their responsibility to bring an alarm clock
  • They like Henry a lot, but not Evan as much
    • Evan never participated in group conversations
  • The only reality-TV people that will be invited to their wedding are Kristi & Jen, Alex & Conor, and Mark & Elena (from Big Brother 19)
    • Eric & Daniel and Dessie & Kayla are on the “maybe” list
  • Cody has been Team Maslow (Celebrity Big Brother) since the beginning
  • Cody enjoyed being on The Bold and The Beautiful

Exit Interview with Second Placers Henry Zhang & Evan Lynyak

  • Henry & Evan had no idea that the other 3 teams had an alliance
  • Heartbreaking and surprise for Henry to see that he had the plane built correctly then changed it
  • Henry said Evan was so supportive throughout the journey
  • They were chanting to themselves “worst to first” on leg 11
  • Binge-watched about 10 seasons of The Amazing Race before going on
  • Running the Head-to-Head race multiple times was very memorable
    • Both were underfed and tired for the potato race
  • Evan understands that people might not like how assertive she was, especially in a competition
  • Did not fixate on how unhappy Cody & Jessica were to see them finish first in leg 11
  • Henry did not get hurt in the boat collision
  • Evan felt bad that Henry was on the ground watching her struggle climbing the wall
  • The Race did help them communicate better with one another as well
  • Henry & Evan are very excited to play mini-golf on their trip
  • Both would go back on the show in a heartbeat
  • They are officially “Rob’s Favorite Reality Stars Who are Yale Alumni”

Exit Interview with Third Placers Kristi Leskinen & Jen Hudak

  • Very proud to have the highest average finish
  • The last 2 legs were the toughest for them and were grateful for the puzzle in leg 11
  • Kristi’s hand hurt for 2 months after failing at the rage art challenge
  • Kristi was the stronger person to climb the wall
  • It took Jen an hour after Cody & Jessica won to build the plane
    • Did not realize that the wing orientation did not matter (one wing forward and one wing backward)
  • They thought the challenge was 2 parts: build the plane then solve a puzzle
  • It was frustrating that their little advantages in leg 12 did not matter
    • Finding out that Willie Mays hit 660 home-runs before going in the water
    • Making the fortune cookies quickly
  • Did not care about who they went to final 3 with, but had close relationships with Cody & Jessica and Alex & Conor (also liked Lucas & Brittany)
  • Going to two weddings and the Indianapolis 500
  • Would go back in a heartbeat

Exit Interview with Alex Rossi & Conor Daly

  • Conor bought his own house
  • Conor found the Detour difficult because it was hard to tell the sounds he heard to Alex
  • They found all the signs in 20 minutes
    • They associated Iceland with leg 1, not New York City
    • They tried multiple combinations for 3 hours
  • They invited Henry to IndyCar races after the Race
    • Henry & Evan were not used to doing team events, so they did not see the benefit of having good relationships like Kristi & Jen did from their X-Games career
  • Disappointed to not be in the final 3 with Cody & Jessica and Kristi & Jen
  • Conor said milking the camel was an interesting experience in leg 10
  • Conor was a big fan of the show when he was a kid and always viewed Phil as a superstar
  • Both said yes to going on The Amazing Race pretty quickly
  • Conor has some time after losing his racing job but Alex won’t let Conor do the Race with a new partner

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