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Amazing Race 30 | Episode 6 Recap

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Amazing Race 30 Episode 6 Recap Podcast

Rob Cesternino is joined by Jessica Liese and Mike Bloom to recap Episode 6 of The Amazing Race 30.

Team Big Brother’s Enemy Count is Soaring

Although it was nice to see the return of the Double U-Turn, much to the chagrin of Jessica and many fans, we began with an exclamation of dismay over the fact that the U-Turn was before the Detour, making it not a literal U-Turn. She also pointed out that she thinks Team Big Brother will bounce back after their sub-par finish this week and had no moral problem with Jessica giving Brittany and Alex the wrong answer at the Kafka phone Roadblock. While Mike and Rob agreed with Jessica (Liese) on that, he thought it was a major blunder for Jessica (Graf) to upset two more teams, while it was really likely that Team Well Strung would be eliminated anyway.

The 99.99% Chance for This Swap

Rob and Jessica agreed that this halfway point is a great point for a team swap. Jessica also said that she thinks there is a 99.99% chance for Team Big Brother and Team Ocean Rescue to swap partners with one another. Rob and Jessica are almost certain that the swap will be for an entire non-elimination leg, while Mike thinks it will be for a few tasks within a leg. Jessica thinks that we will first see the team swap non-elimination leg, then the second Double U-Turn of the season.

We Almost Were Able to Say “Tap That”

Mike did say that he enjoyed the return of the “This” or “That” blindfold Detour option. Rob’s main gripe is that he wishes the keg challenge was “That” so we could say that the teams would have to “tap that.” Rob also said that he enjoyed the lecture more, to wish Jessica says that is because Rob wishes we saw the “Pencils Down Guy” again. Jessica also questioned the decision of Team Indy Car to opt for public transportation instead of taking a cab. Rob loved that Daniel managed to think that one of the words in the Roadblock was “wife” instead of the correct word “life.” Mike mentioned that he does not think that Team Ocean Rescue is long for the Race.

The Dentist Thought Evan Was Sex-Trafficked?

Mike also mentioned that Trevor & Chris said that the people who fixed Evan’s tooth thought she was sex-trafficked from her bruises from the sailing challenge and all the men (from the camera crew and production) around her. Mike and Jessica pointed out how Team Well Strung’s main mistakes were from the last leg and were screwed by that. Mike also thinks that Team Well Strung could very well have won in an alternate universe. Jessica also enjoyed the fact that “Is the Earth round or flat?” was the last question on the oral exam. The obvious team swaps of Cody & Lucas and Brittany & Jessica would be enjoyable to all but Mike thinks Cody & Evan could be fun. Jessica pointed out how anyone with Jessica or Cody could make for a fun team. Mike was also surprised that we have not seen the Express Pass this season as well.

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