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Amazing Race 30 | Ep #2 Recap

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Amazing Race 30 Episode 2 Recap Podcast

Rob Cesternino is joined by Jessica Liese and Mike Bloom to recap Episode 2 of The Amazing Race 30.

Team Goat Yoga Did Not GOAT This

After achieving tenth place in Iceland by a fraction of a second, Team Goat Yoga did it again, just with ten teams and by losing a race in french fry costumes, thus they could not namaSTAY in the race. In regards to the new Head-to-Head twist, Rob, Jessica, and Mike all liked it, but Rob and Jessica did not like having it at the pit stop. For the drama of it all, Rob was rooting for Team Yale to lose all the races and get eliminated. Mike pointed out how in the international versions of The Amazing Race, the Head-to-Head (or equivalent name) is placed at the middle of the race and the last-place team is eliminated. All three had fun analyzing Phil’s announcing capabilities, or lack thereof, throughout the Head-to-Head. Despite enjoying the concept of the Head-to-Head, they all agreed that the challenge was, as Jessica called it, “idiotic.” While Rob would be fine with a Head-to-Head every week, Jessica anticipates that we will see 1-2 more.

Mike Doesn’t Want to Put the “Frites Before the Dolly”

From the premiere recap, it was announced that Mike won the friendly wager by betting that the premiere would see about 6 million viewers. They all were pleased to say that they all underestimated that the show would see over 7 million viewers. Rob was also very pumped to see Stan the Chocolatier but was upset that they gave him nothing to do. While Rob did not like either of the Detour options, Jessica said that she enjoyed seeing people fail at Old Print. They also joked how the upside-down U came back from Survivor 35 to screw over Team Ocean Rescue and began discussing its 2020 run for President. Mike said he enjoyed Henry cutting off April at the beginning of their race. In the preview for next episode, they wonder if Jessica will received a “disappointed Dad look” from Phil for stealing Brittany’s gnome.

Listener Questions

When asked a question from a listener, they said that they liked Henry and Evan’s decision to alternate participants in each race. Rob ponders if they should’ve put the weaker one intentionally against Team Goat Yoga to be good against Team Firefighters, and compares it to when the Villains put Randy versus James in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. Mike also loves how useless Conor is, and they questioned why Brittany was doing the Macarena in the episode. For Rob’s draft team of Team Ring Girls and Team Goat Yoga, a listener said Nicole was Nicolestradamus while Rob was RobNOTstradamus, much to the dismay of Rob.

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