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Amazing Race 2015: Episode 8 Recap of Season 26 | Amsterdam


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Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese recap episode 9 of The Amazing Race 26 on CBS from April 24, 2015

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Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese are live on Friday April 24th to recap episode 8 of The Amazing Race 26 where we saw Matt and Ashley saved by a non-elimination leg in Amsterdam.

Jess thought it was strange that the race went to Europe again. Jess also thought that all the tasks this leg look fun to do. Jess didn’t think it was going to be a non-elimination and Rob knew it was going to be one when Phil began to filibustering when Matt and Ashley arrived at the Matt.

Rob and Jess learned tonight that a lot of the teams are not good at word puzzles. Jess was especially shocked at Jelani and Jenny not being able to get ice especially after getting skating rink. Rob thought that it was a very easy puzzle. Rob noted the different approaches to which clothes to wear in the hot tub. There’s was the Tyler approach of only wearing underwear, the Jenny approach of wearing the bathrobe and Hayley approach of wearing a shirt and underwear.

Jess felt that Hayley in her weird way was trying to be supportive to Blair. Jess noticed that Blair has now gone the complement route of dealing with Hayley. Jess gives Hayley credit for actually saying to right way to go but Blair just didn’t listen to her. However Jess did not like the way she handled it. Rob liked how resolved their argument by having to keep acknowledge how Hayley was right.

Rob liked how Matt and Ashley didn’t turn on each other during the shoe task. Rob found it interesting how the guys may bring razors on the race. Jess points out that it may not be the best idea to bring a razor because it may cause problems at airport security.

Jess points out that the dinner that they were having at the beginning of the episode was thanksgiving. Jess is so happy to see eat, sleep and mingle back because she gets to she more interaction between the racers again. Rob says that he would be happy to have the first 10 minutes of the episode be the racers interacting like this.

Jess thinks the soak detour looked easier but if a team had a skill at the shuffle detour they would gotten through it faster. Rob and Jess both said that they probably would have chosen soak because it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

Rob points out that Jelani said one of the JL rules at the beginning of the episode, it was: “Don’t you turn someone that you will see again”.

Jess feels that the reason Matt and Ashley were good at the shuffleboard was because they are both athletic and are used to working with its their hands on a daily basis. Rob thought the shuffleboard could have been completed a lot faster then the soak detour because you can do multiple attempts very fast.

Rob thinks that some season we have a couple of teams at the top who are so good and could race with anyone and then some seasons we have a bunch of teams that are just mediocre. Both Rob and Jess think that this season is one of the seasons when the teams are just mediocre. However Rob still thinks that this season is exciting as most of the racers of an equal standard.

Jess thought that we may have seen a fast forward this leg because we tend to see fast forwards in Amsterdam. However because it is so late in season that we are not going to see a fast forward this season.

Special Thanks to Shane Gallagher for this week’s episode recap

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