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Amazing Race 2015: Episode 12 Recap of Season 26 | Finale


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Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese recap episode 12, the finale, of The Amazing Race 26 on CBS from May 15, 2015

Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese are live on Friday May 15th to recap episode 12 the finale of The Amazing Race 26 where we saw Laura and Tyler win the final leg and the race.

Jess went to a viewing party for the finale but it ended up being a spoiler for the race as the winning team was hosting the party. It reminded Jess of when Jason and Amy hosted a finale party for their season. Jess says that the most boring team wins the race and this time Jess thinks that Tyler and Laura were the most boring team left however Jess doesn’t that they are very boring.

Jess does not think that she has seen someone mess up has big has Hayley did tonight in a final leg in quite some time. Rob suggests that if Blair made the mistake instead of Hayley there would have been a major argument. Jess dose point out that Blair would not have been as good as Hayley in this tasks because Hayley has been the more detail orientated person this season. Rob gives props to Blair for not getting annoyed at Hayley when she made the mistake.

Jess thought that Tyler and Laura had amazing focus during the entire race. Jess thinks that’s it’s telling that the only thing people had to say about Tyler and Laura was is that when they are behind they began to crack which is the same for most teams.

Jess thinks that part of the reason why the final 3 teams were blind date couples has to do with casting. Jess thinks that casting picked younger and more athletic people for the blind date teams. Rob feels that the previous dating were just not as good racers except for Steve and Ally.

Jess liked that this finale combined tasks that did not require skill but looked cool and tasks that required skill to complete. Sometimes the finale prevents a team to come from behind and pass a team but in this finale it was possible. For Jess this was the best final leg in recent years, it would on the same level as the final in season 23.

Jess and Rob were very happy that the selfies actually mattered in the end. Jess began to suspect that the selfie cam had some purpose in the race after realising that it had no sponsor attached to it but Jess didn’t predict that it would be the memory task.

Jess doesn’t think that the blind date amazing race was a success but Jess doesn’t think it was a failure either. For her it is in the middle of her season rankings. Jess feels that if we get another blind date season next season the show will be cancelled. Rob would like to see one or two blind date teams but he does not want to the whole cast be dating teams. Rob suggests putting two people together not for dating purposes but instead just put two random people together.

For a couple of moments Jess thought that Jelani and Jenny could have won the race tonight. Jess thinks that it was just one wrong turn that cost them the race. Rob thought that Jenny really wanted to let everyone know that her and Jelani were not dating. Jess heard a rumour that Jenny was dating someone the whole time.

Jess was really hoping for the ultimate redemption story for Blair and Hayley. They flamed out during this episode but not in the way Rob and Jess were hoping for. Rob thinks that it would have been ideal for the race if Blair and Hayley won.

Jess found out that Mike does not actual work at a truck stop but he actually runs a small business at the back of his parents gas station. Mike said that he would have preferred #smalltownsweethearts but the race thought it was a better story if he worked at a truck stop.

Thanks to Shane Gallagher for recapping all of the episodes this season!

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