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Amazing Race 2015: Episode 7 Recap of Season 26 | Namibia


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Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese recap the 2-hour episode 7 of The Amazing Race 26 on CBS from April 17, 2015

Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese are live on Friday 17th April 2015 to recap episode 7 of The Amazing Race 26 where we saw Aly and Steve come in last place in both legs.

Rob was pretty pleased with this two hour episode, he felt that it was very well planned. Rob liked how both legs were in the same country and that the first leg was a non-elimination leg.

Jess originally thought that Aly and Steve would be the boring team that would win but instead they have became the good team who are eliminated too early. Rob was surprised by how distressed Aly became during both of these legs considering that she is an Olympic athlete. Jess points out that the race is like nothing else and that their Olympic experience would not prepare them for the race. Rob suggests that Aly’s problem could have been because she is not used to working as a team.

Jess feels like Tyler and Laura have been extremely solid throughout the entire race and it was about time that they won a leg. They remind Jess of Jason and Amy because they are kinda boring and it took them a while to win a leg. Matt and Ashley impressed Rob this episode despite him writing them off at the beginning. Rob was also impressed how Matt calmed Ashley down during the skiing.

Jess thought that Jelani and Jenny used the express pass and the right time but it was just unlucky that they didn’t get to the U-turn board in time. In normal circumstances Jess likes this move to U-turn Jelani and Jenny however here Jess doesn’t like it so much. Jess feels that because of their express pass they were never going to get eliminated.

Rob find is amusing how Mike and Rochelle never seem to run a bad leg of the race but they never seem to come in last, Jess gets Beekman boys vibes from them. Rob points out how they always seem to have trouble in nearly every task they do.

Jess would have taken the donkey to the pit stop because the donkey seems the most calm. Rob knew the zebra would be the most fun when Phil described it has “the feisty zebra”. Rob thinks that Dave the camel was the way to go.

Jess feels that the first point at which Steve and Aly started to fall down was when they choose Aly to do the hit building instead of Steve as it lost them a lot of time. Their strategy of alternating the person doing the roadblock each time is not always the best strategy.

Rob and Jess liked Blair’s strategy of just tuning Hayley out and getting on with the task himself. It reminds Rob of distracting a young child on a long plane journey. Rob and Jess loved that the teams all camped together in between the legs. Jess is very excited at the prospect at the return of eat, sleep and mingle.

Power Rankings:
1. Tyler and Laura
2. Matt and Ashley
3. Blair and Hayley
4. Jenny and Jelani
5. Mike and Rochelle

Special Thanks to Shane Gallagher for the recap.

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