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Amazing Race 2014: Exit Interviews with The Final 3 All-Stars Teams

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After the finale of the Amazing Race All-Stars this week, Rob Cesternino hosts an interview with the Final 3 teams.

Our Exit Interview with Dave and Connor, Winners of The Amazing Race All-Stars 2014 (Starts at 3:00)

Rob speaks with the first parent and child to win the Amazing Race, Dave & Connor. In this interview, Rob asks Dave and Connor:

  • How surreal was it to return to the Amazing Race after Dave’s injury in Amazing Race 22 and win the season?
  • Was Dave forced to do the final roadblock because of all the roadblocks that Connor had completed earlier in the race?
  • Why did the U-turn by Brendon and Rachel bother Dave and Connor so much?
  • Was there more to the Dave and Connor vs Brendon and Rachel feud that we didn’t see on the show?
  • Did Dave and Connor talk to the Afghanimals about why they U-turned the Cowboys instead of Brendon and Rachel at the second U-Turn?
  • How much of a concern was having a setback to the previous Achilles injury for Dave?
  • What was the most challenging thing that Dave and Connor faced?
  • Do Dave and Connor suspect that they would have probably won The Amazing Race 22 had it not been for Dave’s injury?
  • What does it mean to be the first parent and Child to win in the US version of the Amazing Race?
  • Does Dave wear it as a badge of honor that he is the oldest person to win in an Amazing Race season?

Exit Interview with the Country Singers, Jen and Caroline (Starts at 19:15)

Rob then speaks with the Greatest Amazing Race team to never win a leg of the Amazing Race, Jen and Caroline:

  • How frustrating was it to come so close to winning the Amazing Race but just come up short?
  • Over the two seasons that Jen and Caroline have played, they’ve really mastered the art of the flirt game.  Is that an overlooked skill on the Amazing Race?
  • Did Jen and Caroline realize that Brendon and Rachel tried to steal their cab at the Neon Boneyard?
  • Why did Jen and Caroline end up becoming so invested in the plan to get rid of the Brenchels?
  • How much experience had Caroline had in shooting guns before coming on the Race?
  • How has The Amazing Race inspired any new music from Jen and Caroline?

Exit Interview with The Brenchels aka Brendon and Rachel (Starts at 35:20)

Rob welcomes back Big Brother All-Stars and Amazing Race All-Stars, Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly-Villegas to the show to talk about their race:

  • Since Brenchel are the only team in the Amazing Race history to make the finals twice, How frustrating was it for Brendon and Rachel to make the final three again on the Amazing Race and come up short?
  • Though the race started with all the teams getting along, do Brendon and Rachel have hard feelings towards the teams that worked together to try and get them out of the race?
  • How bad was the taxi driver that Brendon and Rachel had to use in Las Vegas?
  • Did Brendon and Rachel have a different strategy coming into the Amazing Race All-Stars?
  • Did Rachel push the Country Singers getting off the plane in Vegas?
  • Was it better getting to meet David Copperfield on Amazing Race 24 or David Hasselhoff on Big Brother 13?
  • Did Brendon try to throw dirt into Dave and Connor’s hole?
  • Which time on The Amazing Race did Brendon and Rachel enjoy more?
  • Would Brendon and Rachel do the Amazing Race again?
  • Is it safe to say the other teams this season took a very staunch anti-baby position?
  • When can we expect a Brenchel baby?
  • Were Brendon and Rachel happy with Jon as the winner of Big Brother Canada?

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Amazing Race 2014: David Copperfield works his magic in the Finale of The Amazing Race All stars

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