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5 Years of RHAP Blogs

2017 is the 5th anniversary of RHAP blogs. Here's the story of how the blogs were hosted by the podcast phenomenon, and what the platform meant to 14 fans.

SurvivorSurvivor Cagayan

Survivor Cagayan – The Bloggers Roundtable

The Rob Has A Podcast Bloggers, Michel Trudeau, Sarah Freeman, Dan Heaton, Nick Maiorno, Scott Gallagher, and Josh Wigler, weigh in on each of season 28's castaways. Check out the bloggers predictions at the end of this post and check out the almost daily blogs from this top notch group throughout the season.

SurvivorSurvivor: Blood vs Water

WIGGLE ROOM: The Big Easy Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Draft – 10/11/13

During Philippines and Caramoan, I competed in a little Survivor game of my own: a fantasy league against two of my oldest friends, brothers Eric and Scott. We drafted our teams auction-style (in the spirit of Survivor's greatest reward challenge, of course), with each captain getting $100 total to bid on players.

SurvivorSurvivor: Blood vs Water

WIGGLE ROOM: Five Survivors Who Deserved To Play over Colton Cumbie – 10/03/13

Last season, Francesca Hogi became the first-ever contestant to be voted out twice. This season, Colton Cumbie emerged with an even more embarrassing record: the first-ever player to quit twice. I could not be more disappointed. I was very excited to see Colton play this season, almost in spite of myself. I wanted to see if he changed. I at least wanted to see him flame out in a spectacular Tribal Council. We were robbed.

SurvivorSurvivor: Blood vs Water

Survivor: Blood vs. Water’s Cast: The RHAP Blogger Round-Table – 9/12/2013

With the premiere of Blood vs. Water a week away, the stalwart league of RHAP Survivor bloggers has reassembled: we have our returning line-up of Glenn Holford, Josh Wigler, Michel Trudeau, and Sarah Freeman, and we even have a crossover from the Big Brother stable in Scott Gallagher—but we decided to draw the line at inviting loved ones to blog.