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Pennercast 4: Jonathan Penner on the Survivor Merge

Jonathan Penner returns to Rob Has a Podcast to talk Survivor Blood vs Water

Four Time Podcaster, Jonathan Penner

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This week, the great Jonathan Penner (@SurvivorPenner) returns to Rob Has a Podcast for his triumphant fourth RHAPpearance, not counting his exit interview during Survivor Philippines.


Rob starts off by asking Penner to compare Tyson’s desire to vote out Aras Baskauskas from the game to Jeff Kent’s wish to take out Penner during Survivor Philippines.  Rob and Penner discuss how Tyson Apostol has taken a dominant position in the game at this point.  The rest of the game will now be about how well Tyson is able to manage picking off his allies (done so well by Boston Rob and Kim Spradlin over the past few seasons) vs Tyson’s allies realizing how much control he has at this point in the game.

Rob also talks with Penner about a number of topics which include:

  • Penner’s thoughts on Jonathan’s castmate from Survivor Cook Islands, Candice Cody, returning to the show this season with her husband John Cody.
  • What does Penner think about Redemption Island?
  • What can the remaining alliances in the game do to take control in the second half of the game?
  • Why was Penner so against burning the hidden immunity idol clues this season?
  • Who does Penner think has the ugliest shirt in Survivor history?
  • Who does Penner think is getting the best story so far this season?
  • And what does Penner have to say about his twitter rivalry with Tyson’s girlfriend, Rachel Foulger (@RachelFoulger)

Later in the show, Rob is joined by Sarah Freeman (@ChannonSarah) from to discuss the individual games of all the players and her thought’s on Rob’s recent podcast with Linda Holmes.  Finally, Rob and Sarah listen to your voicemails and answer all of your questions about this week’s episode of Survivor Blood vs. Water

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Watch this Week’s Episode of Survivor Know-It-Alls:

Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • imakescomments

    2 & 1/2 hours, nice. This should last me until Monday at least. A slow drip. :)

  • damnbueno

    Penner “If RC could have dialed down whatever it was that was off putting to her tribe she could have done ok.” — Ain’t gonna happen Penner. RC is terminally blind to the fact that she annoys so many people. She can’t see herself as anything but a lovable genius.

    • Morty

      Penner also referred to her laugh as “cute.”

      Penner and I quite obviously have a very different idea of what constitutes “cute.”

      • damnbueno

        Call it my individual interpretation, but I’m guessing Penner’s tongue was firmly in his cheek when he said that.

    • To be fair, in person RC is very charming. (She came to TARcon while her season was airing and she was a little self-important, but definitely charming and really not at all annoying.)

      • damnbueno

        Oh I’m sure when RC is at a convention, surrounded by people who like her, (and whom she is probably asking to vote for her in the next Miss Survivor contest) she’s very charming.

        But in Survivor, when she’s not surrounded by people who think she’s a celebrity, she was decidedly annoying. There’s little doubt that she irritated the crap out of Abi-Maria, Pete, Artis and Lisa.

        But the fact that in a convention atmosphere, YOU even saw her as a little self-important really says it all for me. Her feeling of self-importance is what turned off her tribemates in the first place. If she comes off that way in a convention, its proof positive she’s just not aware of how off-putting she is.

        • yeah, she brought along a bodyguard. Anyone who’s ever been to TARCon will understand the humor in that.

        • BogDa

          I still can’t see her as the first boot. I still think Laura M would have gone first had she been there. RC is really good in challenges.

          • damnbueno

            Oh I have no idea when RC would get booted.

            And as we’ve seen this season, a lot of people have become targeted because of something their loved one did or might do, so RC’s father’s actions might have come into play too.

            But there’s no doubt in my mind that RC would annoy the crap out of her tribemates. She wouldn’t realize what she was doing wrong either, and that would contribute to her demise in the game.

            Who knows, she might have been temporarily saved in the members switch, but no doubt she’d annoy the crap out of her new tribemates too. I suppose if her father is very endearing, and made some solid relationships, he could help keep her around for a while though.

  • Michael Norris

    Tina, Katie, and Vytas might only need to flip one pair, if they can convince, let’s say Laura and Ciera, to initiate a vote split. Then it can be 5-3-2, or something like that.

    • Jouni Knuutinen

      Tina and Katie just voted for Ciera and Vytas voted for Laura. Ciera and Laura are not likely to flip anytime soon. Hayden and Caleb are more likely, but Tina should basically promise them both a spot in the final. As it stands now I think it’s obvious Tina wants to go to the FTC with Katie.

      I’m really starting to think that Tina should sacrifice Katie just to salvage her own game. As a pair they seem too dangerous.

  • Todd From Aus

    Sorry Penner. I do not think it is possible to vote someone off without them taking it badly. That is survivor. I like you Penner but sometimes you have to be cut throat.

    Maybe you needed to be more cut throat yourself?

    • Kevin Wong

      I dunno, Aras seemed to take the blindside pretty well.

      • damnbueno

        So did Andrea last season. And she had an Idol.

      • Todd From Aus

        You got that from 30 seconds that we saw of him? lol I truly doubt anybody is happy about being voted off

        • Kevin Wong

          Todd – Apologies in advance if I use slang that means something else entirely in Australia (I assume you’re from Australia and not Austria?)

          Well no, I doubt he was happy about getting booted – as you say, no one should be. But that does not necessarily equate to taking the boot badly. To take it badly you might treat your boot as a personal affront (I think Kat might be a good example of this). But if you dissociate real life with game life you tend to treat the boot a bit more analytically – even if it’s a blindside and you’re surprised by the results.

          If Aras were to take the boot badly he wouldn’t be slapping people on the back and saying “well played” etc. And consider the source of the comment: Jonathan Penner practically danced off the Tribal Council set on Philippines. If that was taking his boot badly then his taking a boot well is probably a Broadway number.

          • Todd From Aus

            Hey man I’m not argue to much with this. But yes he did seem happy, and so did Jonathon Penner when he was voted off. But please do me a favour….

            Go and watch Penner getting voted out, and then watch how he acts at final tribal. Because he was COMPLETELY bitter and pissed towards both Lisa and Michael Skupin. I was actually completely gob smacked as to why he was so nasty towards Lisa, even going so far as outing her acting career, which had nothing to do with survivor.

            So trust me at that stage (post merge) people will be bitter. And yes it is Australia mate ! G day

          • Kevin Wong

            You seem to be mashing the vote off with Final Tribal Council, and in this case I don’t think it applies.

            When Penner was voted off, we saw a man who was happy with his game and his experience. This is the key point – this was how he felt about HIS game. He played the way he wanted to (even if some of it was puzzling). Could he have been playing a role and fooling us all? Possibly. But at that juncture, what would be the point?

            At Final Tribal Council, it’s no longer about Penner’s game, but how he perceived the gameplay of the three finalists based on his experience and that of others at Ponderosa. Getting bitter and angry about this I can get behind, but perhaps Jonathan is in the minority in that he perceives that it IS about those final three and not about how he got booted out.

            So I still think it’s possible to not be angry about getting voted out. And being a bitter juror is not necessarily a direct result of being booted.

          • Todd From Aus

            I truly do not believe anybody getting voted out is happy. Penner may be happy with how he played and happy with his own game (that is my key point) but that doesn’t mean he is happy with the people that voted him out. Of corse he is happy with his game.

            My whole point is that he is not happy about how others played.

  • Ron

    Poll questions… it’s hard enough to avoid the spoilers that people like to blab in your your chat room, Rob. Please don’t invite people to use the weekly poll to dump spoilers.

    • Hey Ron, I hear what you’re saying. This week wasn’t a very creative question for me but I firmly believe that most of our audience is UN-spoiled so I don’t think if a few spoiled people voted it would throw us too far off. Plus, it’s not like there is a prize for getting the right answer, so I’m a bit unsure why a spoiled person would feel compelled to vote in the poll unless they were just trying to boost the confidence of the entire audience of RHAP voters.

  • Mary Carmen

    Great interview with Penner…he never disappoints. And I am not just throwing spitballs

  • Rafiboi

    “Kasama” is Filipino word for comrade. I agree with Sarah, they chose Tadhana Beach for the merged tribe simply because it’s the more cinematic setting. That’s just it.

  • bob

    rob…can u ask what stephens problem with aras is??? It seems like he just started to throw hate his way for no reason! Unless they never really got along to begin with. Plus it isn’t odd ud(aras was just messing with you!)

    • Nadia

      I finally just googled it, and there’s tons of variation but multiple pronunciation/baby name sites agreed with Rob’s version more than the version we hear on the show. But I’m sure Rob will be asking him again, lol.

  • Nick Fishman

    Wow, the first question and praise from Penner, life fulfilled

  • Stephen

    Is it possible that the Penner/Rachel feud is actually a Penner/Tyson feud and Tyson is just using Rachel’s twitter account? A lot of Rachel’s tweets seem like the sort of thing Tyson would say.

    • Dave L

      If Rachel was bothered by the things Tyson said, she wouldn’t be with him. Tyson routinely makes rude comments (he was even talking rudely to Rachel during their pregame interview) so I’m not surprised to hear Rachel speaking rudely to Penner. She certainly is ill equiped in a battle of wits vs. Penner. Given her inability to follow Tyson in his pregame interview, I’m not sure she realized that Penner was not insulting Tyson persay, he was just making light of a situation.

  • Kathy Rocco

    I always love a good “PennerCast” :)

  • Singtoast

    Great points re:sexism by Sarah Freeman on this podcast! She completely hit the nail on the head with regards to the portrayal of women on Survivor and why it’s a problem. I think that people often go on the defensive when there is any accusations of sexism and it is good to hear a reasoned and sensible approach to it!

    • Mike Magas

      The only issue I have when it comes to the sexism talk is often we hit the nail so hard it goes the other way. We ignore any sexism towards males and often hold up women as powerful and what we want yet they are often saying sexist things.

      so it’s a problem but often one that seems to have a proposed situation that is more reversal vs. equality.

      • dsharden

        Really? You want to go there? “we ignore the sexism towards males’? Do you think males don’t get enough attention and are put in minority status based on their gender, while on Survivor.
        Just don’t hit the nail that it goes the wrong way on women issues.

        • Mike Magas

          we do

          example take sophie

          sophie gets away with crapping on every male she is asked about with nothing nice to say

          Fincer craps on laura hes sexist
          Reynold says our girls are weak (when THEY ARE) hes sexist

          My point is women get away with saying a lot of anti male stuff and are never taken to task about it, if you want to eliminate gender roles and sexism you do have to look at both sides of the coin

          Is sexist against women more prevalent and more serious? YES but you can’t ignore the other side of the coin

          • dsharden

            YOu are right…I misunderstood your post. I thought you were speaking about life not just Survivor. I felt Sophie was bitter because many did not think she deserved the win. Don’t remember much of her interviews but the only thing I took out of it was being very defensive about her win.

            While listening to the podcast w/ Penner and then Sarah Freeman, the q

          • Mike Magas

            I’m talking more recent interviews

            For example when asked about Malcolm all negative, when asked about Cochrane all negative, when asked about any male castmate all negative.

            The irony is if shes defensive with people saying she did not deserve to win, completely character assassinating who you beat doesn’t help you, it devalues your win further.

          • dsharden

            I’m one of those (as I say in a whisper) that didn’t pay too much attention to her during her season. i just didn’t see incredible play. I haven’t paid attention to her interviews and don’t remember hearing them

            I will say I am glad she wasn’t on the Linda Holmes pod cast, because I think the conversation would have gone overboard. I loved the way Linda Holmes put her thoughts out.

          • Mike Magas

            You are in the minority with that wish though.

            My point is, having a podcast that discusses gender issues and sexism should involve a male and female survivor but much like a sexist sounding male survivor would be counter productive, so is a sexist sounding female survivor.

            Not saying Sophie is sexist but the fact she can’t compliment a male survivor ever it seems tends to show at the very least a strong preference that could lead to counter productive argument.

            Basically I’m saying that much like Shannon Elkins would be a really bad male to have in the discussion so would Sophie Clark

          • dsharden

            No, i would have loved a female on that panel especially since Stephen “shoehorned his way in ‘, i just don’t think it should have been Sophie. Kim would have been a better choice. Having both Rob & Stephen was awkward but i the interview. To me, Stephen sort of when straight at her a couple of times that make me cringe. She took it like a champ though.

          • Mike Magas

            Kim and Denise stand out as to I would really like to see in this debate along with some male winners.

            Cochrane and JT seem good options, Cochrane can speak to the somewhat marginalized males, basically the males that seem to be given marginal consideration while JT can speak to the Probst guy to a certain extent the alpha male.

            I think that would be a conversation that could very much move this issue ahead.

          • dsharden

            Denise and Cochrane would be a dream pair to talk about these issues. Both very intelligent with the humor needed to make them interesting. lets start a petition……

          • Mike Magas

            I would not be opposed

          • Individual Immunity

            Oh, so now you’re doing what you accused others of, trying to produce RHAP podcasts by suggesting guests (a preposterous complaint to begin with, everyone has a right to suggest guests but I’m playing along with your illogic), hypocrisy much?

          • Individual Immunity

            Yes, God forbid a liberal gets challenged on her ridiculous theories! How dare Stephen question her propaganda! What punishment do you feel he deserves? Being forced to google chat with you? Now you’re really being cruel…

          • JudtheStud


          • dsharden

            I was thinking Shannon was a female who I didn’t know, until I realized you were talking about THAT Shannon. He was the worst person ever to be on RHAP. He was rude, crude, negative, hated everyone, and awful to listen to. I hope RHAP has a pact never to have him one again. He is just not a nice person.

          • Mike Magas

            lol yeah he was the extreme that I could think of

          • Individual Immunity

            Are you mistakenly thinking of Sophie? Your description matches her podcast performances pretty accurately other than her lack of a penis. There isn’t a more bitter former player around. Shannon is sunshine compared to Sophie’s ever widening black hole…

          • Individual Immunity

            I’m referring to the light-swallowing dense gravity space phenomenon above, get your mind out of the gutter…;-)

          • Gary

            It’s weird, every single discussion that I’ve seen where someone tries to justify “women are saying horrible things about men” seems to bring up Sophie talking about Malcolm. I’m not sure if this is because there are no other examples or because people who think this way just don’t like Sophie and/or have a Probstian bro-crush on Malcolm.

          • Mike Magas

            I think ur missing a possible reason. Sophie was brought into the conversation by people who wanted to see her on this topic. They wanted to hear her take on sexism in survivor, but she’s not a balanced point of view.

            For other examples of rather unbalanced POV towards women, Ami (Vanuatu, Micronesia), Natalie (Micronesia), Cirie (Panama, Micronesia, HvV), Jeanne (Amazon)

            The difference is no one is holding them up as someone who can shed light on the topic, sophie is being held up as such.

            And my anti-sophie ness started before Malcolm played, she came off guns blazing against any male survivor she was asked about.

      • Sarah Freeman

        I agree that this happens, and it is something I personally try not to do. On the other hand, prejudice against middle class white males has never yet been a satisfactory excuse for inaction.

        I’m not trying to propose a solution here so much as I am trying to get people to think about the different factors that have caused the problem.

        • Mike Magas

          hmm I think i’d like to hear more solution talk but thats me

          If its any help your posts do seem equal handed vs. the tendency of some women to just want REVENGE basically.

          • Sarah Freeman

            Well, I don’t know enough about the making and marketing of Survivor to pinpoint the cause of the problem, so most of my solutions are kind of ‘what ifs’ and based on the assumption that Survivor reflects the rest of the industry in having a minority of female staffers.

            So… Jeff told Hollywood Reporter that his was but one vote in casting decisions. Who are the other voters and what’s the gender ratio? What kind of directives/standards are they asked to bear in mind when voting?

            Rob brought up Field Producers, and I’d love to know how much of a difference the producer makes to the confessional from the point of view of getting the contestant to open up. (I said on the podcast was that Rob is inherently more likely to have better chemistry with male guests–is the same true if the interviewer is silent on screen?)

            Also on Field Producers, how much effect do they have on the raw material produced for each episode. Is the lack of footage of the women starting at this point?

            Which brings us onto the editing… again, what is taken into account when they make the editing decisions. How many women are involved?

            Survivor insists on having as many women as men each season. In view of this, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to suggest there should be as many women as men involved in telling the story of each season. As it stands, it doesn’t matter how many women they cast, because it’s the men who will get the lion’s share of the screentime.

          • Mike Magas

            Very much agreed, having a more diverse staff both gender and racially speaking would lead to a more fair portrayal across the board (assuming that an imbalance is the issue)

            pointing this out may lead to change it may not but I think it serves more of a purpose than some of the blanket statements that are made.

          • damnbueno

            I don’t know about the sexism angle, but the Field Producers are the primary instigators of most player conflicts. They’r the ones who try to manipulate the players’ actions.

            I’ve met one person who played and did very well. This person told me the Field Producers try to instigate fights, try to help the players they think will be good for ratings, and purposely withhold info from those they think are boring.

            An example this person gave me involved the Idol. The Producer asked “Do you think player X might have the Idol? Player X was away from camp a long time weren’t they? What plan would you use against player X if you found out they did have the Idol?”

            They didn’t ask those questions to a different player in the same alliance, so the person I spoke to believed the Producers wanted to instigate conflict between them and player X.

            I also suspect the Field Producers are the ones who led Boston Rob to each Idol clue in R.I. Nicaragua.

      • Trixie02

        The last challenge on RI was a bit sexist in nature. It would have exceptions, though. Tyson did win it in the past but he is long and lean, so is Ozzy. Heavier, bulkier guys like John Cody or James would be out quickly. Even Laura B has bulkier muscle.

        Supposedly RI has puzzles and light challenges in order not to discriminate. That last challenge could be determined fairly accurately before they started.

        Some balance challenges favor younger people or shorter people. Overall, production does a good job of balancing challenges to avoid overtly favoring any one group. The last RI was an exception and unfair to John if you ask me.

        • Mike Magas

          I expect RI to be unfair at some point though just based on nature.

          If the challenges are preset (lets asssume they are for a moment) the only way to be “fair” would be to do nothing physical and just do puzzles (which would get boring) or other nonphysical things

          Because a challenge involving strength favors larger contestants, balance favors shorter people, the hang on challenge favors those with a better muscle ratio

          not knowing who will be competing largely leaves very few challenges that won’t favor someone.

          Even the fire challenge was skewed to John as freed his pieces much faster than Kat and Laura because of upper body strength, the prior challenge favored Laura since she clearly has a balance advantage over john and brad

          But i see the difficultly in finding a solution really.

  • 8canadiana8

    I think Sophie was talking about the convo between Ciera and Laura

  • mikko m

    I’m pretty sure that alliance comment was about Ciera

  • damnbueno

    Sarah and Rob wondered if the good challenge athletes are always the first ones voted out after the merge. Here are the stats and the reasons given by the player(s) who identified the target for the last few seasons.

    BvV — (Aras) — Gervase wanted to break up the power couples, and said as much on day 13 (deleted scene), and believed Aras and Tyson should be targeted first. The next day he formed a partnership with Tyson, who agreed with him. Tyson rallied the votes against Aras. Neither mentioned Aras’s challenge ability. Vytas had immunity.

    Caramoan — (Corinne) Dawn found out Corinne wanted to boot Phillip after Sherri. She realized this was bad for her game so she convinced her alliance to boot Corinne instead. Nobody spoke of Corinne as a challenge threat. Cochran had Immunity.

    Philippines — (RC) Everyone on Tandang except Skupin was sick of RC, and couldn’t wait to get rid of her. Pete and Malcolm came up with the split vote between her and Kent in case Penner had an Idol Carter had Immunity. Nobody spoke of RC as a challenge threat.

    One World — (Jonas) Jay asked Chelsea “who goes first, Jonas or Leif? She picks Jonas but doesn’t give a reason. After Tarzan throws his underwear in her laundry, Chelsea wants Tarzan gone, but Jay insists they “not go crazy and change the plan. Nobody mentioned Jonas’ challenge ability.

    South Pacific — (Keith) Coach tried to lure Cochran as a defector, and asked who treated him the worst. Cochran said Keith, but didn’t know that’s who Coach would go after until after the first TC vote. Ozzy won Immunity. Keith was booted in the tiebreaker when Cochran changed his vote Nobody mentioned Keith’s challenge ability.

    Redemption Island — (Matt) Boston Rob targeted Matt because he thought he might defect and possibly take Andrea with him. Rob didn’t mention Matt’s challenge ability either.

    Nicaragua — (Alina) Sash had a deal with Marty to give him an Idol if he knew Marty was the target. Sash wanted to keep the Idol, so he talked his alliance into booting Alina instead. Nobody mentioned Alina’s challenge ability, and voted her out. Fabio & Jane won Immunity.

    I KNOW I’ll get a lot of flak for this, but its pretty clear that in the last seven seasons, the first person booted after the merge was targeted for reasons other than their ability to win Individual Immunity challenges.

    • Mike Magas

      Agreed, challenge ability seems to really only come into it when there is not a more pressing reason or as a tie breaker

      In very early season challenge ability was generally the criteria like Clarence in africa, Rob in Marqueases (though there were additional reasons and some that may have even been more important) and Ken in Thailand.

      Challenge ability has since taken a spot on the backburner it still comes in by like i said as a tertiary criteria really.

      • damnbueno

        Thanks, and please relay your reply in it’s entirety to Michel Trudeau.

        I think the turning point on the “boot the strong challenge athletes first at the merge” trend started to turn in Vanuatu when the women got rid of Rory first purely because he was so annoying. Sarge was the leader of the men’s alliance, and won Immunity, but both Chad and Chris had done better in challenges than Rory to that point.

        • Mike Magas

          I disagree, the irony is rory had performed well, he was second in the individual immunity, he had carried his tribe to a few team victories.

          Just because he was fat and annoying didnt mean he wasn’t a challenge threat. I agree the decision wasn’t made based on brawn but looking at results he actually was the biggest challenge threat (kinda suggesting how bad that season was ahtletically)

          If we’re looking for the end of the era of the Strong vote off, I think you might be looking at fiji, it really solidified the challenge threat as a secondary or even teritiary threat but we could argue this all day.

          • damnbueno

            I’m not saying Rory wasn’t a challenge because he was overweight, I’m saying it because he did more harm than good for his tribe during the pre-merge challenges.

            I don’t have my notes handy, but going on memory, Rory’s mistakes were mostly brain farts than physical ones.

            There was one blindfolded challenge in which Sarge was the caller and had to direct his blindfolded tribemates towards large puzzle pieces. Rory kept screaming “Lopevi!” thinking he was helping his blindfolded team find their way back. Sarge had to yell at him “Rory, you’re messing me up” a couple of times. Rory totally slowed the men down.

            There was a pre-merge individual Immunity that Rory sucked at. Chad did surprisingly well, barely losing to John.

            In another, Rory was the caller, and couldn’t direct the men into solving a puzzle against Eliza. The men lost.

            After that was the members switch, and Rory ended up on a tribe with Ami, Scout, Eliza, LeAnn, Lisa and Travis.

            On the mixed tribe, Rory TALKED about how good he was in challenges all the time as a means of keeping himself in the game, but they still lost the next 2 ICs.

            The only Immunity Rory’s mixed tribe won was a slingshot contest. I thought both Ami and Eliza did better in the challenges than Rory did.

            Last season Eddie also TALKED about how valuable he was in challenges, but he largely sucked at them all too.

            Entering the merge, the women were targeting Sarge because he was the leader, but he won Immunity. Chad had easily performed better than all the remaining men, but the women liked him. The only reason Chris stayed around so long is because the women liked him.

            Rory was booted first because they didn’t like him, and not because of his athleticism, a point on which I guess you agree.

          • Mike Magas

            I agree entirely on why he was voted out but some of the women did touch on his individual challenge performance so it was a consideration

            plus the yasur women hadn’t quite developed the same level of fondness for chad and chris that would come later (having only really known them 2-3 days)

            Basically I think you have to get to fiji where the first vote out doesnt have any challenge talk, this is not to say edguardo wasnt a challenge threat, he was but he was ONLY picked because the 4 horsemen would not see it coming

            There were times before that, the first merge boot ever Gretchen was actually based entirely on none challenge factors same with Jeff Varner but from Africa to Cook Islands while it wasnt the only or even primary reason for first merge boots it was discussed in fiji we finally had a pure no challenge talk and since then its been very minimal, while challenge threats have been targeted its for other reasons (social, annoyance, leadership, strategy, etc)

          • damnbueno

            The Vanuatu women were impressed that Chad could simply play Survivor — let alone do as well in challenges as he did — with a prosthetic leg. Julie and Twila got to know him pretty well after the members swap, and spoke up about how much they liked him after the merge. That was also part of the reason they didn’t go after Chad first.

            The women disliked Sarge because most of them agreed with Ami’s suspicion that he was sexist. They disliked Rory because he was annoying. That’s why those guys were their first two targets.

            Almost all of the women’s votes that season were personality-based. Dolly was an indecisive swing vote, but Mia got into fights, Travis got booted for showing loyalty to the men, and Lisa got booted because she said something (I really wish I could remember what it was) that angered Ami and made her suspicious.

            Then after the merge, Chad and Chris stayed around mostly because the women liked them. Then Chris flipped the script when he got LeAnn blindsided.

            I really don’t think the women suddenly changed their voting motives at the merge because they thought Rory would go on an Immunity streak.

          • Mike Magas

            I agree im just saying they discussed it during their targetting thus I keep in the challenge performance factor era

            The irony is they liked chris despite the fact he may have been the most sexist of the men in his own way (confidence he could control the women, etc)

            go figure i guess

          • damnbueno

            Chris might have been the most sexist, but he sure as hell didn’t show that side to the women. Except for Ami, they all loved the guy. Julie didn’t even know he was behind her blindside until the reunion.

            Most of his “sexist” statements about being able to control them were made in confessional anyway. The women didn’t see them until the show aired, months after he made them.

          • Mike Magas

            Oh I know, Chris to me is truly one of the best winners of all time for a tremendous comeback while keeping any thoughts that could have lend to trouble to confessionals.

            A text book example for playing from behind for any future survivor.

          • damnbueno

            Yeah, Chris is in my top ten for sure.

  • Rachel Wagner

    Enjoyed the podcast. Especially the survivor karaoke! That was hilarious.

  • Nick Fishman

    Karaoke all the way, Rob.

  • Narborg

    I loved “Why did Tyson Screw Aras!” I think that if you win a podcast award, you should have to audition for something like X Factor/American Idol with that song. That would be be the funniest thing ever.

  • JudtheStud

    Rob, if that song doesn’t win it for you, nothing will! ROFLMAO!

  • mikepogi08

    There’s a new “feud” brewing, Aras vs Stephen Fishbach.

    • dsharden

      tell me more….

    • Sarah Freeman

      I totally meant to bring that up if it wasn’t mentioned–and of course, I completely forgot. Something for the Know It Alls podcast.

  • RipVannaWinkle

    Why did Monica think final five was a bad thing? She would have been the swing vote between two couples.

    • Mike Magas

      she seemed to dislike being told she was 5 and wanted a better deal (ie final 3 with tyson and gervase)

      yes the swing vote would have been powerful but the way it was worded is off putting

    • BogDa

      So Monica would be in a great position to go to the end and sit next to Aras/Vyatas or Tina/Katie. Where she gets no votes to win. Tina would win and Aras or Vytas would win. She made a really smart move this week.

      • BobbyKe

        Not like she’d be able to beat either Tyson or Gervase either though

        Getting to the Final 3 is easier with 2 couples who will target each other at 4/5 then playing middle woman to Tyson/Gervase. But anyway in either scenario, I don’t see how someone like Monica can win

  • belinda

    If they ever have a 30 person ‘legends’ season, I would suggest musical chairs as the first challenge. 😀

    • Dave L

      I’m pretty sure Hatch would play that one naked.

      • Kevin Wong

        If it’s a 30-person season, I’ve got two words:

        Royal Rumble.

  • Nick Fishman

    can someone link just Rob’s karaoke so i can make it my ringtone?

  • Nick Fishman

    As far as poll questions ideas go, you could poll about guesses for fan favorite, best jury question asker, or maybe tease the next podcast guess by putting 5 names and have listeners guess who it will be.

  • Ron

    The best shirt? I vote for RC’s bikini top… (ok, not technically a shirt, but still)

    • BogDa

      Billy Garcia hands down.

    • Trixie02

      The sweater vest.

  • Micaela Howard


  • Rubicon

    Rob, Sarah Freeman was great on the show. I would love to hear Michael Trudeau on a podcast.

  • Dave L

    If I had to be stuck on a desert island with one person, I’d probably choose Penner. The guy is so intelligent and witty and I’m sure he could wax poetry about sand everyday.. And I’m sure he’d immediately tell me I was a baffoon for not picking a more aesthetic option.

  • leConnard

    Penner is a catch of a guest. Always enjoy his lack of subtlety in both his game play and his insight. His comment of RC’s cute but annoying laugh was right on.

  • BogDa

    Sarah Freeman’s mount rushmore comments were super AWKWARD as Danielle Denato would say. Not very fair I think. Rob is right that most of the female survivors have better things to do that spend hours talking about the game on a podcast. The only ones I can think of who might be contenders are almost never brought on the show —Eliza and Jerri —two guests we are long over due for.

    • Sarah Freeman

      It was a totally unfair question, and Rob was a very good sport for putting up with it (I did not warn him in advance). The reason I asked it was to prove that the same case for sexism that is often made against Jeff can be made against anybody. Rob certainly isn’t a sexist, but he has the same gender and cultural biases that we all do.

      Your statement about female survivors having better things to do is equally applicable to male survivors by the way… I would hazard that male survivors, as a very general rule, might enjoy talking to Rob more, but Rob seems to get a pretty good ratio of male to female guests anyway.

      • Morty

        I disagree.
        I think Probst flat-out undervalues female contestants in comparison to males on a routine basis. Simply being more comfortable with other guys may be the more benign bias that you speak of, but assigning less value to a class of people based on gender is sexism. I see Probst doing the latter.

        • BogDa

          I agree. Jeff is overtly sexist spanning many seasons. It is pretty obvious at this point. The latest example being sending Laura out before John at RI.

          • taylor

            It’s hard to say that is *overt* sexism. It may be obvious to you (and me, and many other viewers) but I think we have to see that there is a nuance to what is happening here, which makes it even more complicated to discuss.

      • Gary

        I thought it was a good question, and one that needed to be explored, for the reasons you cite.

  • Tammy L. Nelson

    I love Tyson’s bun! He’s done it a few times, and it’s LOL. Is it a gimme to Coach?

    • BigDan


      • Trixie02

        His updo hairstyle.

  • Thomas Leeming


  • leConnard

    yech, more sexism nonsense. Sarah, if you want more women-centric podcasts, start your own. You’re a stay at home mom, you got the time. Rob is doing a fine job.

    And before anyone labels me as some misogynist creep, note that I’m a regular listener of Alison Rosen and Your Mom’s House podcasts. Yes that statement might be equivalent to saying “I’m not racist, I have black friends” but I’m sticking to my guns in saying that this implied conspiracy of ‘the patriarchy’ is nonsense.

    • Sarah Freeman

      I am a writer, not a speaker. It is fun coming on the podcast once in a while, but it would be a major source of stress for me if I had to do it every week. Also, I hate to break the illusion, but the stay at home mum thing is precisely why I don’t have the time.

      In my experience though, there is no glass ceiling for women who want to podcast or blog, and I would love to see more of them doing it. Rob does do a great job of getting female guests on the show, and one thing I meant to mention, but forgot, is that Corinne’s return last season was probably better received (at least among the online community) because of her RHAP appearances. So that is helping the memorable women cause right there!

      All that said, do you really think that women are represented fairly on Survivor and given an equal amount of attention to the men? That there is no under representation of women in media? proves otherwise for the latter, and I am pretty sure I can crunch some numbers for you for the former.

      • Morty

        Some posts aren’t worth the time it takes to respond, Sarah.

        • Trixie02

          We’re unloved now.

          • BigDan

            you two are my favourite ladies here!

          • Morty

            You do mean Sarah and Trixie, right?
            I’m as macho a manly, dudely man as one can be!

            I mean, yes, there is that thing about occasionally donning ladies undies, but still….

          • BigDan

            Yes Morty, I was referring to Sarah and Trixie. Sarah’s an awesome blogger and Trixie’s comments keep life interesting here.

          • Trixie02

            You poor, dear man.

          • Morty


          • Trixie02

            You always say the nicest things! Thanks!

            Looks like my family visit moment will not take place unless Aras gets back in the game. I want Vytas to “Dietz” him and not allow him to see his mother, but let others see their loved ones instead. Mean? Yes, but he whined so much after Terry chose his wife and Boston.

    • Dave L

      If you didn’t want us to label you as a misogynist creep, perhaps you shouldn’t have started by telling a woman that because she’s a stay at home mom she doesn’t have a real job, and then bossing her around and telling her what to do (while completely ignoring that Rob was the one that chose to have her own his show, and she was just a guest). How you don’t immediately see the hypocrisy in your own statements is beyond me. Wow!

      • dsharden


    • Trixie02

      It’s so hard to take you seriously with that username, but I’ll try.

      • Morty

        I’d find it hard to take him seriously regardless of his user name, but I’ll give him credit for having one that’s apt.

  • Trixie02

    I love spelling bees, but I’ll still vote for 2 categories until Nov.15th!

  • finsburysghost

    More Penner !!!

    No one is less underable to bring insight to the pod than Penner.
    Greatest player to never crack the top 7 indeed.

    It will be very interesting to see how the tribe fractures next week. I don’t think think pairing are very clear beyond Tyson-Gervais, Tina-Katie-maybe Vitas, Laura-Cierra.
    I think the smart move for the “majority” is to put Vitas on RI (glad to hear Penner hates it too) with Aras. Next choice would be Tina.

    I would like to see Hayden take initiative next episode. I think it’s a mistake people are sleeping on him to date.

  • BobbyKe

    Hmm, I’m starting to think based on Ciera’s comments about her mom in this episode, that it wouldn’t be surprising if she eventually turns on her mom & gets her voted out. Ciera definitely knows that Laura doesn’t help her game & would rather play as an individual. Maybe Final 8 or 7 if she’s going to do it. Will need to see more to determine whether it could happen or not, but it’s definitely something that this episode made me start to think about

  • Liam Carlson

    Randy has the best shirt in Survivor history

  • alberta

    Good podcast with Penner and Sarah. I have felt the podcasts to date have focused too much on Aras whereas both Penner and Sarah provided perspectives on most of the players (including the women players, who I find are much more interesting than given credit for).

  • Antony Gilbert

    The wonderful Penner followed by a hideous liberal feminist. Maybe she should just accept the fact that there just aren’t as many interesting women as there are men. And I’m not saying that’s a good thing, just that it’s a reality. Get over it women, you moaning old witch 😉

    • dsharden

      And yet, you love Sarah Palin. She has to be a hideous feminist in your book?

    • dsharden

      And I see you love talking about racism…..Not a Gervace fan are you? Women and Blacks. Any other groups you hate?

      • Morty

        Tsk, Tsk, when you feed the trolls, it just makes them more ravenous!

  • Sage Hyden

    On Mateo’s theory of inheriting the Boston Rob playbook, I think it works second-hand as well. I think Cochran and Dawn come into 26 having learned it from Coach in South Pacific. It’s like a strategy virus.

  • Joe Byars

    Is there really talk about ending Survivor?

  • Nick Fishman

    All that i know is i am never bored during Pennercasts.

  • Lucas Conrad

    Jonathan Penner is MY FAVORITE Survivor . of all time. and his Alan Alda wit and banter is priceless !

  • Lucas Conrad

    and,yes Rob,you are one of my favorites,but Penner rules.

  • Lucas Conrad

    Linda Holmes,views are sad .trying to make a point,but she really can not, something that is ,unjustified,in her own mind,and no one else in the real world, feels this way. =Linda is dis-connected.

  • Lucas Conrad

    *Sarah Freeman,lol,not Linda= well an ignorant reporter,male or female,,is still an ignorant person.

  • Lucas Conrad

    Rob,find someone more interesting than this ,,’woman’,,lol

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  • Tom Polite

    Every Pennercast immediately goes to the favorites folder (for future re-listens). Awesome breakdown of the game as always!

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