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On a special edition of Rob Has a Podcast, Rob Cesternino brings in Linda Holmes (@NPRMonkeySee) from NPR’s Monkey See Pop Culture Blog and NPR’s Pop Culutre Happy Hour podcast to discuss gender roles on Survivor.  Plus, we get an extra dose of Stephen Fishbach as he joins us for this discussion.

A few weeks back, Linda wrote “The Tribe is Broken: How Silently is Slowly Killing Survivor” which created a lot of discussion within the Survivor and Rob Has a Podcast community.  Rob begins by asking Linda about the incident which sparked this discussion – which was when Jeff Probst chastised John Cody for listening to Candice when she told him to give the hidden immunity idol clue to Monica.  Then, Jeff Probst didn’t seem to have an issue when Brad told Monica to throw the idol clue in to the fire.

Rob and Stephen discuss a number of gender related issues with Linda about the Survivor casting process and whether Jeff Probst tends to favor male contestants.  Linda describes some of her favorite players to watch play the game and offers some people that she would love to see return to the show.

Plus, Rob and Stephen bring up some of the other gender related issues from Survivor Blood vs Water including the controversial massage between Aras and Laura Morett, Vytas’ role in a tribe of all women, the interplay between Kat and Hayden over switching in to the game and Tina’s wish that Vytas would club her daughter over the head to make grandchildren.

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NPR Monkey See Pop Culture Blog – Linda’s Blog on the NPR website

The Tribe is Broken: How Silently is Slowly Killing Survivor – Linda’s blog which began this discussion – Vote for Rob Has a Podcast for Best Video and Best Produced Podcast of the year between now and November 15th

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