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CoachCast III: The Dragon Slayer on Survivor Cagayan Ep. #3

Coach weighs in on Survivor Cagayan Episode 3 on Rob has a Podcast

Coach weighs in on Survivor Cagayan Episode 3 on Rob has a Podcast

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Listen to the Podcast:

On this week’s Survivor interview edition of Rob Has a Podcast, Rob welcomes Coach Ben Wade back to RHAP for his third time on the interview podcast. After speaking with Coach, Rob is joined by RHAP blogger and co-host, Josh Wigler (@RoundHoward)

Coach Ben Wade Interview

Rob calls up Coach who is at the gym and pumped up to talk “Survivor” while he pedals away on the exercise bike.  Sadly, Coach says he is now retired from “Survivor,” after his third time, so he may have to retire from Rob Has a Podcast, since it is his third appearance. Rob wants to know whether Coach would’ve kept J’Tia or Spencer in the tribe after the latest loss in the immunity challenge.  Coach was not impressed with J’Tia and definitely would not keep her around, even if she claimed that she would be loyal to the Dragon Slayer. Coach had hoped J’Tia would be a character like Naonka, who he liked as a character on the show, prior to her quitting. Coach describes the episode as “painful to watch,” likening it to the film Blackfish. He says Spencer is the only one who has a clue what is going on in the game, and he thinks Tasha and Kass should try to gain his loyalty.

Coach on an exercise machine

Coach is the ultimate multi-tasker

Rob asks Coach a question from Gavin Costello about whether Coach would’ve kept J’Tia as a vote in his pocket in the same way he fought to keep Edna in the game in “Survivor: South Pacific.”  Coach explains the differences between a player like Edna Ma and a player like J’Tia and says he would’ve voted out Edna if she pulled what J’Tia pulled.  Rob goes on to ask about keeping a similarly unpredictable player in the game when Coach kept Brandon Hantz around in Survivor South Pacific over somebody like Mikayla.  Coach says that he was able to keep Brandon on a short leash and not have the type of outbursts that came from Brandon on “Survivor: Caramoan.” Coach quotes something he’s heard from fans about how his strength or brilliance in the game is evident when you see Brandon without Coach.

Photo by Mar Barboa

Photo by Mar Barboa

Coach thinks that some of the people on the Brains tribe may be “too smart for their own good.” In this week’s Survivor episode, Kass and Tasha were trying to make up their minds at tribal council which made Rob wonder if Coach ever was undecided at tribal about the vote.  Coach said the only time he was indecisive at Tribal Council was when he cast a vote that prevented a tie and sent Boston Rob home during “Survivor: Heroes vs Villains.”  Coach says he wishes that he would’ve forced the tie and sent the vote to draw rocks. Rob wants to know from Coach if he felt like Jeff Probst was pushing for Spencer to stay and, if so, is it because Jeff thinks Spencer will help the tribe or because Spencer will help the TV show. Coach said he can’t recall seeing Jeff be that aggressive in questioning to help Spencer plead his case. Rob mentions that J’Tia also suggested she felt the same way about Jeff’s questioning during her exit interview. Coach says Jeff is battling between what is best for the tribe and what makes for good TV.

Turning to the Brawn tribe, Coach discusses with Rob whether a player should ever be thinking of throwing one of the challenges in the game.  Coach says it’s bad for “Survivor” karma– you never throw a challenge. It will come back to haunt you. Coach says they shouldn’t be threatened by a party of two in Cliff and Lindsay. Coach describes watching the Brawn tribe try to throw the challenge and unable to lose against the pathetic Brains’ performance as “Blackfish times 2.” Coach thinks it must have been really painful for Woo to try to throw it since he is a great athlete. Rob wants to know if Coach was ever on a tribe that considered throwing a Challenge.  Rob and Coach also compare the lie that Tony told Sarah to the lie that Sandra told Russell about him in “Heroes vs. Villains.” Coach talks about the danger of lies getting exposed in the game, but he thinks the “blue blood bond” was the reason this didn’t backfire for Tony.

Rob then asks Coach some listener questions. Coach talks about whether he and Brendan from “Survivor: Tocantins” are similar to Cliff and Tony. Coach feels Tony is much more aware of the game than he was in his first season. Coach takes a question about whether there is a comparison to be made between Tony and Russell Hantz. Coach feels Russell makes his moves in a more intense way. Coach feels Tony is really likeable because he approaches his moves in a light-hearted way. Rob then follows up with a question he had asked Coach on Twitter– whether Coach sees himself as a Beauty, a Brain, or a Brawn. Coach is modest, saying he doesn’t think he is a triple-threat and that he wouldn’t fit the bill for any of those tribes. He says he’s not really that smart and he’s not really that strong, so if he had to pick, he would go with Beauty. A slow-motion tousle of the hair would be his secret weapon to win the hearts of “two people in America.” One thing Coach takes pride in, is that he always knew how to work the camera. Coach says he would like to work with LJ, but wishes he would show more pizazz in confessionals. Coach also talks about Mikayla, saying he had to “cut off Albert’s left-hand lady to become his right-hand man.” Rob also asks Coach the best way to navigate the scenario where people in your tribe are looking for the idol that you already have in your possession.

He also discusses what role (if any) he had in the “Survivor” victories of two former proteges (Tyson Apostol & John Cochran). Coach’s takeaway is that he “needs to touch himself more” because some part of him rubs off on others, but not on himself. He mentions he also helped Boston Rob a bit with Coach-chi… but ultimately he says he thinks he hindered these returning players the first time he played with them. Coach is very proud of both Tyson and Cochran, but says Cochran was the darkest horse which makes him extra proud of him. Coach then talks about Spencer Bledsoe’s comment that he will be the “Cochran that doesn’t suck.” Coach brings up Cochran’s massive Twitter following, writing gig, and extensive airtime… so he takes issue with saying Cochran sucks. But Coach feels sorry for Spencer’s position in the game. He also says he would select Woo to be his assistant coach out there.

Rob congratulates Coach on his exciting new that he has a baby girl on the way in May. Coach also mentions his birthday (September 18) and tells Rob he expects to receive birthday greetings on his 43rd birthday later this year. Coach also thinks aloud about who the worst competitor is he ever played with and settles on Colby Donaldson from “Heroes vs. Villains.” Coach also shares his thoughts on this season’s of “The Bachelor;” he feels Juan Pablo is the disgrace of America. Coach also gives his winner pick: He thinks LJ will win the game, and says Spencer is the dark horse. He thinks Spencer is a true warrior for putting up with the B.S. from his tribe, and that the remaining women, Kass and Tasha, on his tribe are two of the most moronic players he has seen. He thinks there is no hope for the Brains tribe. Coach RHAPs up by talking about the benefits of Coach-Chi and of securing an alliance early and staying strong with it, and makes a point to let Rob know that although he’s a mellower guy these days, he made sure to bring along some snark especially for his appearance today, which Rob appreciates.

Butch Lockley would definitely be jealous of Coach and all his wood.

Butch Lockley would definitely be jealous of Coach and all his wood.

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Josh Wigler Joins Rob

Rob is joined by Josh Wigler to discuss a number of topics, starting with whether a tribe would ever intentionally “Matsing” a 3-tribe scenario to be better positioned to infiltrate the other teams after the merge.  Josh then shares some special insight into hens and roosters gleaned from his wife.

Rob and Josh then answer all of your voicemail questions, do commentary on a very inappropriate reward challenge and then see what the former Survivor players are saying on social media.

As recapped by: @RHAPrecapper 

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Talking with J'Tia after being voted off SurvivorTalking with J'Tia after being voted off Survivor

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  • Coach retiring from RHAP? Someone needs to discuss that strategy with Shane Powers.

  • Zachary Zarnett-Klein

    I love Rob chirping J’terrible: “I haven’t talked to many people who are pumped up this morning”.

    • LosPollosHermanos

      Why should J’Tia be excited to talk to Rob? He went overboard in his OTT hate for her before the season even started.

      She was plenty energetic on the AfterShow.

      • With all due respect, please tell me where I expressed any OTT feelings for J’Tia before the season started?

        Here’s me talking about her in the preview at 1:29:30. I thought she would do well but I questioned if she really loved nerds and said I don’t like big earrings. I said that I thought she could do well:

        • LosPollosHermanos

          Sorry I should clarify. Basically she responded basically saying she didn’t like that comment and that you can still like nerds without dating them, said this on Twitter, and then you tweeted negatively about her before the season and then relished in it during the first episode.

          I’m not going to get into the game logic of how you are so insistent that keeping Spencer over J’Tia was so obviously the right move.

          • Zack Coffman

            If you arent going to get into the game logic here where the hell are you going to get into it? I think that it was the right decision to keep spenc just based on that nobody is going to want to allign with J’tia come merge. With spenc in their alliance they are far more attractive to be picked up by one of the tribes.

          • Karl Kostik

            Rob never attacks people personally. If he pokes a bit of fun, it’s because he respects that everyone is going to be secure-enough in themselves to laugh at their own quirks, just as he can laugh at his own.

            Rob’s and his friends’ comments about Survivor contestants are roast-like, I kind-of think, in that they are attempts to connect with a person through bringing an awkward or absurd reality into the light. Subconsciously, the goal is a positive one, and it encourages openness and intimacy.

            Defensiveness is the opposite. It’s hurtful and indicates a lack of faith in humanity.

            The very thing you are criticizing Rob for is what I appreciate most about his podcasts: his faith in the goodwill of the people around him. I hope this doesn’t ever change.

          • BogDa

            lol, you can still life nerds without dating them!

      • Trixie02

        J’tia’s answer regarding nerds was that she is one. In a nutshell, she loves herself and is hypersensitive. I agree with Denise, her parents must have praised her too much.

  • I count six people who won Survivor after playing with Coach: the three winners of each of his seasons (JT, Sandra 2.0 and Sophie) plus Rob, Cochran and Tyson. I don’t count people like Parvati here even though she played with Coach because that win was before she played with him.

    Pretty sure that’s the record. I ran some others:

    Rupert (5) – Sandra 1.0, Amber, Sandra 2.0, Rob, Tyson.

    Boston Rob (4) – Vecepia, Amber, Sandra 2.0, Tyson

    Colby didn’t get to play with Rob and Amber in All-Stars, which hurts his numbers. I was able to get to 4 with Randy, surprisingly. Steph didn’t get to play with the Villains, which prevents her from reaching Coach.

    • Tony Morello

      Jerri also gets to five, having played with Tina, Amber, Rob, Sandra and Tyson. She also played with three former winners (Ethan, Parvati and JT), which might be the most total winners played with. I’m not sure counting Sandra twice for Rupert makes sense, either.

      Candice has four not counting being on a season with Rob but not playing with him. Yul, Parvati, Sandra and Tyson.

      • Trixie02


    • BogDa

      All this really says is that someone won a season with Coach on it…

  • toast

    A little disturbed with all that talk of Coach rubbing one off on Cochran, Tyson and Boston Rob.

  • Anna J

    Does production plan a tribe swap ahead of time? Or do they just wait until one tribe is left with only a couple of members left? I was thinking that the tribe swaps were necessary to keep the challenges interesting (because otherwise the other tribes would have to keep sitting out numerous players)

    • toast

      Maybe they have two scenarios set up? A Disaster Tribe Plan, and an Even Playing Field Plan.
      Choose the plan depending on how the season progresses.

      • Alex G

        That’d make sense for challenge production ahead of time. Though the second Gabon swap was definitely unplanned, they had to paint over the colors on that challenge to match the tribe colors instead of have them individual colors in a merge challenge.

    • damnbueno

      In All-Stars (a 3-tribe season) they did a swap when one tribe was down to 4.

      In Palau, they let Ulong (a 9-member tribe) keep losing until there were only 2 left. The same happened with Matsing in Philippines.

      Cook Islands started with four 5-member tribes, and did a swap after only 2 players (from different tribes) were voted out.

      They did two pre-merge swaps in Gabon.

      In most other seasons that had a swap, it occurred with close to even numbers.

      So I think the Producers make a judgement call, based on what and/or when they could affect the most entertaining outcome.

      • BogDa

        All Stars was a “Disolve” rather than a swap. Rupert/Jenna and Jerri/Ethan were sent to the other tribes just like in Phillipines.

        Palau was supposed to be a season without a merge. So they would have demolished tribes all the way until the end. So it played out in a way that a merge wasn’t even necessary.

        • damnbueno

          I put them under the same umbrella — an intentional changing of tribe membership and dynamics.

          And Probst did use the word “merge” at least once when Stephenie joined Koror.

          • BogDa

            Stephanie merged because there was no choice. The point I’m making is that if they had been evenly matched tribes then they would never have merged. They would have kept going all the way to the end until there were only four players left.

            tribe switches and disolves are different. Denise and Malcolm were desolved into the other tribes just like all-stars. That’s different than a switch where everyone is affected and gets moved around.

          • damnbueno

            I think Ulong and Koror WERE pretty evenly matched.

            After all, Koror had 3 of the worst challenge performers of all time in Katie, Willard and Janu. Caryn wasn’t much better either. Jenn was average at best. That’s 5 out of their 9. Coby was surprisingly good, and Tom, Gregg and Ian were all excellent.

            Ulong lost because of a perfect storm of bad luck, sickness, injury, and bad decisions.

            First, they booted an awesome female athlete in Jolanda first overall because they listened to bonehead James, who wanted to be the boss.

            Then Ashlee got miserably sick.

            Kim was totally worthless, and didn’t care if everyone knew. She attached herself to Jeff and wasn’t letting go.

            Then their best male athlete Jeff sprained his ankle and couldn’t continue. After Jeff left, Kim quit on them.

            Next they listened to James again and booted another good female athlete in Angie.

            Ibrahim was a bad swimmer, in a season with a bunch of water challenges.

            But even with all of these strikes against them, they had the ability to beat Koror (and their 3 weaklings) if not for one thing: They were idiots.

            Through all of this, they still let bonehead James dictate their challenge strategy. He was an absolutely horrible strategist, who hurt the tribe with every decision he made, starting with voting ot Jolanda.

            As for calling it a “switch” as opposed to a “dissolve,” I’ll just point to Philippines.

            If Denise doesn’t join Kalabaw, the men might not get an edge on Dana, Katie and Dawson. The women’s failure to recruit Denise changed that whole tribe.

            Same goes with Tandang. If Malcolm doesn’t join them, Skupin, RC and Lisa have a fighting chance in a 3 vs 3 standoff.

            Malcolm and Denise both had superb social games and found their way in after just a day or so. Its a totally different game for one of the tribes if Producers had let what happened to Ulong happen to Matsing.

      • Ron

        We’ve often heard that the season is planned out in advance. I believe this, because they have to be able to know how many people will be competing on a challenge that has to be built well in advance. Still, I’d be curious to know, Was the tribe swapped planned for episode _? or was it planned to occur when any tribe got down to 3 (or whatever the number is in a given season)?

        • damnbueno

          I suppose that’s possible, but I’d think the Producers would want a plan that gives them the most flexibility — one that enables them to do a swap anytime between the 2nd and 6th person voted out, and a merge anytime between final 12 and final 8.

  • susan appleby

    I don’t think there will be an increase in ties and going to rocks without redemption island. Even if Tyson and Ciera would take the gamble, someone like Katie might flip rather than risk it.

    Nice podcast with Coach, he seems so happy with his family.

  • damnbueno

    Coach is a very memorable character on the show, but its hard to listen to one of the most delusional players talk about the “right” and “wrong” moves to make in Survivor. Has he ever had an accurate read on his survivor competitors?

    Coach said “I have a tendency to ramble…” That’s the first self-aware statement I’ve ever heard Coach make.

    He also said “You NEVER throw a challenge, it always comes back to haunt you.” Really?

    1) Ethan threw a challenge and won the million in Africa.
    2) It didn’t stop Ozzy from reaching the finals in Cook Islands. He got “haunted” to 100 grand in 2nd place money and a car in the fan popularity poll.
    3) And it also didn’t stop Cochran from winning the million in Caramoan.

    And for a few more, throwing a challenge was a neutral move. Its didn’t kill their chances to win, or even have a numerical edge at the merge. Zapatera booting Russell didn’t kill their chances. They won the next Immunity challenge. Other factors knocked them out.

    I think it all depends on how well you read the player you want to get rid of. Thanks to Tony, Sarah has an inaccurate read on Cliff, so it could easily blow up in her face. But it might be a good move for Tony.

    • toast

      If Ozzy had not thrown that Cook Islands Challenge, Biily Garcia would have merely been a long forgotten early boot.

      But now we have the Glory of Billy Garcia regularly in our lives.

      • damnbueno

        I think that’s endorsement for throwing challenges. Am I right?

        • toast

          hmmmm… plusses and minuses.

    • BogDa

      Also Peigee and the blond through a challenge to get that guy out in China. Smart move.

      • damnbueno

        Hindsight being 20/20 it was a bad move for them.

        They did it to boot Aaron, and planned on doing it again to boot James so they could remove the two strongest players in the game and have a numerical advantage at the merge.

        But they overestimated how loyal Sherea and Frosti were to their original tribemates. Sherea wouldn’t even talk to them at the challenge after they got rid of Aaron, so Jamie and Peih-Gee abandoned the plan.

        Jamie very stupidly admitted throwing the challenge at Tribal Council too, which meant they permanently lost any chance at keeping James loyal to them too.

        So they ended up gaining nothing, and losing loyalty from Aaron, James, Frosti and Sherea.

        It was a very bad move for them. Especially for Jamie because she got booted first after the merge.

        • BogDa

          I don’t agree. Getting Aaron out got rid of a serious contender for the win. Had they not gotten him out he might have made it to the final four. —-Todd still would have won that season though.

          • damnbueno

            Aaron wasn’t making the final 4 as long as Todd didn’t want him to. Todd suckered Aaron into taking the “leader” role, and like a fool Aaron accepted. Aaron wasn’t very “Survivor” smart.

            Because he took the “leader” role, he was probably the biggest target in the game. Even moreso than James because Todd and Amanda would blindside Aaron before James.

            Aaron was also easy to fool. He thought Todd & Co. were still loyal to him. Todd never once considered giving an Idol to Aaron, did he?

            Throwing the challenge was a horrible decision for Jamie and Peih-Gee because of the simple fact that they didn’t confirm that Frosti and Sherea were still loyal to them. Without knowing those two will vote with you at the merge, the better plan is to try to recruit James & Aaron.

            Jamie and Peih-Gee just assumed Frosti and Sherea would stay loyal.

            How often does making assumptions work out in Survivor?

  • Gene Parmesan

    At 42;00 Coach says he needs to touch himself more.

    • Morty

      Don’t we all?

  • susan appleby

    I think J’Tia was referring to the remarks on social media about how her throwing out the rice was an indication of the morals of this generation. I saw a reference to some crazy rant that some former survivor posted about the rice incident that was over the top. I don’t recall.who that was, but it definitely seemed like a personal attack on her character.

    • Stephen

      I believe the rant about the rice dumping was made by Denise.

      • sdr

        You’re correct, it was on her fb page.

      • susan appleby

        I think it was on Facebook. I just saw it in passing but I thought that the writer was probably not sober.

        I get why people are upset about the rice. But her own tribe accepted it and moved on. I think that if they wanted to keep her after that, it is their call.

        • Karl Kostik

          I read that, and it made a lot of sense to me. A little impassioned, but definitely sober. Denise makes really good points there.

        • dsharden

          So you saw it in passing so decided the writer wasn’t sober??? Who’s doing the character assassination? I can’t believe you pulled this out like this. Fact checking isn’t really that hard. Just takes basic reading skills! Wow, sorry but your remarks about Denise piss me off. You are totally wrong and pass bad gossip.

      • damnbueno

        Which Denise? Super-smart winner Denise, or lying lunch lady Denise?

        • Karl Kostik

          Somehow, I can’t picture China’s Denise (the lunch lady) being a big tweeter…

        • Stephen

          It was written in sentences and paragraphs. That should give it away.

        • dsharden

          Oh my God….these peeps are dangerous as much as funny.

    • dsharden

      So, you think this was “an indication of the morals of this generation”? and “definitely seemed like a personal attack on her character”..J’Tia???

      From Denise Stapley,

      Each week I read/listen because I’m truly curious to understand a bit more about each player. I love hearing their insights and what they take away from the game. And almost always…there’s something good in the mix. Something that make us laugh or endears us a bit more to that player.

      But then there are those times when it just seems sad.

      As a therapist, I know that one of the things I struggle with in my work with clients at times is when there is such an entrenched lack of self awareness. I can recall times sitting in my office wondering…what’s the barrier..why are we so stuck. Is it fear, is it entitlement, is it a sense of superiority…is it me? What?? Sometimes we figure it out together which is awesome & we progress forward. Other times…we stay stuck, like a never ending traffic jam.

      Today…was a traffic jam day.

      What I heard & read loud and clear in these exit interviews was this:

      I don’t care
      I wanted my way
      I’m not changing

      Opportunity squandered…”

      Can you explain where the attack was? i just hate how people gossip and give out false information!

  • ChaosRocket

    I feel like Coach has really matured so much. I didn’t like him at first because he used to be so arrogant. And to be totally honest, I don’t usually care much for Christians- it’s like the famous saying, “I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are NOTHING like your Christ.” I feel like Coach used to be an example of that saying, but now he’s really turned it around and become humble like a true Christian should.

    • susan appleby

      I laughed at the way he said they bonded over religion. But what happened was coach used Brandons trust and belief in that faith to his own advantage. Coach still looks bad for the way he treated Brandon, but he is too blind to admit it. I don’t think Coach is capable of humility. But I’m glad he’s happy.

      • I felt a big shift in talking from Coach this time from the last time I had him on a year ago. I really thought he was very lighthearted in this interview and not taking himself seriously.

  • BogDa

    Survivor Cagayan So far…

    Getting the Winners Edit:
    1) LJ: Out of everyone he seems the most dull, level headed, all around put together person. He’s Yul. But at the same time I wonder if people actually like him.
    2) Morgan: Everything about her has been a positive edit where she comes across as a pretty smart player to us the viewers, but not to the other players around her. That makes her deadly. If she didn’t do well, then they could easily ignore her and portray her as the dumb chick with the big boobs. But she’s not coming across like. Underestimated.
    3) Tony: He’s either really playing well, or playing towards a disaster. Hard to tell at this point. But I’m leaning towards playing well.
    4) Spencer: He’s currently in bad shape, but playing a million times better than I thought he would. Really understated and not playing too hard. He needs to ditch Cass and Tasha.
    5) Cliff: His path to the end is fraught, but he’s so likable that I think he might just pull it off.

    1) Cass: She’s coming across as a bit uncommited. Like she doesn’t care all that much.
    2) Tasha: Determined to win, but she’s being portrayed as making poor decisions or looking a fool. She could win, but she could also have a spectacular downfall. I’m not sure that people will like her enough to give her the million if she gets to the end. If I had to compare her to someone I’d say Alex from Fiji.
    3) Lindsey: We are not supposed to like her. And I don’t think she can win. But if Cliff likes her, then why don’t we? She doesn’t seem that bad to me.

    Looking Bad:
    1) Sarah: This was not a good episode for her. One she doesn’t really have Woo. She’s so paranoid about this fake attack on her that she’s willing to throw challenges. Really dumb when you have the beauty tribe who is thriving.
    2) Alexis: She’s coming across as way less intelligent than she seemed in her pre-show videos. Maybe it’s an act? But her confessionals don’t paint her well either. She’s very attractive though. She just seems way out of her element.

    Zero Chance to Win.
    1) Jeremiah: He’s Chase 2.0. Dithering. Untrustworthy. Unreliable.
    2) Woo: Comes across as not the smartest guy.
    3) Jefra. Who?
    4) Trish: Who?

    • Paul Carby

      Tony and Sarah might getting all the airtime in
      the Brawns tribe because of their overplaying and overthinking but we all know
      that those types of players are not the most successful in the long run.
      Seriously, throwing a challenge is so silly. Look at how Trish and Woo reacted
      to it, specially Woo, I think if there’s people who are actually playing a very
      subtle and understated game, who have a grasps on the importance of adaptability,
      it’s the two of them, Trish and Woo.

    • LosPollosHermanos

      LJ is not getting a winner edit.

      • BogDa

        How so? I feel like he’s getting a total winners edit.

        • Justin

          LPH is right. LJ’s getting the Marcus Lehman edit (or a close approximate thereof). The edit and Probst have not given him any credit whatsoever, and Probst is someone who would all too quickly credit a player like LJ if he were a winner. His idol find was not mentioned in the recap and the Brice boot was centered around Jeremiah’s choice as opposed to LJ’s control.

          In fact I’d be surprised if LJ is even an end game factor.

    • Jouni Knuutinen

      I have to say Morgan really surprised me by throwing Jeremiah under the bus so effectively. That combined with the fact that she doesn’t look like a strategic threat makes me think she could go really far.

      Cliff does not have a winner’s edit at all. Lindsey is also not even a contender.

      We again saw so much of Sarah that she has to be in contention to win.

    • Dave L

      I don’t think we can rule Woo out. He’s getting a good edit and he’s in with all of the action. He’s not going to get an alpha edit. In my mind *if* Woo was the winner…this is probably the edit we’d be seeing at this point.

  • Jorge Alvarado

    Hey Rob, maybe for future listeners, you could put the time mark where you begin your conversation with Josh. I think it’s about an hour in. Sorry, I just find Coach incredibly boring on your podcast! 😛 (If you posted the time stamp and I missed it, ignore my post)

  • Jorge Alvarado

    I completely agree with Josh! As a viewer, I’m glad Spencer was kept, but I think it was better for Kass and Tasha to keep J’Tia because she’s more likely to remain loyal at the merge than Spencer. I think both of them would be loyal at a swap, so it comes down to who’s more likely to sell you out at the merge – my money is on Spencer.

    • Alex G

      Really? I’d rather betray someone that I swore I’d remain loyal to at a swap than a merge so that way the betrayed person isn’t on the jury.

    • taylor

      Here’s my question: why is everyone so sure J’Tia would remain loyal at the merge? She’s already switched alliances twice, when Spencer was loyal to Garrett from the beginning. If someone offered her a better deal, why wouldn’t she flip?

      • Dave L

        I agree completely. It’s apparent that J’Tia cares only about herself and acts rashly. Even if it made sense for her to stay loyal to the girls, she still might not do it.

    • dsharden

      J’Tia was a loose cannon and I agree it was her time to go. Nothing in her story lead me to believe she would be loyal or stable. I’d keep the stable person longer than the irrational, crazy one.

  • LosPollosHermanos

    Does Rob really have his own bobblehead? I’m starting to worry about the guy.

  • Steven

    im definitely a fan of the 4-4-2 diamond
    and i think that coach was brilliant in s23

    • DubbacCforMUFC

      Not enough midfield bossing for me. Prefer a 4231 or a 433.

  • cyh

    I thought Coach came across well. Josh was good too.

  • Troy / TWD98

    Coach was great, he was a lot different on the podcast then he was on the show! (I liked him on the show too, just couldn’t take him that seriously, especially in S18)

  • I believe we should recognize some underlying truths about Coach during his Blackfish exchange with Rob. First, he accepts the film’s thesis with his customary child-like naivete, completely without any of the responsible eye of criticism Tyson seemed to send its way. And second, he introduced the film by speaking about it as some random documentary about Orcas that he discovered, and he seems shocked Rob knows about it. He always gives me the impression he is just slightly out of the circle of mainstream pop culture (Juan Pablo reference aside). I half expected him next to start talking about this TV show he just finished, one about a high school chemistry teacher who starts making meth.

    • BigDan

      when did Tyson criticize? I love when he insults!

    • dsharden

      I second that thought. Although Coach wasn’t my favorite and I listened with a little “whatever’, I enjoyed the conversation. BUT, the fact that he hadn’t heard of Blackish and was caught completely off guard that Rob knew about this film, floored me. After the last year and up for Oscar, how did Coach think he discovered this little doc completely on his own, because “he likes to appear smarter than he is”. That really stuck out for me. Blackfish? He just watched yesterday?

  • Zack Coffman

    The saying “people never change” is disproved by coach who somehow manages to become a completely different person every time I see him/hear him. Coach has got to be a very interesting guy.

  • Andrew Garcilazo

    In honor of Coach, I worked out for the entire duration of this podcast. J’Terrible idea in retrospect.

    • That would be one long workout.

    • Jouni Knuutinen

      My comment about training for a marathon would have made a lot more sense down here. Oh well.

  • Chris Devine

    If Coach wants to retire from RHAP, let him do so – there are plenty of interesting people who actually want to be on this show. All the best coach.

  • Viscova

    Rob, it’s a great thing to enter the weekend and have over two hours of podcasting to enjoy. Know It Alls, the J’Tia’s exit, and Coach himself. Thank you so much for all that you do.

    • Between those three shows, I think you have about 3.5 hours to listen to of just Survivor shows.

      • Jouni Knuutinen

        I’m training for a marathon and lately I’ve been listening to RHAP on my iPod while running.

        The exit interview is great for shorter runs, like interval training or speed training. Know-it-alls works great for the regular 10km+ jog and these long interviews I use on the one long run (18km+) I do each week. RHAP makes the time go by so quickly. So thanks!

        RHAP is not just a podcast, it’s also a training regimen!

        • Dave L

          J’Tia’s interview would indeed be perfect for your speed training. If you are doing your tempo run or intervals at a proper pulse, you won’t be able to really hear her anyway.

        • Kristin B

          Nice, I’m also marathon training and save these podcasts for my long runs! No possible way to hit the wall when there’s a Survivor podcast in tote!
          Good luck with your training, Jouni, and great to find a fellow marathoner among the RHAP community. :)

  • Stephen

    I think people flipping their vote at tribal is a combination of the players becoming more savvy and just circumstances. The 2 cases where people made a big move AT tribal, it was because the circumstances allowed it. Ciera went out instead of John, leaving the 5 guys and Katie and the guys were all going to unanimously vote out Katie, then Caleb can’t switch it up on Brad. At this tribal I feel as though the ladies knew what they were going to do going in, but just had one last chat about it before the vote, in case either had a strong vibe one way or the other.

    I think rock draws will still be a rarity though. None of the 6 players in BvW expected to have a tie going into the tribal, so nobody could convince someone to flip out of it, but rather someone flipped into it.

    • Zack Coffman

      By “circumstances” I think you mean Jeff becoming more aggressive and talented at getting people to rethink the way they are voting haha

      • Stephen

        Kind of, I don’t really think that (at the stage of the season we were at) Jeff would want Brad to go over Ciera. Brad was a textbook Probst man crush. On the rocks tribal I think Gervase did a good enough job convincing Ciera to flip.

    • Dave L

      I think it’s them becoming less savvy.

  • BigDan

    Hi Rob, I’m happy to become a patron, your awesome content certainly deserves it. The thing is I only come here for Survivor podcasts and I understand you have a bunch of other shows. Are you able to break it down so myself and perhaps others here can give you 0.25-0.50 per survivor podcast?

    • Hey Dan, I think that you are not alone in that. What I’m going to do is that at the start of next month, I am going to change my Patreon setup to monthly. So if you want to contribute 25 cents per Survivor podcast (and there are 3 survivor shows) you would just set up your monthly contribution for $3. Glad you’re enjoying the shows!

    • Stephanie Krom

      You can cap your monthly donation so you could estimate what Survivor podcasts alone would cost per month and do it that way. (There are about 3/week so I’d say it’s about $3/month.) But he only ever charges patrons for Survivor, Amazing Race, and Big Brother podcasts…and Survivor is definitely the bulk of that anyway.

  • watch&tell

    About the baby talk: how crazy would it be if there will be a far-future season of all offsprings of Survivors born after that Survivor’s appearance on the show!

  • Morning Glory

    When the show gives us subtitles on dialog with questionable audio, it usually is significant for the future. The fact that they ended the show with Spencer giving Tasha a 100% guarantee, with subtitles, that he will be loyal to her makes it likely that he will betray her in some kind of dramatic way.

    By the way, great interview with Coach! I agree with Rob that fatherhood has affected him in a positive way.

  • Scott

    They can’t draw rocks at 4 – it was a mistake when they did at 4 in Marquesas, and Jeff’s said as much, which is why they’ve always done fire challenges at 4 since. The rules don’t work with that few people, because once you’ve made the 2 people who get votes immune, there’s only one person left to draw a rock.

    • taylor

      Wouldn’t that only be the case post-merge, when an individual has immunity? Pre-merge it would still be 2.

      • Scott

        Oops, you’re right. Objection withdrawn :-)

  • I can actually fact-check a boxing thing? Awesome.

    Duk Koo Kim fought Boom Boom Mancini in 1982, not 1988. He actually wrote “live or die” on his lampshade a few days before the fight, but a translation error led to it being reported in the press as “kill or be killed.” But he was quoted as saying, “either he dies or I die.”

    You can watch the fight on YouTube. I wouldn’t.

  • finsburysghost

    Coach is a classic.

  • Mr. Average

    awesome interview by coach. his self awareness is so much better than it used to be. great personality for tv

  • BigDan

    Coach had to cut off whose left hand lady to become his right hand man?
    This was talking abotu voting out Miyakla.

    • Trixie02


      • BigDan

        Albert and Mikayla had a connection?

        • Trixie02

          I think Albert fought to keep Mikayla, but Coach wanted Edna.

          • BigDan

            oh right for challenge strength. at voting time he said to the camera cmon cowboy vote edna.

          • Trixie02

            He helped her when she was on RI in a duel as well. I don’t know if it was only challenge strength or if he was trying to shake things up.

          • JudtheStud

            Probably both.

          • JudtheStud


  • finsburysghost

    In the analogy to Blackfish, are the women on the Brain Tribe the whales or Sea World?

  • finsburysghost

    Russell built alliances. He had a good read on where everyone stood in the tribe. He then acted like a wrecking ball.

    I don’t see any of those qualities in Tony. Tony connected with the older lady on the tribe, then relied on Sarah to build a majority alliance (if they have Wu). It’s too early in the game to see if Tony can truly read people’s loyalties – he is only dealing with 6, but even with that, he doesn’t have any confidence in his awareness of Wu’s standing. We haven’t seen Tony initiate any destruction – he’s relying on Sarah being the aggressor.

    • watch&tell

      I share your thoughts! I think a lot of people despise Tony for being arrogant, but overlook the fact that Tony is usually over the top during confessionals and not really inciting any chaos at camp. I must admit, I was afraid for Tony when he was feeding Sarah lies, but Sarah bought it… so tony succeeded in that too. As I see it, Tony is receiving a positive edit…

      • nightrider

        “Despise” would be a little too strong of a word I would think.

        • watch&tell

          fair enough! let’s say a lot of people “dislike” Tony.

    • Morty

      Tony wants to be Russell(ish), but he’s too goofy to pull it off. If he is at all like Russell, it’s comic-relief Russell.

  • watch&tell

    Very interesting intentional Matsing-ing theory! It’s certainly not impossible (esp. since kass and Tasha ARE Survivor fans), but I find it very unlikely. If true, it is a high risk strategy because it has worked in the past. If the other players are also Survivor fans and saw how Denise won, then the Brains will have huge targets on their backs, no?

    Also, isn’t next episode’s title “Odd one out”? Could it be that the Brawn tribe will remain intact + 1 Brain? Any predictions on how things will shake out in the swap?

    • finsburysghost

      To pull of a Matsing-ing, the player needs FINESSE. Neither Kass nor Tasha has demonstrated any finesse to their games.

      Kass – I haven’t seen any long term thinking. They keep showing conversations where she makes very blunt comments directly to the person they negatively effect. She has no chance to win.

      Tasha – Some strategic thinking, but lack of execution.

      Neither has the social game or finesse to play a Malcolm/Denise game.

  • watch&tell

    I enjoyed the second half of this podcast (voicemails, etc)… Coachcast was better than expected (and i’m not so much a Coach fan so my initial expectations weren’t too high) But I must say, Aras set the bar so high with that hilarious recap for the premiere… Hopefully you’ll have him back soon, Rob!

  • Emily Fox

    Josh’s wife here to clarify your chicken question re: pheromones, etc. No rooster necessary; the only thing that actually affects egg production is the amount of sunlight hens get, i.e. in the winter months, they tend to lay less. Also, another correction: Shambo holding a chicken by the neck and claiming to be a chicken “ally” of sorts is what really bothered me…not realizing she was doing damage was more painful for me to watch than the intent to kill exhibited by virtually every other player.

    • Morning Glory

      Thanks for clarifying. In another thread around here a guy claiming poultry farming experience is trying to say that the roosters fertilize the eggs after they are laid. As this seems like a biological impossibility unless he uses some kind of Star Trek technology to transport his sperm through the eggshell, can you confirm that the fertilization must happen before the egg-laying?

      • Emily Fox

        Your suspicions are correct – it is impossible. Fertilization indeed takes place before an egg is laid.

        • Morty

          I’ll admit to buying it, as all kinds of bizarre things happen in nature, and I know diddly-squat about chickens. I figured it could easily be some sort of needle-like appendage that “injected” the egg, and the egg, being tissue of a sort, simply healed the resulting puncture. Hey, it’s plausible somewhere!

          In any case, I should have said I “once knew” diddly-squat about the reproductive methodology of chickens, but thanks to you and far too many other posts, I now feel I could give a credible lecture about the process to budding poultry farmers. So, thank Josh’s wife!


    • susan appleby

      Hi Josh’s wife! Thanks for posting. You seem awesome with your raising chickens like a farm girl in the suburbs. Give survivor another chance. Chickens are not a main feature of the show.

  • finsburysghost

    Worst Challenge Performer:

    The thing about J’Tia was she was exposed as a terrible performer in puzzles, communication, and physical. The other poor performers weren’t exposed b/c they were either voted out quickly or sheltered by their team.

    Crystal was bad, but mostly in comparison to our expectations for a track star.

    • damnbueno

      I’d have to think the top contenders for “Worst challenge performer” would have to include (and I’m excluding those who were sick or got injured):

      Rudy, Maralyn, Neleh, Ghandia, Daniel (Amazon), Skinny Ryan, Scout, Kim (Palau), Willard, Katie (Palau), Brooke (Guatemala), Lydia, Billy, Flica, Courtney (China), Chet, Kathy (FvF 1), Gillian, Crystal, Sierra (Tocantins), Dan (NIcaragua), Sarita, Semhar, Colton, Abi-Maria, Katie (Philippines), Laura (FvF2), Sherri, and J’Tia.

      Yeah, I know, where’s Leif? I just didn’t have the heart to put him on this list. He gets so much other grief, I gave him a break.

      • Morty

        Leif’s celebratory habits should be sufficient to keep him off the list.

        • damnbueno

          Nobody bounces off a water slide quite like Leif. That alone keeps him off my list.

      • Michel Trudeau

        Neleh? Really? She won an endurance final immunity and didn’t cost her team a single challenge. It’s really weird to see her on that list.
        As for Brooke in Guatemala, I guess you are mixing her up with either Morgan or Brianna, the two worst from that season.

        • BogDa

          She only won the endurance final immunity because Vecepia made a deal with her.

        • damnbueno

          Neleh won because Kathy flinched when she thought her boob was exposed. Then Vecepia made that deal. Her challenge weakness weren’t as obvious because Rob’s tribe was so bad. She’s probably not the worst overall, she’s just in the conversation.

          You’re right. I mistook Brooke for Brianna. All of the pretty girls except Danni were pretty worthless in challenges that season, so they’re just a blur. Brianna was the one who never moved a muscle in the 3 vs 3 basketball challenge.

          You remember that challenge right? That’s the one you blamed Stephenie for losing.

    • BogDa

      I would honestly say that J’Tia is the all around worst challenge performer ever. But only because we got to see her attempt many different things. No one ever put Chrystal on a puzzle, so she might have been worse. In fact I’m sure there are lots of people who would be a disaster on puzzles.

      That’s why i’d love to see a challenge that required everyone to do the puzzle individually and you only win when everyone completes it. It would really expose people.

  • Wayne Boothe

    Self-deprecating, funny, charming…fatherhood really does suit Coach. A big change from the person we met in Tocantins. Still a bit of a character, but a lot more enjoyable without the cameras and flashing lights (Island sun).

    A friend and I debated the Spencer/J’Tia thing for a long time after the episode ended, and it’s great to hear so many opinions on it. I think either Rob or Josh mentioned this, but I agree that it really can go either way, and even if it doesn’t work in your favor, it would still be hard to call it a ‘wrong decision.”

    Really interested to see how this plays out.

  • afca_oc

    Colby from HvV not drafted???

    • Josh Wigler


      • Sean Falconer

        I was really expecting Teflon Dan Lembo to get drafted.

        • Josh Wigler

          The pressure was on in the moment! In retrospect, he’d fit right in.

      • Stephen

        When you said a player from one particular season I thought you were going for HvV Colby, was shocked when you actually went Cochran. Your segment with Rob was great though.

        • Josh Wigler

          Australia Colby is the only Colby.

          Aside from Top Shot Colby.

          And Curb Your Enthusiasm Colby.

          Aaaaand Red Eye Colby.

          • damnbueno

            I’ve long suspected that Colby was sandbagging it in HvV as a means of removing the “challenge threat” target he wore all through All-Stars.

            If he was sandbagging, it was very smart. He got 5th place money instead of being booted before the merge.

  • Alex G

    Coach was absolutely fantastic. He was charming, funny, and extremely humble. I can see why the people in South Pacific would be drawn to him, and he and Woo would be a great pair. Thanks for the great interview Rob!

  • Daryl Allen

    At about the 25:40 mark, “irregardless” isn’t a word. I appreciate this podcast too much to let that kind of thing slide.

    • BigDan

      cmon bro

    • Morty

      You misspelled it; it’s ear-regardless.

    • cameron

      Irregardless IS a word according to my dictionary…

    • Trixie02

      It’s a Boston classic along with “queer.”

  • BogDa

    Something interesting is that Sarah has not yet outed Tony as the source of her information. She’s going to Trish and Woo as herself with her own concerns. This is the brilliance of Tony. She’s totally bought into this. If she exposes where she got the info then things might fall apart for Tony.

    Parvati is the queen of checking up whenever people tell her information. She never just believes them, she always goes back to the person and asks if they actually said that. She’s one of the only players that actually does this.

    • damnbueno

      “Parvati is the queen of checking up whenever people tell her information.” — Actually, Sandra is better at it because she knows when people are lying to her in the first place. She doesn’t have to check with other people. She’ll even eavesdrop on conversations to get the straight story.

      Parvati does have a good BS meter, but Sandra’s is better.

      And Parvati didn’t question Cirie when Cirie told her the plan was on to blindside Ozzy in FvF 1. She also believed Yul when he promised to boot Jonathan before her or Adam.

      • cameron

        But Yul did end up booting Jon before her or Adam (doesn’t that go against your point that Sandra’s BS detector is better– Yul was not BSing?)

        • BogDa

          I don’t even count Parvati in cook islands. I mean just Micronesis and HvsV

        • damnbueno

          My point was that Parvati wasn’t shown trying to verify Yul’s claim with anyone. She took him at his word.

  • BogDa

    Spencer vs J’Tia debate.

    Arguement: Spencer is less trustworthy to Cass/Tash than J’Tia. He’s a schemer and will turn on them. J’Tia is lost in the game and desperate to cling to something much more reliable. Keeping J’Tia means losing the next challenge. Keeping Spencer means potentially losing an ally to the other side.

    * I think J’Tia is much more loyal than Spencer.
    * Spencer could win them the challenge.
    * J’Tia is unpredictable. I don’t think she would flip or quit. But she could spill valuable information. Although she’s good a tribal council. So this is probably not the case.
    * Spencer is an obvious Survivor schemer but they don’t know the future so going with J’Tia and facing a challenge means losing. So for Cass this is the absolute best choice as it makes sure that Tasha doesn’t vote her out in favour of keeping J’Tia as the final two in the tribe.

    So overall I feel like given the fact that they are destined to lose the next challenge with J’Tia then Spencer is the right choise. Spencer might flip, but he also might be loyal. He might also be able to win allies for there side which J’Tia won’t. He’s a bigger target than either Cass or Tasha.

    J’Tia on the other hand is dead weight. She’s the last person from the brains to be voted out. In fact she could have a clear path to the final three as she can’t win unless she pulls off some incredable move. That makes her in reality a threat to take a spot.

    Spencer might dumb Cass/Tasha —in fact he should if the oppertuntiy arrives. But it might not. So he could end up just sticking with them. It’s a gamble either way but not knowing that a swtich is coming I think Spencer was the right choice.

    • Good points all around. This was not an easy decision and could have gone either way. I wrote about this in my blog for Global TV in Canada:

      • Morty

        Rob, whatever happened to the CBS blog you wrote. I really enjoyed that…Boston Rob! The “5 things” format was concise, and it made for a good companion to your podcast. I know you have a lot on your plate, but I can’t be the only one who misses that blog. I loved the one in which you deemed Kim “a stone-cold killer” in the game…an on-target assessment I’d say.

    • SingingM

      The brain team did so poorly that it just did not matter if they evicted Spencer or J’Tia. They are down to a three person group. They can “merge”, yet the teams normally have a rule; last to come on the team, first to go. The Brain team does not have the numbers. They don’t seem to have the social skills. *** I think that the producers of Survivor looked for brainy people that lacked social skills so they could prove a point. The producers could have picked bright people with social skills, they decided not to for the drama.

  • Paul Borges

    Watching the reward challenge again (Great commentary BTW not sure how it will work for other challenges but for the blindfold challenge it’s a must) I blame that loss on Tasha. I mean they were able to get up the one round shaped basket that would roll once on lift just fine on their 2nd try. You can hear her guiding them through that one. I don’t know why she didn’t do the same with the flag. J’Tia was still pretty terrible placing it on there though

  • jsizzlefresh

    I’d be up for a Chicken Cast haha. Chicken George, Chicken from Survivor: China, and Josh’s wife all on RHAP. Just talk about chickens for 2 hours. Perfect!

  • Bobby Lewis

    whoa…coach with the modesty! did not expect that.

    • Dave L

      It’s just a game for Coach. The modesty is a game. Really modesty is always a game. He can safely mock his game in attempts 1+2, because 3 was so much better. That doesn’t mean I don’t like listening to him. He’s a strange and interesting dude.

  • Lisa

    Tons of comments. It seems things are going well for Rob and the podcast. Thanks for all your work, Rob :)!

  • TheTimelessOne

    wow i did not expect so good interview by couch…i mean tbh i even though about not listening this podcast but im glad i did and coach did great job and was so much fun and very entertaining and as ppl point on even self critical not some ego maniac . Tnx rob for another great interview. so far haven’t missed podcast since the start tho i comment from time 2 time prob 1-2 times per season . And i rly think coach should have won his 3th season and prob deserved it or at least 50 50 with sophie but i feel like he did most of the work.

    • Eleanor

      I just enjoy that you called him ‘couch’.

  • Alex

    I didn’t listen to it. Did anyone ask Josh Wigler why he didn’t write a Wiggle Room blog for the first two episodes of the season?

    • Josh Wigler

      I’ll be writing less frequently this season than I have in the past. I touched on the reasons why in my first (and currently only) column of the season:

      • Morty

        Bummer. Yours and Sarah’s are the only ones I read without fail. I’ve been flirting with Heaton’s this season, but I’m not going steady with it yet.

  • Snappy

    I just wanted to start off by saying happy birthday to Josh! My birthday was the 13 so thank you Rob and Josh for this lovely birthday gift lol

    That was an interesting point about Spencer going to J’Tia about the votes. It would be interesting to see what she would say but I think it would make Spencer look very disloyal. I think he knew their concerns and J’Tia would have run to them with his idea. The only way that would work is if J’Tia came to him with the idea. Just looked like they both didn’t want to work with each other.

    I think as the years go on social media has player a big part in realty television and if you didn’t want people talking about you then you shouldn’t be on T.V.

    I love the commentary and would love to hear more of that. It was really funny :)

    I laughed so hard when Rob asked Josh if he would like to see Russell vs Brandon. I think that would be some great t.v….. But maybe let’s keep Brandon redemption island

    Side note: Brandon is back on twitter

    I love the podcasts with Rob and Josh

    • Josh Wigler

      And happy belated to you!

    • Matthew Bok

      Spencer going to J’Tia would have ended his game. The better play around this scenario would have been J’Tia telling Kass and Tasha that Spencer came to her with this (it being a lie.)

      • Snappy

        She should have made that move. The girls seemed like they were looking for a good reason to vote him out

  • Ryan Joyce

    Great podcast! Coach was great.

    I just wanted to say that I was surprised to hear someone say that the show with Stephen seemed a bit rushed this week, because I actually thought the same exact thing (moreso this past podcast, but in general as well this season). I was actually going to post a comment on my feelings about that, but I forgot!

    I don’t know what it is, but you and Stephen have seemed to be kind of rushing through things this season, like you’re in some kind of hurry. I just assumed maybe there WAS a reason, but you seemed confused by the comment in this podcast.

    I think you guys shouldn’t be afraid to break things down and not worry about lingering too long on any one subject, because for the most part, the people that are listening to you are diehards and we really like that dissection. :) Just a thought!

    • Snazzy Bean

      “I think you guys shouldn’t be afraid to break things down and not worry about lingering too long on any one subject, because for the most part, the people that are listening to you are diehards and we really like that dissection.”

  • kristanmarie

    Three things about this podcast:

    1. I enjoyed Coach’s segment a lot more than I expected to. I don’t remember him being so self-aware in previous podcasts. This was definitely my favorite Coach-cast!

    2. The J’Tia/Spencer thing could go either way but my choice would’ve been to keep Spencer for one reason: they’re going into a swap, not a merge. I think that’s incredibly important. Challenge wins are still needed. If Kass or Tasha ended up with J’Tia on their tribe after the swap, I think they would’ve regretted it because that tribe would continue to lose and winning is still very important at this point. I wouldn’t take the risk that she might end up on one tribe with Kass/Tasha staying together on the other.

    3. During the podcast, I was, in my head, screaming that I was drafting Scout and Nicaragua Dan and they totally would’ve lost any challenge to the teams that Rob and Josh drafted!

    Thanks for another great podcast!

    • Dave L

      per #2, by the same logic, they might wind up in the opposite tribe of J’Tia. Then keeping her would be an advantage. Of they might wind up on the opposite side of Spencer now and it would be a disadvantage.

      • kristanmarie

        I addressed that in my poorly worded last sentence of point 2. I personally would not risk keeping her with any, even 1% possibility that she may end up on my tribe. Yes, if she ended up on the other tribe that would be great, but it’s not worth the risk. Just my opinion and what I would’ve done.

  • Dave L

    Really Wigler? J’Tia is definitely going to be loyal? The person that dumped everybody’s rice and killed the fire because she was upset at her whole tribe is going to 100% stay loyal? The person that has demonstrated that they don’t care what happens to their tribemates both in a gamesense, but also in a survival sense is guaranteed to be loyal? I’m pretty convinced that J’Tia would have turned on Kass and Tasha just based on principle if given a chance.

    And thank you Rob, for talking about about how many times out of a 100 Malcolm and Denise make the finals. It must have given DB a heart attack to hear his hero mention that simulator concept, considering how many times he has insulted my intelligence when I do the same thing.

  • dsharden

    John Cody’s nightmare

  • Meren Roberts

    Just wanting to say I didn’t like the big challenge audio dining crotch hits thing. Didn’t work for me. Too long.

    • I think we went in to it knowing it was very experimental. I always like to play with a new idea. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Morning Glory

        I liked the challenge recap with audio.

  • DannyRaisin4

    Worst challenge performer that returned in a future season is Colby in Heroes vs Villains

  • Steven

    4 tribes was for only episode on s12

  • Matthew Bok

    I can add Coach to the list of people I’ve liked more after appearing on RHAP. Doesn’t appear to take him self to seriously, and is charmingly self-depricating.

    Rob and Josh missed the mark with the live recap of the challenge. I just didn’t work.

    The only really bad thing about the podcast was drafting the worst challenge performers ever and missing Courtney Yates. I know due to Fishbach Rob probably doesn’t want to go down that path, but she was awful, absolutely dreadful in her first season. She couldn’t chop through a rope and was basically worthless in all of the tribe competitions. Yes, she did win an individual immunity, but that immunity was built for someone carrying no weight with a low center of gravity.

    • mikko m

      How can someone who has won a challenge be considered one of the weakest?

      I mean, maybe she wasn’t that great in physical challenges but no way is she as bad as J’Tia, Chet, or the other people they mentioned.

      • damnbueno

        I don’t know if Courtney is the worst overall, but she’s definitely in the conversation.

        Her “sit on a barrell” win in China literally only required the ability to sit stilll. Anyone weighing over 80 pounds had a much tougher time balancing on it than Courtney.

        • Matthew Bok

          Pretty much this and the whole broken clock thing too.

  • SingingM

    Rob should add a Pay Pal option too, for people who want to support the podcast.

    • Matthew Bok

      You can. That is how I did it. Not through Patreon though.

  • Solan

    I too really enjoyed Coach, the reality is his dragon slayer bit allowed him to make it to a third try. He really did play a great game that season the reaction to him when he arrived was less than enthusiastic but he managed to turn it around. Hopefully you can get him on again.

  • Major duke lacrosse

    coach was GREAT!! but I thought the brains tribe is more like watching the 2006 “sharkwater” documentary about shark finning, not so much “blackfish”

  • Michael Norris

    “This interview will end immediately.”

    Shades of Randy in this podcast.

  • Matthew Gregg

    Surprised Superman in a fat suit Colby didn’t get drafted.

  • Michael Norris

    There should be a new thing on the preview podcasts where you guys try to predict who from that season is going to be the one everyone says is the worst player ever.

  • Dave Jorgenson

    If you compared every single Survivor player, move, etc to Boy Meets World from now on, I would listen to the marathon podcast every week.

    • Matt Geoghegan

      I wholeheartedly agree with this

  • Matt Geoghegan
  • Tim

    I liked the running commentary of the reward challenge. What I don’t like, though, was having to sit through 6 minutes of laggy commercials on CBS’ website in order to get to the challenge.

  • cyninoregon

    Why did no one ever address the possiblity of J’Tia throwing every challenge? There are 2 ways this may have happened: outright throwing, and just reacting as slowly as she possibly could just to increase her camera time. This thought came to me repeatedly watching her in comps. The outright throwing would be just like what she did with the rice. Just several more times…. The camera time thought came about watching her so slowly crossing the sand….swimming….and actually playing—there was never a time she quickly raced thru anything. Instead she moved in slow motion, very aware of the attention on her.

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