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Nominate Your Top 3 Picks for Miss Survivor & Mr. Survivor 2015

Click to Nominate Your Top 3 Picks for Miss Survivor and Mr. Survivor 2015

Click to Nominate Your Top 3 Picks for Miss Survivor and Mr. Survivor 2015

Click to Nominate Your Picks for Miss & Mr. Survivor

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Official Rules

1.  Voting will begin at 12:01 ET on Sun, January 18th, 2015 and run through 11:59 pm ET on Sat, January 24th, 2015.  You can cast your votes directly on the poll page using this link:

2.  Voters will select up to 3 eligible women for the title of Miss Survivor and 3 eligible men for Mr. Survivor. To be nominated, a participant must have competed on Survivor during the calendar year of 2014. Each vote is counted equally.

3.  Voters may vote once from any computer, tablet or mobile device they own.  Intentional ballot box stuffing will be discovered and those votes will be discarded.

4. The top three (3) finalists for Miss Survivor and Mr. Survivor will be announced LIVE on a results podcast during the week of January 26th.  On the live show we will count down from 20 – 4, to reveal the top 3… but not the order of their finish in this round.

5.  The top finalists will have 72 hours to accept their nomination in to the Miss Survivor Final Three.  If they do not accept their nomination for Miss Survivor, their spot will be offered to the next highest place finisher, and so on and so forth.

6.  There will be no write-in candidates



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Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • J.T. Abba

    Kelley needs to win!!

  • Dave!

    Keith and Kass, the dream Mr. and Mrs. Survivor.

  • Steven

    Voted for Kelley Wentworth, Jtia, Alexis, Spencer, Tony, Jeremy

  • Steven

    Rob get an RHAP tattoo if you win

  • Steven

    pretty sure that Tyler fredrickson (Who asked a question) is a casting spoiler for worlds apart

    Rob get a RHAP tattoo if you win

    Voted for Kelley Wentworth, Jtia, Alexis, Spencer, Tony, Jeremy

    • kelsey_x

      It’s actually a different Tyler, same name though

  • damnbueno

    Ahh, the Miss and Mr. Survivor contest. Time for “Jud The Stud” and “Individual Immunity” (who are actually the same person with two Disqus IDs) to make his once-a-year appearance on the site.

    • Dom

      Well show that with your vote.

      • damnbueno

        I don’t think either of the quitters has a chance of winning. I just think that if someone quits, they should be removed from the Survivor world completely…except when discussing a “Worst Player Ever” list.

    • yesimsquidward

      do you remember “M” who campaigned for Amanda really hard on the first year

      • damnbueno

        Yes I do. Good lord that guy was delusional. He kept babbling on about how much better a Survivor player Amanda was than Parvati or Cirie, but didn’t have a stitch of information to back up any of his claims.

        And he never did address Amanda’s two FTC meltdowns.

        • yesimsquidward

          Lmao I’m glad someone else remembers. That was the weirdest thing ever how stubborn he was about his views.

          • damnbueno

            He was straight up ignorant.

            Amanda is a very good Survivor player. I’d put her in the top 20.

            But she’s not better than Parvati or Cirie.

    • toast

      The just don’t vote for them.

      • damnbueno

        I didn’t. I voted for Kelley, Natalie and Alexis.

        I just think that if you’re lucky enough to get to play Survivor, then choose to throw that opportunity away, you should have to throw away all the perks too.

        Why give a quitter the chance to stuff the ballot box just to extend their 15 minutes of fame like RC did?

  • Anderson

    Voted for Spencer, Reed, Josh and Natalie, Morgan, Jaclyn! Spencer and Natalie FTW!

  • Stephen

    I hear there could be up to 5 people in the Miss Survivor debate #wewilljustshowup

  • Dom

    I voted Nadiya, Tasha and Alexis & Jerrmey, Keith (I want to see what he does for debates) and Brice. Mainly because Natalie, Spencer and Tony (who I all love) would get a lot of votes anyway so I want to support my peps who might not get the votes.

  • Joben

    I voted for Lissi!

    • toast

      Lisi vs Wanda!
      You know it would be awesome.

  • Maciek Roszak

    For me Kelley, Jeffra and Jaclyn.

  • Jam

    I would’ve have voted for Spencer, but ever since he got a girlfriend he has become a “Jon Misch.” I can’t stand a love-sick puppy. The least he could’ve done is get himself a smarter and more well-built gf.

    It wouldn’t be surprising if he ended up getting her pregnant and there goes the effort and money his parents spent on his college education. Yes, it’s a nasty post and yes, I do mean it.

    Voting for someone else instead. I won’t say who because the Spencer sychopahts will likely give that one hell.

    • Lisa

      Why are you so concerned about who he’s dating? Why judge?

      • toast

        Okay, I’m curious now… I don’t know the gossip.

    • Roxy

      This comment is weird, but I can’t help but think that if he knocked his girlfriend up, then that would be quite hilarious – proving that he’s really dumb and not smart as he portrays himself to be.

      According to his last podcast, he just graduated college so that would be a great way to thank his parents. Still voted for him though, dumb or not.

      • susan appleby

        You guys realize that Spencer is already set up for a fantastic business career, right? He has a highly competitive job that I feel he will excel in. His salary will be among the highest possible a college grad can earn right put of school. He got a signing bonus just for taking the job. On the podcast, he said he was going to use that money to travel before he starts work.

        I have no idea where these ignorant and judgemental comments are coming from.

    • Jouni Knuutinen

      Comments like this are usually reserved for Youtube.

    • #FanFiction

    • susan appleby

      This is just so rude. Why are you so proud of being nasty for no reason?

      • Jam

        Because he’s a pompous ass and his girlfriend is an attention-seeking hoe who tried for Malcolm first, got nowhere, and broke up with her boyfriend to get in with Spencer who is another reality TV loser!

        • damnbueno

          I’m not sure how that explains (or justifies) why YOU are proud, but whatever.

          You sound more like someone Spencer rejected.

          • Jam

            I couldn’t care less about the results of the contest. I just can’t stand that girl being all celebrity-like at Loyola for dating a D-lister.

            She shacks up with him while still on with her then boyfriend and Spencer, who is supposed to be smart, got his head turned by a girl who is built like a 12-year-old boy.

            He must be desperate to have a girlfriend to settle for someone dumb and who breaks up with her boyfriend when a D-lister comes along.

          • Peter John Tromp

            The salt is real.

          • damnbueno

            “I couldn’t care less about the results of the contest.” — the literal interpretation of this statement means you DO care. “Weird Al” even sang about it.

            Time will tell if you’re just here for the contest or not, but every word you post about his personal life causes you to lose credibility, and will probably have the opposite affect than what you intend.

            People will vote for Spencer because they don’t like your comments.

      • damnbueno

        This person has posted a total of two comments — both on this thread. Whoever he/she is, is another one of the many who only come to RHAP at the request of one of the contestants who has recruited them.

        Their only function is to trash whichever contestant has a good chance of beating them.

        I have no doubt this person will continue trashing Spencer until the contest is over. I doubt anything he/she says about Spencer is true.

        These same types of people were recruited by RC to trash Kim & Chelsea two years ago.

    • Keith Dixon

      DaRUDE – Sandstorm

  • FC

    I voted Kelley, Alexis, and Natalie for miss survivor..and Keith, Spencer, and Alec for mr survivor..

  • Lisa

    I voted Alexis, Kelly and Natalie for Miss Survivor.. and Tony, Spencer and Dale for Mister Survivor.

  • ShermanHermanThurmanMermanJr

    Voted Missy,Alexis,Jacalyn
    Alex ,Drew and Woo

  • Isabella

    Voted Spencer, Reed and Jon; Natalie, Jaclyn and Tasha.

  • Go Kelley Wentworth!!!
    Split my votes between Spencer, Tony and Jeremy for Mr Survivor

  • Kooks

    I want the best people for the interview rounds! So any 3 from…



    Think this would be the most explosive/fun/entertaining interviews.

  • BeetlePimp

    Come on people lets get Keith to the debate rounds!

  • BobbyKe

    This was easy for me
    Women- Baylor, Natalie & Tasha
    Men- Tony, Spencer & Jeremy

    I don’t understand the Kelley appeal in any way whatsoever. No real impact on the show & annoying as hell off of it

    • damnbueno

      Kelley gave a great exit interview with Rob in which she demonstrated how big of an RHAP fan she is. She knows Survivor and its history very well too.

      Oh yeah, and she’s pretty damn hot.

      • Chlsea_1905

        I agree. She is involved.

    • Whistler

      Better than Baylor….Kelley had the problem of her dad being there too..

      • BobbyKe

        Baylor actually had a impact on the game. She was quite important at multiple points. Kelley never was. She had among the least impact of anybody this entire season. Can’t name anything notable or important she did. I know that Baylor would have the most interesting debate & interview of any one. She’s be the most fun in the debate if she got in it

        And Dale didn’t hurt Kelley’s game at all. She got voted out because she had a weak relationship with Missy & Jon 2 very important members of her tribe. She failed with both of them & that’s her fault. Dale had his own problems, but Kelley didn’t build the relationships with the right people or enough people

        Of Course Kelley will just go back to her ongoing bitch fest about how much she & her dad hate Baylor & Missy. So compelling (So many issues their with the way she acts towards them)

        • damnbueno

          “And Dale didn’t hurt Kelley’s game at all.” — Aside from being 100% inaccurate, there’s nothing wrong with this statement at all.

          Jon & Jaclyn were indecisive about who to side with at the swap. The two biggest factors in their decision to side with Missy and Baylor were 1) Dale’s attempt to get Baylor voted out pre-swap, and 2) Dale’s fight over the rice with Missy. Jon & Jaclyn also knew that Dale would be less able to save himself if he stayed in the game than Kelley would, so they booted Kelley first.

          While its also true that Missy told Jon about Kelley’s desire to boot Jon next after booting Drew, Jon was well aware of that before the swap. He was still willing to work with Kelley. But once Dale clashed with Missy, that was the end of that option.

          Kelley’s relationship with Missy was fine. Geez, they were in the same alliance before the swap. She made the mistake of not noticing how close Missy and Jon were, and gave Missy too much information.

          Kelley and Missy were much like Corinne and Dawn in Caramoan. Dawn liked Corinne just fine, but turned against her when she realized Corinne wanted to boot someone Dawn needed to keep around. Dawn didn’t boot Corinne for personal reasons, and the same applies to Missy and Kelley.

          Dale is 100% of the reason Kelley got voted out.

  • Brian Scally

    Rooting for Spencer and Kelley to win. Hopefully since they’re both RHAP fans they will be more involved.

    Would like to see Natalie, Kass, Drew and Brice make it to the debates.

  • Dan C


  • Alex Kidwell


  • brook


  • susan appleby

    I wish I could have voted for Woo 3 times.
    I know people laugh at him for taking Tony, but he didn’t do anything worse than Colby did with Tina. Plus, he is gorgeous. I think he would be a fantastic Mr. Survivor.

    I bet Spencer will win just because he is such a fanboy.

    • Chlsea_1905

      I agree, Woo was awesome and so fun.

      • Peter John Tromp

        You just know he’d bring the triple threat of kung fu discipline; surfer charm; and Sonic The Hedgehog speed to become the best Mr Survivor ever.

    • damnbueno

      I think Woo’s decision was worse than Colby’s for two reasons.

      1) Kass was a bigger goat than Keith was.

      2) Woo actually said “I’d be the stupidest Survivor ever to take Tony to the end. That’d be most ridiculous.”

      But yes, Woo would be a very entertaining Mr. Survivor.

  • Denis Fogarty

    Vote for keith and “stick to the plan”????????

  • Michael Norris

    Voters, please don’t deny us a chance for a live version of “Sticky Situation.”

    • Morty

      I nominated Baylor mostly for that very reason. The singer of RHAP’s latest soundtrack has to be worth something!

  • Snazzy Bean

    Please have someone check the formatting on the poll, Rob. I got a message: “! This question requires at least one and no more than three answers”, but I chose 3 from each category. Maybe it’s because all the men I chose were from Cagayan and that left the first column blank?

    • Snazzy Bean

      Looks like it’s been fixed, so thanks to whoever fixed it!

      • Strange…the fact that choices were in two columns shouldn’t make a difference. I didn’t go in and fix anything so it may have just been a momentary burp in the internet. Glad it’s working now for you.

        • Snazzy Bean

          Thanks, Curt. I’m sure you’re right about the burp on the internet. Whatever the reason, I’m glad it’s working and I got my Natalie/Tasha/Jefra & Tony/Spencer/Brice votes in.

  • Keith Dixon

    My nominations went to Natalie/Kelley/Kass and Spencer/Brice/Jeremy. Good luck to all of them!

    • Zachary Zarnett-Klein


      • Peter John Tromp

        Dot dot dot, hmmm!

  • Tyler Sloan

    My noms were Alexis/Kelley/Tasha and Jeremy/Spencer/Dale.

    • Peter John Tromp

      “Noms,” you say. That a Nature Box reference, sir?

      • Tyler Sloan

        No I’m not that creative! Just short for nominations.

  • Greer Scout

    I would love to see the RHAP podcasters hold a post-debates round-table with their impressions of the finalists during the voting period. Seeing what Mike Bloom, Jessica, Kurt, Josh and others think about debate style, content, etc (and maybe even touching on the social media campaigns) would be fun.

    • Peter John Tromp

      That’s a fantastic idea. Really hope Rob sees it and takes note.

  • Zachary Zarnett-Klein

    Cousin Brice for the win! (and Kass)

  • andrew14

    Tasha/ Natalie/ and Queen Morgan
    Jeremiah/ Spencer/ and Jon Misch <3

  • toast

    I don’t get the Kelley fandom. She’s a might-have-been. I love the push for Brice and Woo.

    I think we lack the Big Character Hunks and Babes of last year. No new Malcolms or Andreas. So, go for the guys who will just be fun.

    • Chlsea_1905

      I voted for Brice also, he’d be fun. Kelly would do more than any former ms. survivor ever did. She is so involved in the chap community already so I expect she would be even more involved if she won.

      • toast

        Okay, she active in places I don’t see. That’s cool. Now I get the enthusiasm.

      • Peter John Tromp

        Not only that, she’s just all-around awesome and crazy passionate about the stuff she’s into, Survivor and the RHAP community being amongst her interests. Also, I think for the Survivor fans, we recognise that Kelley probably played the most classically inspired Survivor game out of the lot. It wasn’t her fault that the swap, coupled with the format, i.e. double vote blocks – in other words, perhaps the worst luck ever in the game – finished her game prematurely. The only thing that might have scuppered her game in the long-term – if it didn’t end prematurely the way it did – was her loyalty to Jeremy and Natalie. Don’t know if she would have been cut-throat enough to vote them out even if she got the chance. But I think Kelley would probably have ended up running that game towards the end, because unlike Josh and Jeremy – the most visible “players” who were out there – her game was curved to peak towards the end. That’s what I believe – or choose to believe – anyways.

  • Ciara Greene Fournier

    As always, you have a fantastic pole, Rob! Love you, Bay! Will you come to my birthday party? You will?…that’s really weird.

  • Ciara Greene Fournier

    Tony/Jeremy/Spencer and Natalie/Tasha/Jefra.

  • Legionwrex

    Just voted as follows:

    Mr-Jeremiah Wood, Drew Christy, John Rocker

    Mrs-J’Tia, Kass, Lindsey

    Everyone else needs to vote the same.

    • damnbueno

      Lindsey quit.

      Nobody “needs” to vote for a quitter.

      • Legionwrex

        Yeah but she only quit because she was going to physically assault Trish otherwise. So if you think about it she’s actually a hero. Just like how Candace was a hero for switching tribes.

        • damnbueno

          I never bought that excuse. Lindsey quit because it wasn’t gonna be easy anymore. She had a nice comfy seat on Cliff’s coattails, and had no interest in doing anything for herself.

          Lindsey is no hero.

          And Candice? A Hero? You’re joking, right? Switching tribes killed her game every time she did it. It also gave her a reputation she couldn’t overcome the next time she played. How is that heroic?

          From day 1, I thought Sandra and Candice should have started on the other tribe. It never made sense to me that Sandra was a Villain and Candice a Hero.

          • Legionwrex

            See this is why I wouldn’t do well on Survivor. I’d try to be funny and witty with my dry humor, but everyone would take me seriously.

          • damnbueno

            Sarcasm is always difficult to translate in print. It happens to me all the time.

            But I did ask if you were joking, didn’t I?

          • Alycia Swift

            I totally agree!

          • Magaly

            Because she stayed loyal to her original alliance even though it ruined her game. That was one of the Hero traits that’s very important.

        • Magaly

          I wouldn’t call anybody who is so incapable to control their violent tendencies a hero. She has a kid for heaven’s sake! What does she do when her kid throws a tantrum, hit her?

      • Alycia Swift


  • cameron

    Everyone vote for Trish and Kass so we can get some yelling this year.

    • Alycia Swift

      Hmmm. That would have been funny.

    • damnbueno

      Naah, Lindsey would just quit out of fear she’d say something really insulting.

      But she might stay if Cliff is a finalist for Mr. Survivor.

  • jdsacramento

    Why would anyone NOT vote for Morgan?

    Females: Morgan, Kelley, Jaclyn (Sorry Twinnies, Julie, J’Tia, Tasha!)
    Men: Drewche, Jon, Woo (Sorry Jeremiah and Reed!)

    • Alycia Swift

      I would not vote for Morgan. She is beautiful but so is Natalie and she won. Personally, I think Ms. Survivor should be more than looks. Ditto for Mr. Survivor. And Morgan did almost nothing in the game.

  • Whistler


  • Peter John Tromp

    Absolutely Kelley Wentworth (is there even a doubt?); and then Jaclyn, just for being awesome; and that other superfan, Alexis. Would make for a fabulous debate showdown. Then for the boyz, Brice, Jeremy and Woo. Would be an awesome debate as well.
    #TeamKelley, lets make it happen.

  • Sara Reichenbach Manor

    young lad/brice/jeremy
    lj, i’d be happy to dole out your consolation prize.

    • Peter John Tromp

      That’s a very solid grouping you got there. Can’t fault any of your choices.

  • Jacinta Mary Paul

    i voted spencer, jeremy and woo for the guys. alexis kelley and natalie for the girls

  • Tina Z. Will

    I voted Spencer, Dale an Jeremy for the guys and Kelley, Natalie and Tasha for the ladies. And all three guys and Kelley have favorited.

  • Ginger

    GUYS: Tony, Jeremy, Reed

    • Magaly

      Ah, first person I agree with!

  • Claire Amiro

    I really hope Kelley makes it! She was great in her exit interview, and I’d love to hear more from her!

  • Origami Rose

    I voted for Tony, Spencer and Brice. Natalie Nadiya and Jtia! I chose these people simply for entertainment value for RHAP!

  • tim

    My votes: Natalie, Kass, and J’tia (would make for a good debate). Tony, Spencer, and Bryce (cause all the other guys suck!)

  • Kevin Wong

    Voting based on who I think would “bring it” during debates and thus: Twinnies, Kass, Spencer, Tony and Jeremy.

  • Justin

    Miss Survivor: Kelley, Kass, Natalie
    Mr. Survivor: Josh, Drew, Brice

  • Laurel

    My approach is totally different this time around and i’m way more focused on entertainment value, so I voted for:
    Kass, J’Tia and Natalie
    Tony, Spencer and Reed

  • watch&tell

    It seems like it’s Kelley’s and Spencer’s game to lose, so my ballot is for more interesting debate rounds!

    Kelley, Natalie, Kass
    Spencer, Dale, Jeremy

    I figured Tony will have occasional guest appearances during Spencer’s reign..
    And J’Tia might suck the fun out of the debates.

  • Xu Wang

    Oops I think I voted for Nadia then listened to the podcast.

    Also the poll jokes never get old.

  • JudgeReinhold

    I’m going with:

    J’Tia, Kass, Natalie
    Spencer, Tony, Brice

    I’m surprised that other people are showing J’Tia love. I didn’t think others here would be as excited as I am for more chances to hear her interacting with Rob. Kass gets my nomination for helping make Cagayan one of the most interesting seasons ever, and Natalie gets my last spot because she played a great game and is incredibly entertaining.

    As for the guys, it really doesn’t matter since this is going to be a contest of who comes in second place to Spencer. But I like Brice and Tony, and didn’t think any of the SJDS males were very memorable or interesting.

  • alex haas

    I would love to see Nadiya win Miss Survivor. Please vote for Nadiya!

  • dobby

    I predict natalie, kelley and kass or jaclyn. Then spencer, tony and jeremy or jon. From what I hear.

  • Abbey

    FARM GUY 69

  • Morty

    Keith Nale FTMFW!!!

  • Dom

    I now want Kelly to get Miss Survivor, she hasn’t even been nominated but she is already joining the RHAP crew by joining the Bachelor RHAP-up.

  • Dom

    There is so many good candidates. I want the top 4 to go through to debates.

  • Magaly

    Argh this sucks, we’re the 25th and I’ve only just seen this!! Been waiting on it for a while! I wish there’d been more publicity about it so I would have remembered to come and vote… Maybe next time you should do a little video explaining how-to, that way the subscribers would get the e-mail and know it’s happening. I just hope Kelly and Reed make it to the Finals so I can vote for them to win!

  • Wombatz

    When are the next podcasts about this scheduled?

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