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Rob Has a Blogger: Todd Herzog & Shannon Elkins Take Aim at Colton’s Comments

Survivor China winner Todd Herzog and Shannon Elkins take aim at Colton Cumbie's controversial comments

He Said, He Said: Todd Herzog and Shannon Elkins on the Colton Controversy

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“I’m the type of person when I am upset, and someone’s betrayed me, I speak my mind. And that’s what I’m doing.”

These were not the words of Colton Cumbie on Wednesday’s episode of Survivor but were from former Survivor Nicaraguan player, Shannon Elkins, seconds before he was about to ask possibly the most offensive question in Survivor history. When fellow tribemate and New York resident Sash told Shannon, “You’re pretty much digging your own grave,”  Shannon pointed to Sash and asked, “Hey, I’m going to get this out of the way right now, are you gay?”

I bring up Shannon because when he got voted out in the second episode in Nicaragua, many considered him a homophobe. After Wednesday’s episode of Survivor, Colton is being called a racist by many.

Shannon felt betrayed by tribemate Chase. They had an alliance and Chase broke it, much like Leif broke Colton’s trust by telling Bill he was next on the chopping block. Shannon would later say, “New York is full of gay people, more than they have in Louisiana.”

It was cringe-worthy for many and last episode’s Tribal Council was eerily similar.  Colton told host Jeff Probst, “I’m the type of person, that if I don’t like you, I’m not going to talk to you.” When Probst asked who he didn’t like, Colton smiled and said, “Bill. He’s obnoxious, he’s loud, and plus, he’s a (insert air quotes) struggling standup comic. Like, get a real job.”

Bill seemed to get emotional and retorted passionately, “I’m not trying to make it this whole black-white thing. We just have two totally different upbringings. I’ve been on my own since I was 17 years old man. Me being poor, that’s just my life. When you’re a struggling standup comic, that’s just what you do. You don’t make that much money, you sleep on people’s couches and you go from gig to gig. That’s what I do.”

Watching at home, I felt for the guy. He made a colossal mistake, agreed to go to tribal when he didn’t have to, was about to get blindsided, and now had to hear the man that was sending him home, bash him on his way out.  But while I, and the rest of America felt for Bill, Shannon felt for Colton.

A week prior, I emailed Shannon and set up an interview for later in the season. But when I woke up Thursday morning, Shannon emailed me saying, “This is the episode you wanna interview me for.”  He’s right. Perhaps no one knows what lies waiting for Colton after this episode better than Shannon. I asked Shannon, what he thought of the openly gay Colton. Shannon said, “Ahhh Colton! I actually like Colton. He’s a gay republican, so you know he’s crazy. He’s a great character.”

Shannon isn’t the only former Survivor who considers Colton a character. Survivor China winner Todd Herzog, who is openly gay himself says, “Colton is the most stereotypical gay guy there is. It’s almost like they found him on Saturday Night Live and decided to cast him on Survivor. I personally think he’s a fantastic character, but he’s a real human being.”  Unlike Shannon, Herzog isn’t a fan of the human being. “At first I hated him and thought he was a disgrace,” Herzog says. “The second episode, I thought he was funny. But right now, I’m thinking, ‘Wow buddy, you are a piece of work.’ He makes me want to punch him in the face.”

Herzog has many issues with Colton, and a large part of it, comes from when Colton had this to say about Bill to Probst, “I don’t have a problem with Bill because of his race at all. The problem I have with Bill is that he’s poor pitiful me, I’m poor. I don’t associate with people like that in the real world and I’m sure as hell not going to associate with people like that here.”

Herzog, 27, wonders how someone so young, can act like they know so much. He says of Colton, “How old is he, 19? [He’s 21] I want to know what he’s thinking. Who thinks like that? He has all this life inspiration and thinks he can tell people what they should and should not do. He’s disgusting.”  Shannon understands the disgust Colton is facing, ““People thought I was Hitler for talking about gays. I thought the gays of New York were never gonna leave me alone.”

Despite Colton saying at Tribal Council that he doesn’t dislike Bill because he’s black, Herzog isn’t buying it. He says, “I think that Colton is unintentionally racist. When Jeff asked him what African American he associates with, it was almost like Colton wanted to say his housekeeper. That’s not cool.”  However, Shannon says eventually, the firestorm will pass. “After a week or two, America forgot about my gay rants. Colton will be fine. And he will play this game again.”

As for Shannon, the 32-year-old says he doesn’t care what people say about him, but feels misunderstood. “As a believer in Christ, being gay is clearly wrong. But that doesn’t mean I hate gays. It doesn’t mean I don’t like gay people.”
Count Herzog as a fan of Shannon. “I find Shannon to be one of the most hysterical people in Survivor history. I love his Twitter (@survivorshannon). He’s proudly an asshole and owns it. I really appreciate his honesty. I like him.”

So does Shannon associate with any homosexuals? Turns out, he does. Shannon says, “I have a gay person in my life. He cuts my hair.”

Rob Cesternino

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  • Lol at Shannons last Quote XXD

    • RichieGlanzer

      I thought it was amazing. 

  • At first I couldn’t stand Colton, but after a while I realized it would be awesome if he became Sole Survivor.  A mad genius?  Time will tell~

    • RichieGlanzer

      I’m pulling for him Suzi. He’s a great character.

      • damnbueno

        Every once in a while, if a player who is pretty much despised by viewers actually wins the game, it turns out to be great for Survivor.

        Richard Hatch beating the more likeable Kelly pretty much established the series as a sure-fire ratings success.  It proved Survivor to be totally unpredictable.

        However, Colton has to win over his Jury, not the viewers.  It would be very tough to win it after irritating everyone in the game, which Colton has done with everyone except Tarzan.

        Just one example — do you think if Leif ends up on the Jury that he’d vote for someone who called him an “Oompa Loopa” or a “Munchkin” to his face?  Bill also made good connections with Mike, Jay and Jonas.  Do you think they’d vote for Colton after the way he ripped into Bill?

        I think Colton’s social game has already killed his chances to win it, but then again people said that about Richard Hatch.  Of course, Hatch treated people with more respect than Colton does.

        • RichieGlanzer

          Did he call Leif an oompaloompa to his face? I don’t remember that. I thought it was to the camera.

          Colton’s social game needs work. But if you watch secret scenes, the guy has more gameplay than people think. I think he will realize this is a flaw in his game and turn on some sort of charm, instead of being a monster like he was to Bill. 

          Mike is going to be saved by the eventual tribe switch. He just better hope he’s not in Colton’s tribe.

          • damnbueno

            One of Colton’s comments was when Leif was right there, either “Oompa Loompa” or “Munchkin.”  I’ll rewatch it, but I remember being surprised that Colton would be dumb enough to say something insulting right to Leif’s face.

            Colton definitely knows Survivor strategy.  He was dead on accurate when he said “Having the numbers is meaningless if the numbers aren’t loyal.” But that doesn’t mean you give up immunity when you have it.  Who would Bill or Leif defect to?  These players are taking men vs women seriously and aren’t cooperating with each other at all.  The women would be suspicious of them even if they were down in numbers.

            But Colton knows about as much as working a Jury for their votes as Russell does.

            As for a tribal switch, it all depends on when it happens, and who goes to which tribe.  If Colton ends up with Mike, Leif, Jay, Kim and Sabrina, he’s in trouble.  Colton tried to get rid of, and insulted Leif.  He wasn’t part of Mike & Jay’s original plan.  Kim told him to leave the women alone, and even though Sabrina gave him an Idol, she’s probably more irritated with him than any of the women.

          • RichieGlanzer

            My column should be coming out today or tomorrow. Its a huge risk what he did, but I liked the move for Colton’s sake. Christina could be an ally for him and Bill couldn’t. 

            Lets wait and see if Colton improves his social game. I think he will. I really hope he makes it far.

          • damnbueno

            I think Colton would have to have a monumental turnaround in his social game to win it.  He’d have to give an Idol to someone, and that Idol would have to end up saving an entire alliance — not just 1 person.  Otherwise, he’d have to really stick his neck out for someone, and everyone would have to find out about it before casting their final votes.

            And he’d also have to be nice to everyone along the way.  I’m not so sure he has enough control over his anger to do that.  He doesn’t seem to care if he pisses people off.  You usually have to be more diplomatic than Colton to win Survivor.

          • RichieGlanzer

            He’s already had a monumental turnaround in his game. Had he not had an idol and the guys lost the first challenge, he would be out bc he was so mopey. Now he’s not mopey anymore. So we know he has it in him to change his behavior. He has to do it again to win. But we know he can because he has. We just don’t know if he will.

            I don’t think he needs to find an idol. That’s too specific. He just needs to be able to pull in the girls like he thinks he can. But I certainly wouldn’t advise turning against the Misfits and just joining an all girl alliance. I think that would be a flaw.

          • damnbueno

            Having the Idol has not changed his social game for the better.  In fact it has made it worse.

            Before getting the Idol, yes, he was mopey and whiny, and for a while it made him sympathetic to the others.  Now that he has the Idol, he’s pushy, gives orders, and openly insults other players.  Its as if he thinks the Idol has given him a golden ticket to the finals, and he’s invincible now.  He’s definitely NOT thinking “I need to be nice because these people have to WANT me to win in the end.”

            Colton doesn’t think of things like this: “Bill and Jonas seem to be good friends.  I probably shouldn’t say nasty things about Bill while Jonas is around because Jonas might not want to give a million bucks to someone who trashed his friend.”  “Kim and Sabrina asked me not to hang out with the women so much, so I should stay away for a while.”  Instead, Colton is very nasty about players behind their backs.  When the women told him to leave, he came back a short time later.

            So far, only Colton and Sabrina know the rules for the Idol.  Colton knows if he finds the women’s Idol, he can gain some favor with them if he gives it to the right one.  THAT’s how he can pull in the girls to his favor.

            Right now, Colton, Leif, Troy and to a smaller degree Jay are the only men who’ve made a good impression on the women.  The only one Colton made a good impression on was Sabrina, who gave him an Idol because of it.  But several women are already tired of his whining, and Sabrina is leading the way in that department. Could that impression change?  Sure — especially if he gives them an Idol.

            Defection should ALWAYS be an option to anyone playing Survivor.  You just have to know when  the right time is to do it.  Vecepia, Jenna, Todd, and Parvati knew when and how to betray their alliance partners.  Kelly, Neleh, Burton, Candice, Jonathan, Stephenie and several others didn’t.

          • RichieGlanzer

            Time will tell if he changes tunes. I do agree he cant win if he doesn’t have a personality change. I think he will. (still be a dick in confessionals but not outwardly so) And the idol has made him more of a dick, but less of a moper.

            Couldn’t disagree with you more about Neleh. She left when the leaving was good. Went from the bottom to the power alliance. Mad a deal at the final 3 to get rid of Kathy. She played a perfect game. Up until final tribal when she needed to say why she did what she did, instead of, “I love you, thank you all for being part of my journey.” The gay guy said he wanted to vote for her but couldn’t. I believe him.

          • damnbueno

            With Neleh, I was referring more to HOW she did it.  She thought she was universally loved by her original tribe, even after she defected.  She went into the Jury questioning thinking they all saw her as the lovable girl next door.  She had no idea they saw her as a lazy, holier-than-thau coattail rider who didn’t do much to earn the win.

            Neleh’s game was far from perfect.  If she knew what the Jury thought of her before she defected, she could have done something to dispel that image that would have earned her that one more vote she needed to get the million.

            Vecepia knew that at the merge, the alliance of 7 thought she and Sean were joined at the hip.  She distanced herself away from Sean and Boston Rob just enough to get 4 votes.  Vecepia got to know everyone on the opposing tribe, and that resulted in Jury votes from John, Tammy and the General.  Neleh thought everyone loved her, so she sat on her ass for the 2nd half of the game.  Not doing any work probably cost her the win.

          • RichieGlanzer

            Perfect was a bad word. But she switched at the perfect time. The reward challenge opened her and the older guys eyes. 

            She would have gotten Jon’s vote had she just been honest and talked about the game. I think the biggest mistake people make in Final Tribal is not focusing on the game and why they did the shady things they needed to do to get there. Don’t apologize for the shadyness, but talk about why you did them, and why you would do it again.

            Richard Hatch had a very good FT if I remember correctly.

          • damnbueno

            Yes, Neleh flipped at the perfect time, but it wasn’t just the “Cut 3 ropes” challenge that convinced her.  That was just the final straw.

            Kathy, Neleh, and Paschal thought their entire tribe was 100% loyal when the members switch happened.  Then after one Immunity, that trio saw their alliance had voted out Gabriel instead of Boston Rob, Sean or Vecepia.  They were suspicious, but stayed tribe loyal and voted out Gina when they had to go to T.C.

            Then the merge happened.  Vecepia saw the writing on the wall and started distancing herself from Rob and Sean as they kept picking fights with everyone.  When Rob got booted first, Kathy, Neleh and Paschal figured their tribe was still loyal.  Neleh and Paschal reaffirmed their loyalty to John, but Kathy was still worried.  Sean was confrontational and tried to intimidate Kathy into defecting to no avail.  Vecepia also recruited Kathy separately, but was much more friendly about it, telling Kathy she believed John saw her, Neleh and Paschal at the bottom of the 7-person alliance.  Kathy was listening this time, and shared Vecepia’s opinion with Neleh & Paschal, who still weren’t ready to jump ship.

            Then came the “Cut 3 ropes” challenge that spelled it out for them.  That challenge, and the fact that John, Tammy, Zoe and General were all being arrogant, cocky and pushy (like Colton is now), convinced Neleh and Paschal.  They joined with Kathy, Vecepia and Sean, blindsided John, and took control of the game.

            I agree with you that players should always own their game, and be totally honest if they reach the final Tribal Council.  But many times the game is won or lost long before that final T.C. begins.  Russell never had a chance either time he made the finals because he’d pissed off too many jurors along the way.  Same goes with Stephenie in Guatemala.  The Palau Jury hated Katie.  The Gabon jury hated Sugar.  There was nothing any of them could say that would have swayed the Jury into voting for them.

            Hatch might have had it won before that T.C. began too.  At questioning, Greg asked them to pick a number between 1-10, but later admitted he always intended on voting for Rich and used his question to avoid hurting Kelly’s feelings.  Hatch had Rudy and Sue’s votes no matter what.  Sue was angry at Rich, but she was livid with Kelly.  We only have to wonder if Sean had his mind made up before T.C. began.  If he did, there wasn’t much Kelly could do.  She’d have to hope Rich fell on his face like Coach or Amanda would have.  Rich didn’t have to give brilliant answers, he just had to make sure not to give pathetic or blatantly dishonest ones.

            When going into the last T.C., every finalist should be totally honest and try their best to appear confident and straightforward.  If you look like you’re trying to give politically correct answers, stumble and stammer, or straight out lie, you’ll usually end up losing votes.

          • RichieGlanzer

            I agree, and think most FT’s the winner is already decided. Including Jenna over Matt in Rob C.’s season.

            I’m very friendly with Sean and can ask him, but I’m pretty sure he was voting for Hatch the whole time. Hatch losing intentionally to Kelly was brilliant. BC had Hatch or Rudy won final immunity Rudy wins Survivor probably. I know he was sorta hated and crotchery, but I think the kids woulda respected him and voted for him.

            Russel did have a chance that final immunity, but he needed to own it better than he did. I mean he needed to do a lot more convincing and he needed to realize it wasn’t won.

          • damnbueno

            Jenna over Matt was a no-brainer.  The entire Jury knew Rob carried Matt there.  Its funny because I once heard Rob say he’d intended on taking Jenna to the end because he thought everyone saw her as lazy.

            I’m assuming you’re talking about Russell’s effort in Samoa, right?  I’m not so sure he had a chance there.

            He needed at least 5 votes to win, and only got 2 from John and Shambo.  Russell squared off against Erik furiously at the T.C. after the other Russell was removed by Medical, and the two of them were bitter rivals to the end.  Monica said Russell was “driven by ego,” Laura never liked him at all, and Kelly believed Russell was as much of a liar in real life as he was in the game.  Russell blew any chance at those 4 votes before T.C. began.

            During the season, I thought Jaison would have voted for Russell, but I guess he was mad for being dumped instead of Mick or Natalie.  I was never sure how Brett and/or Dave were thinking before questioning began, and their questions didn’t shed any light either.  But both of them were followers anyway.  I suspect they were either swayed by the other jurors on their tribe at the Ponderosa, or turned off by the arrogance Russell showed at the final T.C.  And Russell had just lied to Brett, making a finals deal that lasted all the way until Brett lost Immunity.  Brett had reason to be angry with Russell, though I’m not sure if he was.

            Russell would have had to get all 3 of Jaison, Brett and Dave’s votes to win.  Jaison was always much closer to Natalie and Mick than Russell.  His vote alone was enough to guarantee Russell wouldn’t win.

  • JackMurson

    Shannon gives the typical religious excuse. The bible also condones slavery but I’m betting Shannon doesn’t believe in that. No one believes their religion one hundred percent, you pick and choose what you believe and Shannon chooses to believe a bigoted part of Christianity.

    • RichieGlanzer

      Shannon is a fan of Colton and says he has a few gay friends. I was going to put that in but that last line was gold and I had to put it in without ruining the humor.

  • RichieGlanzer

    BTW, I will have my Hero & Heel in another story.

  • RobHasALifeVest

    I don’t know why people are so shocked by Colton’s comments. He said he was going to be most like Corinne. This should have been expected.

    Also, have the people upset by Colton never been to highschool? Comments like that get thrown around every 5 seconds. Just because Colton did it on TV, that doesn’t make it any worse.

    • RichieGlanzer

      I didn’t want to give too much opinion on this one, but I mention something to that affect in my next article.

  • RobHasALifeVest

    This is great Richie!

    • RichieGlanzer

      Thanks RHALV! Appreciate it.

  • Gregorian

    “He makes me want to punch him in the face.”
    I keep reading comments similar to that around the net.
    People may hate Russell or Phillip or even Shannon, but Colton seems to generate that unique desire in people like no one else has before.

    People want to punch him in the face and see his nose bleed.

  • I can’t believe Colton is a gay Republican.  Doesn’t he realize Republicans hate gay people?  Just listen to any comment made by the Bachman’s or any of the other Republican candidates.  Any gay person who would ever vote Republican has either been listening to too much Rush Limbaugh or has been brainwashed and manipulated by FOX Noise.  Colton is about as clueless as they come.  Seems like he’s drinking all of the conservative Kool-Aid.

    • PorkStoreKiller

      Some people don’t believe social issues are as important as things like fiscal concerns.  I believe if you followed Colton around for a day, you’d hear him blather on about his perceived injustices of welfare than about things like gay marriage.  

      Thus, on the issues he seems to care more about, it makes sense that he votes with the Rs.  

      You mention brainwashing, which is appropriate here because many people have been brainwashed into thinking all gay people think alike and believe unanimously feel there’s a great injustice done against them in this country.  Many believe the “gay marriage” issue is a faux cause that means more symbolically than it does in the practical laws already enacted in this country that prevent people from refusing service/employment/housing/voting rights/etc to gays.  

      Log Cabin Republicans realize gay people are lucky to be born in the US, as opposed to the many nations in the world where they truly wouldn’t have the civil liberties entitled to everyone here.  

    • RichieGlanzer

      You can argue his politics, but he certainly isn’t clueless as far as gameplay is concerned. He’s absolutely controlling it.

      • Wombatz

        Well back in the day arguing that Russell “isn’t clueless as far as gameplay is concerned” might have had some merit.
        But in the post-Samoa/HvV era of survivor it should really be considered common knowledge that having had control means nothing if everyone hates your guts. Right now Colton has a chance to win this thing of approximately zero, which is lower than any other contestant still in the game.
        If that isn’t bad gameplay, then what is?

        • RichieGlanzer

          Michael, you’re not Mike are you? Just wondering.

          There are a few things.
          1) I don’t view Survivor as all or nothing. Before Boston Rob won, he carved out a pretty good life as has Russel by coming in 2nd. I’d be shocked if Colton isn’t invited back, even if he’s blindsided next Tribal. Which is astonishing for someone to make such an impact this early.
          2) I think you are wrong with his chances to win. Look, I don’t think he will, but that’s more math than anything else. I’d take the field vs. any player right now. But there are people that are smart enough to change game plans mid game. Colton has already done that, from being a whiny bitch that has no game play to being a mastermind. WE are in the early stages, he may very well learn his lesson. 
          3) There are people that would never vote for him. And those people he eliminated. He can absolutely still win every girl vote, and the only guy vote not in play that’s still standing is Mike. 

          Way too early to say he has zero chance.

          • I doubt that he will return. Colton is probably the most controversal and simultaneously hated contestant in the history of Survivor but unlike Russell (who arguably had as many fans as he had haters) and Fairplay the hatred towards him isn´t due to his gameplay but it is due to his behaviour.

            CBS obviously shot themselfes in the foot by casting him. Even Jeff can´t stand him which is very obvious judging by the last two tribal councils. The producers might be fixated on ratings but they are not that stupid.

          • RichieGlanzer

            Jack, me thinks CBS is jumping up and down doing high five’s for casting him. Controversial and hated is a lot better than (redundancy alert) boring and bland. 

            The Little People jokes, the possible racism, is all good for CBS. We don’t know what happens next but if he gets blindsided on Wed., he will be invited back for an All-Stars type season.

          • damnbueno

            I’ll agree with you here.  The Producers love having players who piss off the viewers.

            They’re much happier with Colton on the show than they were with Rick or Edna.  I also think they give the viewers a little credit for knowing the difference between Colton’s racist, elitist views and Survivor.  I don’t think anyone is accusing CBS or Survivor of endorsing or supporting Colton’s views.

          • Wombatz

            Hi Richie, I have not posted under any other nickname here, why would I?

            Look, I see where you are coming from. But I do not buy for one second that Colton plays for Xth place prize money and maybe an invitation back. That is just wishful thinking and/or revisionism.

            What he does is trying to win but failing miserably by doing the same mistake as Russell Hantz. Except Colton does the mistake even more. And he had the advatage of seeing two seasons of Russell not winning. The notion that the jury might still be swayed towards Colton at this point, well… if you say so…

            That his strategy might be good for 3rd place and a second season is just a happy coincidence for him.

          • RichieGlanzer

            There was a Mike and you two had similar opinions. I didn’t think you were trying to be two different people, just that you may have had two different screen names. 

            I do think Colton is playing for more than just winning. I think he wants to be Survivor Famous and carve out a name for himself. I think that happens a lot now. So I don’t think he’s necessarily angling for another chance, just that he wants to make a name for himself.

            And again, he’s changed his game already, I think he can change his game again. Though I believe Jay will win.

  • Bradley Parker

    I don’t like how people are enabling Shannon to promote his backwards views without any disclaimers. A comment like “As a believer in Christ, being gay is clearly wrong.” should not be left as if it is a basic fact. It’s a ridiculous misinterpretation of Christianity that homosexuality is a cardinal sin… there is only a tiny reference to it in the Old Testament. In the past, the pope himself has come out and discounted the Old Testament as something that should not be taken literally. I know/have heard of many gay people who are believers in God. Basically, at the end of the day, just because you believe in some sort of omnipresent, omnipotent being, doesn’t mean you automatically HAVE to also believe homosexuality is wrong.

    • RichieGlanzer

      Bradley, I understand your point but I put my journalist hat on for this blog. I wasn’t attempting to be snarky or funny. 

      I felt Todd and Shannon were the appropriate people to interview because like Colton, Todd is gay. And Shannon was received public backlash for his words in Survivor. So its not that I’m enabling him, or even giving him a platform, I’m basically trying to show what may lie ahead for Colton in the future.

      It is not a journalists job to include a disclaimer. They are Shannon’s words. If you choose not to agree with him that’s understandable. I don’t agree either. But its not my place to say I don’t agree with him in a journalistic type blog.

      Not to mention as someone who thinks God is the adult version of Santa Clause, I would have no idea what to say to disclaim it.

      • Bradley Parker

        Sorry Richie, that was not meant to be an attack on your journalistic efforts… I think the article was really good and there was a good balance on opinions. I just think that Shannon receiving so much attention for the ridiculous things he says is incredibly detrimental and enabling him to have a voice in a (relatively small) community, something I don’t think that he should be able to have if his opinions are so uneducated. I don’t believe that everybody is entitled to their opinion, i believe that everybody is entitled to their informed and educated opinion.

        • RichieGlanzer

          Thanks Bradley, and no need to apologize. I’m all for educated discussions as well. And I 100% see your point on not wanting me to enable him to have a voice. I just wanted to explain why I felt it was right to enable him. (Even though I said I didn’t before, I was wrong, I did)

          The thing with Shannon is since I’ve joined twitter, I’ve seen him interact with several Survivors, many seemed to like him.

           I wont claim to know him, but I came across feeling like he has a good heart. Though I don’t agree with his stance on homosexuality. At all.

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