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Rob Cesternino

06/29/16 - Rob and Curt Clark review "Escape the Night" which is a Youtube Red murder mystery from Joey Graceffa

06/28/16 - Brian and Ali discuss episode 3 of Are You the One 4, including the group cutting loose, a female knowledge test, love triangles and the perfect match.

06/28/16 - Rob welcomes the creator of "Survivor: Brooklyn", Matt Pavlovich, to the studio to discuss the Survivor games he created which include Sophie Clarke, Andrea Boehlke and a Season 33 player.

06/26/16 - Rob Cesternino and Taran Armstrong recap the 1st Sunday episode of CBS's Big Brother 18, answer your questions and discuss the Live Feeds LIVE!

06/24/16 - Rob Cesternino updates the first night of the BB18 Live Feeds with Big Brother Live Feed correspondent, Alex Kidwell

06/23/16 - Rob Cesternino, Jordan Parhar and Taran Armstrong recap premiere night two of CBS's Big Brother 18 and answer your questions LIVE!

06/23/16 - Rob,Tyson and Danny talk about more rockets, Black Sabbath cover bands, the cheerios stacking challenge, peeing in the shower, flat earth debate, hot mugshot guy's new photos, pornographic descriptive video, escaping Russian robot and more!

06/22/16 - Rob Cesternino and live feed correspondents Alex Kidwell and Brent Wolgamott recap premiere night of CBS's Big Brother 18 and answer your questions LIVE!

06/21/16 - Eric Stein explains why he has finally decided to join Twitter after years on consternation on the subject

06/20/16 - We rank all of the tribes that started off with 6 people from the 3-tribe seasons to determine Survivor's most iconic 6-person tribe with Mike Bloom

06/17/16 - Why should a Survivor fan give Big Brother a chance this summer? Rob welcomes Jordan Parhar to discuss.

06/16/16 - Kaoh Rong's Nick Maiorano joins Rob to discuss his game in Survivor Kaoh Rong and the mindset of the jury.

06/14/16 - Rob, Tyson and Danny talk about rockets, concerts, adult breast feeding, owning your own newspaper, Fuller House popularity, naked eating, lasso hero, 22 children, penis measuring contests, Jedi cologne and more!

06/14/16 - Rob Cesternino and the live feed correspondents recap CBS's reveal of the Big Brother 18 cast and answer your questions LIVE!

06/12/16 - Rob talks about 3 crucial negotiating tactics used to cut deals on and off Survivor with Negotiations expert, Mike Botta