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Rob Cesternino

3/27/15 - Rob Cesternino recaps the first eviction of Big Brother Canada 3 plus an update of the BB Canada Live Feeds

3/27/15 - Jim Rice recaps Survivor Worlds Apart Episode 6 and Rob answers the voicemails with Antonio Mazzaro

3/26/15 - Rob talks to the latest player who got voted out of Survivor Worlds Apart

3/25/15 - The Survivor Know-It-Alls recap Episode 6 of Survivor: Worlds Apart

03/24/15 - Rob Cesternino and guests recap the premiere episode of Big Brother Canada 3.

3/23/15 - Rob Cesternino discusses the 13 Survivor archetypes for Survivor Worlds Apart with AJ Mass from ESPN.

3/23/15 - Spencer Pratt and Tyson Apostol make their first post-Marriage Boot Camp appearance of The Spyson Hour

3/22/15 - Rob Cesternino talks to the winner of King of the Nerds Season 3

3/20/15 - LIVE at 7:15 pm ET / 4:15 pm PT, Rob Cesternino and Mike Bloom preview the upcoming season of Big Brother Canada 3.

3/19/15 - Rob Cesternino recaps Episode 4 & 5 of Survivor Worlds Apart with Dale & Kelley Wentworth and answers the voicemails with composer Ryan Elder

3/19/15 - Rob talks to the latest 2 Survivor players who got voted out of Worlds Apart

3/18/15 - The Survivor Know-It-Alls recap the double elimination in Episode 4 of Survivor Worlds Apart

03/18/15 - Rob Cesternino recaps Season 3, Episode 8, the finale of King Of the Nerds, "The Nerdtastic Finale", from TBS on March 13, 2015 with Brendan Noel & Mark Celera.

3/17/15 - Talking with the latest team eliminated from The Amazing Race 26

3/17/15 - Rob Cesternino answers the Survivor Worlds Apart Episode 3 voicemails with Zach Brooks