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Rob Cesternino

05/27/16 - Rob Cesternino is joined by Survivors Tyson Apostol, Boston Rob Mariano, Stephen Fishbach, Anna Khait for a live podcast at Jason Somerville's Run It Up Reno Poker Event.

05/25/16 - Rob, Tyson and Danny talk about "Boston" Rob Mariano, Missed Flights, Missing Danny, Narcissistic Selfies, Minute Marriage, Sex Box, Male Breast Implant Removal, Bookstore Perfume and more!

05/23/16 - Rob Cesternino is joined by Scott Green and Mike Bloom to talk about the special prime time Survivor Edition of The Price is Right, broadcast on CBS Monday, May 23, 2016!

05/23/16 - David Bloomberg discusses the reasons why Michele Fitzgerald won Survivor Kaoh Rong and why the other finalists lost.

05/20/16 - Josh Wigler joins Rob to discuss the fallout from the Kaoh Rong finale and answers feedback from the season finale.

05/19/16 - Rob Cesternino talks to the final 3 players from Survivor Kaoh Rong. Winner Interview starts at 2:00, 2nd & 3rd place interview starts at 16:40

05/18/16 - LIVE after Survivor 32: Kaoh Rong FINALE, Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach recap the episode and answer your questions LIVE after the FINALE

05/17/16 - Rob, Tyson and Danny talk about Dominos Pizza saving lives, penis transplants, Rubik's Cube love, friend selection, Burger King spa, awake dating, riding in Google cars, Nazi dogs, Fart measurement and more!

05/18/16 - Rob reviews the new FOX dating series, "Coupled" with Haley Strong and Amy from the Bachelor RHAP-up show

05/16/16 - David Bloomberg discusses whether the latest player out lost the game according to his rules for Survivor

05/16/16 - Rob Cesternino talks with the top 3 teams from The Amazing Race Season 28 in our finale exit interview podcast.

05/16/16 - Tyler Oakey and Korey Kuhl from The Amazing Race 28 join Rob to talk about their experience on the show.

05/15/16 - Josh Wigler and Rob discuss the stories coming out of Survivor Kaoh Rong Episode 13 on the latest edition of "The Wiggle Room"

05/13/16 - Rob Cesternino and Chief RHAP Amazing Race correspondent, Jessica Liese recap episode 12 of The Amazing Race Season 28, "Finale"

05/13/16 - The Final 3 (and winner) of Big Brother Canada 4 talk to Rob on the day after the BBCAN4 finale