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Rob Cesternino

1/26/15 - Spencer Pratt & Tyson Apostol join Rob to discuss episode 3 of WETV's Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and much more

1/24/15 - Rob recaps the King of the Nerds Season 3 premiere with Brendan Noel and Mark Celera

1/23/15 - Rob Cesternino discusses the first 3 days of Survivor: The Amazon in a special presentation from THE EVOLUTION OF STRATEGY

1/22/15 - Leave your feedback from Chapter 6 of The Evolution Of Strategy covering Survivor: The Amazon

1/22/15 - Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler tell you the 7 Things You NEED to Know About Survivor Worlds Apart

1/20/15 - Rob Cesternino & Gordon Holmes cast an All-Star season of Survivor Worlds Apart with Blue Collar, White Collar and No Collar Tribes

1/19/15 - Rob Cesternino and Mike Bloom recap Episode 4 of The Celebrity Apprentice of NBC

1/19/14 - Spencer Pratt & Tyson Apostol return to recap week 2 of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

1/18/15 - VOTE NOW to nominate your Top 3 picks for Mr. Survivor & Miss Survivor 2015

1/16/15 - Just how did Brian Heidik pull off his win in Survivor Thailand? We'll discuss Brian's game, the impact of the fake merge and so much more in Chapter 5 of Survivor: Thailand

1/15/15 - Leave your feedback from Chapter 5 of The Evolution Of Strategy covering Survivor Thailand

1/15/15 - Rob talks with the winner of Survivor San Juan Del Sur to hear step-by-step how Natalie Anderson pulled off her victory.

01/14/14 - Rob and Nicole answer 25 new questions from The RHAP community in the 5th edition of a podcast tradition.

1/12/14 - Rob Cesternino recaps Episode 3 of The Celebrity Apprentice 2015 with Curt Clark

1/12/14 - Tyson Apostol and Spencer Pratt talk "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars" with Rob and special guest, Andy Denhart