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Rob Cesternino

02/12/16 - Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Jessica Liese (@HaymakerHattie) to recap episode 1 of The Amazing Race Season 28, "I Should've Been a Boy Scout".

02/12/16 - Survivor 31 Finalist Tasha Fox joins Rob Cesternino to recap the story of her second chance on Survivor 31 Cambodia.

2/11/16 - Corinne Kaplan breaks out the binder once again for her brutal cast assessment of the Survivor Kaoh Rong players

2/09/16 - In our Amazing Race 28 preview, Rob and Jess draft their favorites teams from the new cast to prepare for Friday's premiere.

2/09/16 - Francesca Hogi is back to answer the dating & relationship questions of the listeners of RHAP.

02/08/16 - Rob, Tyson and Danny talk about McDonald's Cheesestick lawsuits, Kit Kat lawsuits, mean thong-a-grams, 4-hour caffeine bracelets, second thought hitmen and more!

02/08/16 - Angie Caunce tells us what makes a tribe division twist successful as we prepare for Survivor Kaoh Rong and the return of Brains vs. Beauty vs Brawn

02/05/16 - The Wine and Cheese Alliance takes on the Dirty 30 in the first ever Survivor Feud.

02/05/16 - Rob gets a crash course intro in to the world of sociology on Survivor from David Lay who teaches the subject at Mississippi State University

02/03/16 - Spencer Bledsoe joins Rob Cesternino to recap the story of his second chance on Survivor 31 Cambodia.

2/03/16 - Rob talks with the "Queen of Reality TV", SallyAnn Salsano about her current shows and checks in with Sophie Clarke about her thoughts on Serial, Making a Murderer and more (Sophie interview starts at 21:45)

02/01/16 - Rob, Tyson and Danny talk about empty McDonald's Cheesesticks, AirBnb igloos, romantic potatos, stolen Wisconsin cheese, Martin Shkreli, Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West and more!

2/01/16 - Rob and Nicole make predictions about the 18 new players competing in Survivor Kaoh Rong on our Season 32 Preview podcast

1/29/16 - Casting the "Third Time's A Charm" season of Survivor from the 54 2-time losers with Gordon Holmes

1/27/16 - Rob talks to a panel of people from the RHAP community who have competed on 3 different TV Game Shows - Jeopardy!, Who Wants to be a Millionaire & The Price is Right