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Rob Cesternino

4/23/14 - LIVE at 9:15 pm ET, Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach recap Survivor Cagayan Episode 9, "Sitting in my Spy Shack".

4/22/14 - LIVE at 7 pm ET / 4 pm PT, Amanda Zuckerman from BB15 joins Rob and Brian to discuss the Big Brother Canada Instant Eviction

4/22/14 - Jonny Fairplay returns to RHAP to share some food for thought about the current season of Survivor

4/21/14 - Rob Cesternino talks with the latest team eliminated The Amazing Race

4/20/14 - Rob & Jessica recap what happened when Dave & Connor got Double U-Turned by Brendon & Rachel on the latest Amazing Race All-Strars

4/17/14 - Survivor South Pacific winner, Sophie Clarke, joins Rob to discuss Tony's big move and Survivor Historian, Mike Bloom, answers your voicemails.

4/18/14 - We recap the eviction of the first jury member when Brian Lynch and Ian Terry talk with Rob Cesternino.

4/16/14 - Talking with the Latest Player voted off of Survivor Cagayan.

4/16/14 - LIVE at 9:15 pm ET, The Survivor Know-It-Alls, Rob and Stephen Fishbach, recap Episode 8 of Cagayan, "Bag of Tricks"

4/15/14 - LIVE at 7 pm ET / 4 pm PT, BBCAN2's Kyle Shore and Paul Jackson join Rob and Brian Lynch to talk about the latest craziness in Big Brother Canada.