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December 2010

12/20/10 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole talk with the Final 5 Survivors from Survivor Nicaragua including the newest million dollar winner from Survivor on Rob Has a Podcast

Rob Has a Podcast - Rob Cesternino and Nicole take your phone calls LIVE right after the Survivor Nicaragua Finale and reunion special on the latest Survivor edition of Rob Has a Podcast

12/19/10 - Rob and Nicole and attempt another carcast and this time it's a Holiday Edition of Friggin 5. Listen to Rob and Nicole drive as they talk about movies and the holidays on Rob Has a Podcast.

12/18/10 - Rob Cesternino is back with a special Survivor Finale bonus podcast, catching up with Bobby "Bob Dawg" Mason from Survivor: Exile Island. Here what Bob thinks about Survivor Nicaragua and what he's looking forward to on Finale weekend.

12/17/10 - We're down to the Final 5 Survivors on the finale weekend for Survivor Nicaragua - We'll break down all the drama in store for this weekends finale and who will ultimately walk away with the million dollars this season on a Survivor edition of Rob Has a Podcast

12/16/10 - We look at the Bright side, with Jane Bright from Survivor Nicaragua as she talks about her experience on the show. Jane is never once to mince words so don't miss what she had to say about her fellow Survivor Nicaragua players on Rob Has a Podcast

12/09/10 - Rob Cesternino finally gets a chance to sit down with the man who brought the term Dirt Squirrel into then National conciousness and ask him what he could have done to save his skin on a Survivor interview edition of Rob Has a Podcast!


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