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Willie Hantz on Being Expelled from Big Brother

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Willie Hantz was the man at the center of all of the drama during the first few weeks of Big Brother 14… That is until he was removed from the Big Brother game for a headbutt he delivered to fellow houseguest, Joe Arvin. Willie Hantz joins Rob Cesternino LIVE to discuss exactly what happened on that fateful Friday afternoon and what were the events that led up to Willie’s outburst. Plus, Rob and Nicole will ask Willie how he feels knowing that the coaches will likely come back into the game to screw up the games of his fellow first time players.

The fun all kicks off LIVE after the Sunday Nights Big Brother 14 on Sunday, July 29th at 9:00 pm ET. We’ll discuss Shanes nominations for eviction and check in with our live feed correspondants to hear what happened in the veto competition and if the veto will be used on Monday morning.

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