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The End of the Willie Hantz Era on Big Brother 14

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Willie Hantz was at the center of all of the drama on Big Brother 14… until he was removed from the Big Brother House for being violent and headbutting Joe on Friday afternoon. Rob Cesternino covers all of the Big Brother Willie Hantz drama LIVE on Sunday, 7/22 at 9:15 pm ET

Rob covers every angle of the Headbutt heard round the reality TV world. Rob breaks down the events leading up to Willie’s ejection, including Janelle winning the Coaches competition. Rob puts a lot of the blame on Britney as well for doing a poor job managing Willie and really cutting him off from the rest of the team and the house. Join Rob in a very special video podcast to discuss everything from Friday, including the fallout on the Big Brother live feeds.

Rob considers Willie’s expulsion this week to be the same as Willie Hantz quitting. He is very disappointed that Willie didn’t stay in the game and fight for his life in the POV and Rob thinks this season of Big Brother will be a lot less exciting now that Willie is gone. Another reason Rob is upset with Willie is because there is a high likelihood that if he got voted out, he could have gone to sequester and come back in. Rob got the sense the editors were trying to downplay Willie’s actions based on what they chose to show of the headbutt incident.

Although initially he thought she had the best draft, Rob thinks Britney has done the worst job of coaching her team. Britney was the one who told Willie that she thought the coaches were going to come back in the game, which set off his downward spiral. She did not help him out after the coaches competition and she didn’t let her team talk to him afterwards.

Rob doesn’t agree with Dan throwing the competition this week, but he thinks he did a good job comforting Danielle and helping her feel confident.

He talks about the Shane and Danielle showmance and is curious of Dan’s thoughts on the showmance. He also talks about the slop date between Ian and Ashley which actually took place a week ago. Rob thinks Ian will be a force to be reckoned with this season.

At 31:00, Rob enters the Spoiler Zone and checks in with his correspondents: Team Britney’s Bill (@ZootyMcBooty), Team Dan’s Matt (@SnideSnidington), Team Boogie’s Bryan (@lynchmgm), and Team Janelle’s Natalie (@NatalieChicago).

Rob also talks about the videos Brandon Hantz made for his web show EnHantzed. Brandon had a message for the haters, as well as an interview with Willie Hantz interspersed with wrestling with his uncle Russell and some commentary from his dad Shawn Hantz. Rob is so riveted by the Hantzes, he wishes there was an HNN: Hantz News Network so he could enjoy 24/7 coverage of all things Hantz.

Rob’s feelings about Willie Hantz are best expressed in this Gotye parody “Some Hantz that I Used to Know” :

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“Some Hantz That I Used to Know” Music Video