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Recapping the Day of Insanity on The Big Brother Live Feeds

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Tuesday was just insane in the Big Brother house and one man was at the center of all of the drama… and who would it be except for the one man wrecking crew which is Willie Hantz.

Rob cannot contain himself over all the explosive action on the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds. Rob says “you can take the Hantz out of Survivor, but you can’t take Survivor out of the Hantz family.” Willie has proven to be a Russell clone. Rob declares it’s been the craziest week 1 in Big Brother history. Also, Rob thinks Ian’s “Anybody want to split a DiGiorno?” line could become a RHAP catchphrase.

Rob recaps what has happened on the live feeds. Willie had a discussion with Britney about whether the coaches can come back in the game. Houseguests are starting to be suspicious as there are less players (11) starting the game than last year (14), and there are key slots on the memory wall for the coaches.

Willie wants to revolt against the coaches and holds a newbies-only meeting. The coaches, especially Janelle, are really upset about the fallout from the house meeting. Rob doesn’t know how the Thursday episode will be able to contain all of the action that has transpired so far, and he wishes the episodes were 2 hours. Rob thinks Willie had to disclose he was Rusell’s brother because it was too obvious. Rob thinks Willie is playing too hard, too fast and it will be a miracle if he makes it to August but he will be riveted watching him as long as he stays.

Next, Rob checks in with his 4 Live Feed correspondents. First up, Britney correspondent Bill calls in to discuss Willie Hantz. He says Willie is going around suggesting he has some sort of Pandora’s box-type of power. Rob and Bill speculate whether he is faking it or if there is some sort of power in play. He also discusses “GayGate” between Willie and Wil. Willie was mocking Wil going back on his word– he wasn’t making fun of his sexuality. He says it was blown out of promotion by Frank and Joe. He also says that Dan has reached out to Willie so if one of his players win HOH, he may be safe another week.

Next, Mike Boogie Malin correspondent Brian discusses the fight between Willie and Frank. He does not think that Frank is going on Thursday because he has the support of Team Janelle Pierzina. Rob thinks Team Boogie and Team Janelle have aligned. Rob then discusses how Joe is the new Shelly, and is also “Yelly.” He thinks Ashley’s best move is to keep the fighting Alpha males (Willie and Frank) in the house. He also talks about how Dan is the comeback kid and Danielle (Rob’s pre-season pick to win) may still have a chance.

Dan Gheesling Correspondent Matt talks about how Dan is benefitting from the chaos in the house. He thinks Danielle is in the best spot in the house because no one is targeting her. He discusses whether there is a chance for a Shane-Danielle showmance, and how confident he is in Kara’s chances of staying on Thursday.
Finally, Team Janelle correspondent Natalie fills Rob in on how Janelle is doing. She thinks she has been hurt by Willie and Britney’s paranoia. Also, the Wil and Kara friendship has complicated some things. She also notes that Joe went to the hospital for a finger injury.

Rob then takes some RHAPid Fire questions about Big Brother and The Bachelorette to close out the show.

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