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Why I Loved This KILLER Episode of LOST

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It was a massacre on board Charles Widmore’s submarine last night as the man in black / smoke monster / Fake Locke put together a plan that ended up killing Sayid, Lipidus (probably), Jin and Sun. Rob Cesternino is back with an all new LOST podcast to take about everything from “The Candidate” with LOST fanatic, Ryan Pappolla and Sayid Jarrah fan (and one of the world’s foremost reality tv experts), Murtz Jaffer.

On this week’s LOST edition of Rob Has A Podcast, we’ll talk about:

– What happened on this week’s episode of LOST that makes Rob Cesternino believe he knows where the shows series finale is headed on May 23rd?

– Why the deaths of Sayid, Lipidus, Jin and Sun validate Rob’s belief that they weren’t really important character to the show and why was Jin and Sun’s death so ironic?

– What is Charles Widmore up to? On one hand he is claiming that he needs Jack, Sawyer and Hurley alive (but Kate is expendible) and at the same time he is rigging the Ajira flight with explosives to kill everybody.

– Why can’t fake Locke just tell Claire to kill everybody?

“The Candidate” was an amazingly epic episode of LOST that we’ll all be talking about for quite some time… but if we couldn’t talk about some things that didn’t make sense, then I guess Rob wouldn’t have a podcast.

And as always, we love to hear your comments, so join the conversation and let us hear what you think below or connect with Rob directly via twitter: @robcesternino

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