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Episode Recap

On the first LIVE show in the history of Post Show Recaps, Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler reunite to recap the mid-season premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  In Season 4, Episode 9 of the show we find out what happens to Rick, Carl and Michonne after the Governor’s raid on the jail in the mid-season finale.

Rob and Josh both liked the character development that took place with both Michonne and Carl in this episode, even if Carl was a bit of a punk at times.

The episode began with Michonne lurking around the jail after the battle with the Governor’s men.  Josh really loved that Michonne found Hershel’s zombie head lying around in the debris.

Meanwhile, Carl is storming off and leaving poor Rick to struggle to keep up with him.  Rob felt like Rick was looking a bit zombie-like himself at this point.  Finally, when Rick and Carl settle in to a house, Rob and Josh love Carl’s way of checking for zombies in a new house and adopt Carl zombie-nicknames for themselves.  Rob thinks that Carl should be adopted by Carol because they’d be two peas in a pod.

Josh really loved the dream sequence which was showing Michonne before the apocalypse.  Josh felt like it was a really bold choice for the show to do that and he appreciated the risk.  Rob and Josh try to make sense of what was happening in the dream and discuss how the two guys became the two zombie-pets that she had in season 3.

Meanwhile as Rick is sleeping off his beatdown, Carl had to dispose of a couple of Walkers that were at the front door.  Unfortunately, Carl gets tripped up by a third zombie and has another close call.  Josh really didn’t appreciate Carl’s exclamation “I win” and Rob didn’t feel like Carl had the correct takeaway from this encounter.

Carl went back to find Rick and tell him off for all the bad things that happened.  After telling Rick that he would be fine if Rick died, Carl went off on his own.  Things started good when he found the giant vat of pudding, but things took a downturn when another walker surprises Carl.  Rob thinks that Carl made some questionable decisions in the fight with the zombie.  Ultimately, Carl locks the zombie in the bedroom but writes, “Got my shoe, he didn’t get me” on the door, which Rob and Josh considered a bit of #humblebrag.  Both the guys also felt like it was a poor decision to eat the pudding on the roof near the window with the walker.

Michonne doesn’t react well when she sees her doppleganger walking with the other zombies so she goes nuts and kills all of them.  Rob and Josh think this was a therapeutic moment for Michonne and she seems back to normal after that.

Josh helped clear up Rob’s confusion about what happened when Rick grabbed Carl’s leg.  Then the guys try to figure out what Michonne was talking about outside of the bar.  Finally, Rob and Josh discuss whether the ending to this week’s episode was a satisfying one.

Turning to next week, Rob and Josh discuss which of the characters we expect to see.  The guys anticipate a heavy dose of Daryl and Beth to come in the following episode.

Recapping The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 9: Alone

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