Survivor 33 Exit Interview | Latest Player Voted Out – 11/10/16

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Each Thursday after Survivor, Rob Cesternino talks with the latest player who got voted off Survivor.  Today Rob speaks with the latest player voted out of Season 33.  Then Jordan Kalish returns to play another round of the “This Week in Survivor History “Quiz Show “.

Exit Interview with Michelle Schubert, the Latest Player Who Got Voted Off Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X.

Michelle’s Reaction

In this week’s Exit Interview, the recent member voted off of the island, Michelle Schubert, joined Rob and discussed her experience on the island. Rob asked Michelle about how she felt about the vote, wondering if this came as a shock to Michelle. Michelle admitted that going into the tribal council she didn’t feel comfortable and hoped it would be someone else.

The Outsider

Rob asked if Michelle felt that she belonged with Zeke Smith and Adam Klein with Gen-X members. According to Michelle, there was no progress made with her in the Vinua tribe. Michelle elaborated that she was the outsider in the alliance, explaining that Zeke and Adam never truly trusted her. Michelle claimed she did make efforts with her alliance, trying to capitalize on any opportunity for them to trust her. However, Michelle did have an advantage being an outsider, being able to come across information that wouldn’t be available to her alliance. She mentioned how Chris Hammons talked to her about his frustrations with David Wright and even proposing a possible alliance. However, she was happy when she was able to be with her friends after the merge.

Blindside Adam

Rob brought up how her alliance had planned to blindside Adam and asked her if there was anything she could’ve done to convince them otherwise. Michelle believed that she could’ve been able to do something about but said that she chose not to do anything. Michelle revealed that she was Justin “Jay” Starrett and Will Wahl approached her after the merge. She explained that both of them told her that Michaela Bradshaw and Sunday Burquest implicated her as a mastermind and that she needed to seem less threatening. Taking this advice into mind going into the tribal council led to her downfall, admitting that she needed to strategize with more people.

Who Else For Adam?

Michelle also had no idea who else was planning to vote for Adam. She elaborated that when she was told to stop strategizing, she was out of the loop. The play didn’t make too much sense to Michelle and later admitted that she did regret not speaking up about the move.

Feelings of Betrayal

When Rob asked Michelle if she felt betrayed, Michelle mentioned that she felt betrayed by Hannah Shapiro. The friendship the two of them shared meant a lot to Michelle, being more than just discussing strategy. In conclusion, Michelle was the most disappointed with Hannah when it came to people voting against her.

Zeke and Michelle

Rob asked if Michelle felt any connections to Zeke, noting how they were holding hands during the tribal council. Michelle commented on how Zeke and her didn’t connect at the original Millenial tribe. However, as both of them worked closer together, they started to form a connection. Commenting further about their connection, Michelle explained how both of them genuinely like each other but they just weren’t able to trust one another.

Playing the Game Again

In her confessional video, Michelle explained how if she could play the game again she wouldn’t take a day off from strategizing and she wouldn’t be concerned on whether or not someone trusted her. Further elaborating on her points, she speculates the reason why Zeke didn’t trust her was because she insisted she was trustworthy. While others were convinced, Zeke wasn’t and thought that someone who is untrustworthy would insist they are. Michelle felt that she was indebt to some people because of her trustworthiness, which hindered some of her decisions.

Reaction to Michaela

It was reassuring to Michelle when she heard that Michaela was voted out. Justin “Jay” Starrett approached her after the merge and told her how he decided to vote out Michaela because of her implications of Michelle being the threat. Michelle was happy over the fact that Justin had her interest at heart when he made his decision.

Coming Out Too Strong?

Rob then asked Michelle if she felt that she exposed herself as a threat earlier on in the game. Michelle didn’t think so, reasoning that it was an awesome move to do at the time. The move allowed her to see all of the alliances on the island. Overall, it was a move that Michelle doesn’t regret and felt that the move was more beneficial than costly. Later on, Rob takes on Jordan Kalish for another week of “This Week in Survivor History Quiz Show.”

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