Survivor 33 Exit Interview | Latest Player Voted Out – 10/13/16

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Each Thursday after Survivor, Rob Cesternino talks with the latest player who got voted off Survivor.  Today Rob speaks with the latest player voted out of Season 33.  Then Jordan Kalish returns to play another round of the “This Week in Survivor History Quiz Show “.

Exit Interview with the Latest Player Who Got Voted Off Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X, Lucy Huang

Lucy’s Regrets

Rob spoke with Lucy Huang after she was voted off of Survivor and promised that she could be as blunt as she wanted. Rob asked her if there was any regret she felt after Paul Wachter was voted out last week. Lucy spoke about how she regrets leaving Chris Hammons and Bret Labelle with hurt feelings. Lucy proclaimed Chris as one of her island husbands and how she betrayed his trust by not discussing the vote with him.

Thoughts on Jessica

Rob later asks Lucy if Jessica Lewis is a power hungry player, to which Lucy agrees she is. Lucy believed Jessica did a good job with putting ideas into her head and feeding her paranoia. After watching last week’s episode, Lucy still believes that Jessica was being manipulative and refused to give her the benefit of the doubt. It was just Jessica trying to execute her strategy, according to Lucy and she believed that Jessica was confident in her ability to persuade the girls’ votes.

Tribal Council

When asked if she knew that David Wright had an idol, Lucy said the she expected that David did. However, Lucy didn’t expect David to use the idol so soon. Lucy commented on how she believed she wasn’t a threat at all and that her only intentions were to inform David on how everyone was planning to vote. Like most of the viewers, she didn’t understand why David didn’t wait to use his idol for the swap and believed he wasted it on her. Lucy was also angry with Ciandre “CeCe” Taylor casting her vote against Lucy. Lucy explained how she and CeCe would have conversations about the two of them having each other’s back. Lucy trusted CeCe and in the end, Lucy felt betrayed.

Alliance’s Strategy

Lucy stated that they would have voted out David or Ken McNickle, if their plans of voting out Jessica came into fruition. Although she admitted CeCe’s name was also being pondered over, the alliance ultimately decided that she would be an easy vote down the line. They also believed that CeCe would also be easier to sway down the line as well.

Lucy Vs. Ken

Rob asked Lucy if she was still on good terms with her second island husband, Ken. Lucy discussed how her and Ken became close, discussing personal topics with each other. Lucy said she wished to have spoken to Ken more politely and be less blunt with him. Lucy promised that she isn’t mean, but she is just blunt and was always able to be with her friends. Lucy elaborated on how she should’ve been more sensitive to Ken’s needs and apologized to Ken.

Reward Challenge

Rob lightened the mood and asked Lucy to elaborate on the reward challenge that Michaela Bradshaw took her top off and if Lucy was holding on to her bathing suit. Lucy said she was trying to hold on to the girls and she could only get ahold of her bathing suit.

Fan’s Reaction

Lucy embraced the fans that wanted to see more of her in the first few episodes. Lucy described herself as an introverted person, who was merely observing the others for the first couple of weeks. She knew that she was intimidating with her physique but didn’t want to intimidate the cast even further with her personality. Rob concluded the interview, disappointed that the viewers could no longer see any more of Lucy this season. Later on, Rob tries to see if he can extend his winning streak in “This Week in Survivor History Quiz Show”

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