Survivor 33 Exit Interview | Latest Player Voted Out – 10/20/16

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Each Thursday after Survivor, Rob Cesternino talks with the latest player who got voted off Survivor.  Today Rob speaks with the latest player voted out of Season 33.  Then Jordan Kalish returns to play another round of the “This Week in Survivor History Quiz Show “.

Exit Interview with Survivor Cece Taylor, the Latest Player Who Got Voted Off Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X.

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CeCe’s Shock

Rob spoke with Ciandre “CeCe” Taylor on her shock, after she was voted off of Survivor. CeCe was still reeling from the tribal council, not expecting so many votes to be against her and the betrayal from her tribe members. CeCe explained how she’s still confused over David Wright’s move to use the idol to save Jessica Lewis rather then save her. CeCe mentioned how she felt that David wasted the move on Jessica and how hurt she was that David didn’t use the idol to save her when she trusted him.

CeCe, David and Chris

Rob asked if CeCe and David do anything for Chris Hammons to try to smooth things over after their vote against his alliance. CeCe says that they had a conversation about keeping the Gen-X tribe together but didn’t have a conversation about trust. David did have that conversation with Chris and that is what CeCe suspects sealed her fate for being voted off. However, CeCe defended her actions, stating that she wasn’t going to be fake to people who wanted her off the island from day one.

CeCe and Michelle

Rob wanted to know what CeCe’s thoughts were on Michelle Schubert’s motivations for approaching her about voting off David. CeCe believes that Michelle’s motivations were from a place of desperation but CeCe did give her offer strong consideration. However, CeCe didn’t want to be the first Gen-X member to betray her tribe and feared the repercussions of having Chris come after her. In hindsight, CeCe did wish she took Michelle’s proposal, even if there was no guarantee if it would work because of the unlikelihood of Zeke Smith turning on Chris.

The Previous Tribal Council

When asked if she knew of David’s move to play the idol, CeCe says that she was in shock and didn’t know that David even had the idol. While CeCe did know that David was looking for the idol, she says that she still had no idea he found the idol despite Ken McNickle knowing that David had the idol. CeCe admitted that she truly was the outsider of the tribe, but knew that Lucy Huang was the target. David, Ken, Jessica and herself came together, in the end, and decided to vote off Lucy. It came to shock CeCe when during that tribal council meeting, Jessica voted out CeCe despite her attempts to work with her.

Lucy’s Change

CeCe discussed how she saw the change in Lucy after Paul Wachter was voted off from the island. CeCe said that Lucy was always a part of the majority alliance, but did note her “becoming alive” after Paul was voted off. CeCe was shocked with the change and didn’t appreciate Lucy’s authoritative personality.

Thoughts on Paul

Rob then asked CeCe for her thoughts on Paul, due to him being an authoritative figure, and she commented on how it was practically Paul’s island. CeCe mentioned on how irritating it was that Paul would look down on them from his perch and call them kids.

Rachel’s Downfall

Rob noted on how CeCe got off on the wrong foot with Rachel Ako and CeCe commented on how everything went downhill. CeCe discussed how she was actually bonding with all of the ladies and how she had a lot in common with Jessica and Sunday Burquest. Despite the occasional fight with Rachel, CeC said that the both of them actually got along well. In the end, she believes that Jessica leading the girls and Paul and Chris leading Bret LaBelle and David to vote off Rachel.

CeCe and Ken

CeCe told Rob how she felt closest to Ken on the island. CeCe praised Ken’s heart of gold and thinks that he’s a good guy. She elaborated on how he was easy to talk to and that she had the most in common with him.

Survivor Fan

CeCe is a self-proclaimed ride or die fan of Survivor and talks about how the first time she applied to be on the show was when she was 23 years old. CeCe mentioned how she was still determined to be on the show even though she had a six-month year old daughter. CeCe then continued to say she would continue to follow Survivor and apply to future seasons. Later on, Rob takes on Jordan Kalish and tries to keep his three-week winning streak alive in “This Week in Survivor History Quiz Show.

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