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Friggin 5: Talking Riggin’, Problems with Linked In and Naming Rob’s Twitter Followers

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Rob Cestetrnino is back from his trip to New York to speak at the Blog World Expo and rejoins Nicole for this week’s edition of The Friggin 5.

Friggin 1: The Miss USA Scandal – (08:10)

This week the current Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin has made claims that Miss USA is rigged and gave up her title of Miss Pennsylvania. Sheena said that another contestant seemed to already know the friggin top five finalists before the show even started. Donald Trump vehemently denied these accusations and said that he is going to sue Sheena Monnin and said how he was surprised that she even made the top 15 in a recent interview on Good Morning America. Also, Miss Pennsylvania was critical of Donald Trump allowing trans-gendered contestants into the Miss Universe pageant after the Donald allowed a trans-gendered woman to compete in Miss Canada.

Friggin 2: Linked In Gets Hacked – (17:55)

Rob brings up the recent news that the professional social network Linked In has recently been hacked and up to 6.5 million passwords may have been compromised. Rob discusses the merits of Linked In and why does he have to have such a complicated password if they can’t even keep the network safe. Plus, a new study says that 1 in 3 Facebook users are bored with Facebook, Rob and Nicole try to figure out why.

Friggin 3: Naming Rob’s Followers on Twitter – (28:00)

Rob brings up the story of how we was trying to come up with a name to affectionately call his twitter followers as a whole. Rob reads out your suggestions and we discuss the best ones. Be sure to vote in the poll to decide what the legion of fans who follow Rob on twitter want to be called.

Friggin 4: Mets News – (37:52)

Rob discusses where he was on Friday night for the first ever Mets no-hitter from Johan Santana and how emotional that was for him. Then Rob and Nicole discuss the locker room interview with Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey from Saturday’s win over the Cardinals which showed another Mets player coming out of the shower. Rob discusses some of the speculation that the mystery dickey belongs to Ike Davis.

Friggin 5: Your Questions and Comments – (46:15)

Among the topics discussed from your comments: Nicole reveals her plans to see Channing Tatum in the new film Magic Mike, A woman performs a castration with her bare hands, Zack Morris says Saved by the Bell was “not that great”, Jason Alexander calls cricket gay and much, much more.

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