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Stephanie Valencia from Survivor Redemption Island[/caption]

During Survivor Nicaragua, Rob Cesternino and Nicole did a legendary podcast with Tyson Apostol (Survivor Tocantins, Survivor Heroes vs. Villains). Tyson makes his triumphant return to Rob Has a Podcast to talk about everything happening on Survivor Redemption Island. On this episode, we’ll cover.

– What does Tyson think of the game that his old friend Boston Rob Mariano is playing this season?

– How does Tyson compare Phillip Sheppard to his two-time tribemate, Coach?

– Will Zapatera’s decision to keep David Murphy and vote out Sarita come back to haunt them?

– Plus, we’ll premiere a brand new game called, “Did Jeff Probst Live Tweet this?”

It’s a Survivor podcast that would never be thrown into an active volcano… it’s Rob Has a Podcast.

Part 1 with Tyson:

Part 2 with Tyson:

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