Tyson Apostol on the Self Destruction of Troyzan on Survivor

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By popular demand, the listener questions for Tyson begin at the 1:30:00 mark

Tyson Apostol joins Rob Cesternino to make his fourth Rob Has a Podcast appearance to discuss the latest episode of Survivor: One World. On today’s show Rob and Tyson break down everything in an episode centered around all of the drama Troyzan is creating in the tribe which indirectly led to Leif Manson being voted out due to Troyzan winning immunity.

Rob begins with Tyson by talking about the way that Troyzan is acting to the other members of the tribe. Tyson likes what Troyzan is doing and says that he would probably act the same way if he knew that the other players in the game were trying to get him out. Rob thinks that Troyzan isn’t doing himself any favors because he is only making things harder on himself.

Rob and Tyson spend a long time discussing the Survivor auction this week which included Kim Spradlin paying $40 for a shower then getting some chocolate and peanut butter. Most odd was the bidding was between Troyzan and Christina Cha for some help in the immunity challenge. Both players seemed like they were trying to be frugal and save their money… like Tarzan had intended to so he could buy some new shocks for his jeep. Alicia Rosa spent her money on a letter from home and Tarzan bought one too, though he chose not to share with the tribe.

Rob and Tyson also discuss what the end game of Survivor One World might look like for Kim and the rest of the women. Rob thinks that Alicia needs to strike when there are seven people left in the game to knock out Sabrina Thompson, Chelsea Meissner and Kim. Rob thinks that five people is the crucial spot for Kim when she needs to dump Chelsea and Sabrina for Tarzan and Kat.

Tyson answers a number of questions from the listeners covering a number of topics but not limited to: Tyson’s finish in the Miss Survivor pageant, What might make Tyson puke, Tyson and Rob’s ranking in the funniest Survivor of all-time list compiled by “Mark”, who would’ve won between Stephen Fishbach and Erinn Lobdel and much more.

Lastly, Rob checks in with one of the RHAP interns, Curt Clark to discuss their weekend at the Reality Rally in Temecula and the last place finish for the Rob Has a Podcast team. Rob and Curt go over the comments from this week’s show and the latest from twitter. Plus, Rob and Curt play a game involving a new website where fans can pay to talk to Jonny Fairplay on the phone.

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