Todd Herzog, Coby & Survivor Double Elimination

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There was a double elimination and one of the craziest tribal councils of all-time.  We talked to Survivor China winner Todd Herzog and Survivor Palau’s Coby Archa for a monstrous 1:40 minute podcast!!!  On this episode we find out:

– What does Todd think about Amanda and her decision to vote out James, again?

– What did Todd tell Courtney before she left for Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains?

– How does Amber make Boston Rob a better player?

– Why was it bittersweet for Coby to watch Tom on this season?

This is one of the wildest podcasts we’ve ever done, we really think you’re going to like it.  There may have been no Survivor for two week, so we hope you’re hungry for some Survivor podcast!


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