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New York Jets Hard Knocks: Winners & Losers

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The New York Jets were the subject of the HBO Sports Reality Series “Hard Knocks” and two of the world’s biggest Jets fans Rob Cesternino and his brother Danny Cesternino are ready to cover everything that happened in the five week run of Hard Knocks. On this episode we find out:

– What is so great about Rex Ryan? Why is he so entertaining? What were his highlights on Hard Knocks? And why does Rob think Rex could have a very short shelf life with the Jets?

– Who were the winners and losers from Hard Knocks?

– Who were the most prominent Jets that weren’t seen at all during Hard Knocks?

– What were the biggest differences between Hard Knocks and what actually happened during the Jets preseason?

It’s a Hard Knocks podcast so good, you’ll never want to holdout from listening to it… It’s Rob Has a Podcast.

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