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The Showmantic HOH – Its All About Rachel

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It’s another week of Big Brother 12 and Rob Cesternino and Nicole Palmeri are back to talk about it all. On this show we’ll cover:

– It’s all about Rachel this week – Her HOH room, her laugh and her showmance with Brendon. Find out why Rob likes her and Nicole doesn’t.

– What happened to Annie as the Big Brother Sabateur. What does Big Brother have in store for Annie and how did Annie go wrong in the Big Brother house?

– How will the Enzo, Hayden, Matt and Lane a.k.a. The Brigade do this summer in the Big Brother house. Why does Rob think thing aren’t going to end well for the Brigade?

– Why has Britney become Nicole’s favorite houseguest this season and what are her chances to survive the block this week?

It’s a Big Brother podcast that’s more fun that fruitcake and fishsticks… it’s Rob Has a Podcast!

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